Kind of Undercover in Nudist Festival, Alligator Takes Swim in Rare Non-Foreclosed Home

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UPDATED: To read more information about nudists click herehere, and here.

I'm undercover inside the 21st-annual Midwinter Festival, a huge collection of nudists in rural Palm Beach County that wraps up today. My family and I, pictured at right, were all a bit sheepish about actually getting naked, so I sewed up some costumes to make us appear nude. So far, my undercover operation hasn't uncovered much, besides that 400 nudists have gathered for some workshops on arts and crafts and relationships and such. And there are also people who say my costumes mean I'm "not actually naked" and that my fake balls are "kind of disgusting" and that making my daughter wear that thing is "akin to child abuse." All true, yes, but it's the only way I'm willing to play nude volleyball again.

Read more about about Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort where all the naked fun happens. 

After the jump, I decide not to wear my fake nude costume to the foreclosed home auction.

Vultures Auction Homes, Possibly Allowing Family to Forgive Me

Over 40 lenders are unloading 1,800 homes in South Florida this week in a series of auctions. Now some of you out there might say that these lenders are like a bunch of turkey vultures eating something pulpy on the side of Alligator Alley. But did you hear you can buy a three-bedroom, roadkill-style home in West Palm for just $40,000? Maybe this is the way I can finally make up with the fam for those nude costumes.

Alligator Turns Up in Rare Non-Foreclosed Home

A woman in Boca found an alligator in her pool. This is a pretty shocking story, and not because of the whole surprise-it's-an-alligator thing but because it turns out there's still a homeowner in Boca who hasn't been foreclosed upon. I wonder if she'd be interested in taking on renters -- we're a good family, as long as you can get used to the nude costumes.

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That is not "kind of disgusting", it's child abuse.  Someone in his country needs to report this person for the protection of his children.


More disturbing is the little girl playing with Dads fake balls..... 


This wrong!  That photo needs to be pulled ASAP!


wow that is disturbing, his daughter is grabbing his dick. That's a good way to raise kids.

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