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Thought you were having a bad week? Not compared to these people.

If you haven't seen it yet, is a site that lets anonymous internet people confess to the world the most tragic, humiliating things in their lives. Each post ends with FML -- Fuck My Life.

Jump for a few examples, but first a warning: if you begin reading, you will probably not get much else done today.


Today, I was having sex with a girl I really like for the first time. After a while I told her I was about to come. Her response: "Lucky you." FML

Today, was the first time I had sex with a guy I really like. I took off my shirt and my bra and he said "wow, that's disappointing." FML

Today, I was at a bar with a girl I like. A guy came up to me, took my drink and drank it. I laughed and jokingly said "now, you have to buy me a drink." He said "I would rather buy your friend a drink." FML

Today, I finally hooked up with a boy I really liked. We were lying in bed and my panties were already off when he asked me : "Would you also have sex with me if you weren't drunk?". I responded "Yes!" and asked him the same question, at which he responded : "No, probably not." FML

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