Cowed by Bernie Madoff, PETA Shenanigans Are Uninspired

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Like we told you earlier, PETA's inauguration day high jinks were hampered by Bernard Madoff, and judging by the photos Deirdra's sending from D.C., the animal rights group had to resort to this old gag.


More photos from our correspondent's day in D.C., after the jump.

From Deirdra's place about a mile from the podium, it was possible to see the ground at one's feet...


... but the most awesome view was of the Washington Monument, which eyewitnesses say became taller... and taller... as Obama's speech went on.

Wash Monument.JPG

Or maybe ol' George Wash got an eyeful of the First Couple canoodling in this painting:
Obamas Canoodling.JPG

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