A Cold Day in Heaven: Report from D.C., Pre-Speech

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inauguration walk.jpgI just got off the phone with the Juice Washington Bureau Chief Deirdra Funcheon. "The riff raff" -- a group that includes Funcheon, despite her prestigious title -- "have to stay far away. I've had to walk about ten or 15 blocks just to end up behind the Capitol. Every time you turn a corner, there's a road blocked off. Now I'm trying to get around to the front, at least to get a view of the Jumbotron. That's the goal at this point."

Realistic goals: A hallmark of the new presidential administration.

On the ground, it's largely pandemonium free, but our correspondent does not expect this to last. "There are 2 million people, but it's pretty calm. There's a mood of anticipation. I think they'll go crazy when Obama starts speaking."

Our correspondent is fortunate to be joined in her adventure by her brother, a cop, who's getting law enforcement updates from a Twitter feed of some kind, so she can keep tabs on the Obamas' movements. Eat your heart out, CNN.

It is 27 degrees -- 14 degrees if you factor in the wind.

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