God, Complex! Does Lauderdale Candidate Have Inappropriate Ties to Holy Spirit?

Romney Rogers.jpg
A leaked memo suggests that local attorney Romney Rogers is relying upon an omniscient, omnipotent Celestial Force to carry him to victory in the Fort Lauderdale City Commission race. Posted on the blog of former Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Tim Smith, the "campaign prayer" appears to be written by Barbara Moody and tells of how "God lifted His mighty hand" and allowed Rogers to receive a "majority of the vote" in the February 10 election.

Let us pray.

Heavenly Father, You have laid out the oceans and rivers, the mountains and the valleys; You set the planets on their paths and You know the name of every star in the universe. Please Lord, give us elected officials here in Broward County whose hearts are attuned to You. Let them be men and women whose hunger to serve You and do Your will above all else. Protect us, O God, from trusting in our own ways and keep our hearts turned to You so that we will be acceptable to You in all things and in all our ways.
Because for a God who's already laid out the oceans and rivers, the mountains and the valleys, and placed planets on their paths, electing Romney to this local office should be a piece of cake. Now get on the stick, Lord!

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