Starting Tomorrow, the Post-Apocalyptic South Florida Housing Market

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money pit.jpgThe South Florida housing market has been in quicksand so long that we almost forgot there might be a rock bottom. So let's try to look at the bright side of this report from Denver, in which Greater Fort Lauderdale is singled out as the "riskiest" housing market of the 50 (fifty!) that were studied.

Umm, hello from Ground Zero?

Somehow it makes it worse to read how Denver's real estate market is looking up. This is supposed to be a national crisis, damn it! Misery loves company, and we can't fight this monster alone.

So let's agree to call this -- Jan. 15, 2009 -- the low point of the South Florida housing crisis. We've still got a Bush in office, we've got a 128 percent increase in foreclosures and we're 50 out of 50 according to an industry analyst. It can't get worse than this. Also, for our Denver readers, how's that 30-degree temperature feel right now? Chilly? Perhaps we can interest you in a beachside condo?

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