Well, Someone Has To Be the Junior Senator from Florida

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Senator Mel Martinez is sick of his job and he's not hanging around after 2010. So what Republican will run in his place?

Outgoing Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle doesn't want the job. Someone must stay in Fort Lauderdale to keep a wary eye on South Florida gays. Jeb Bush is all, 'Whatever, if I feel like it.'

My preference, purely from the standpoint of someone who needs material, is that Katherine Harris declare her candidacy. In case you've forgotten about that odyssey, here's a reminder from the otherwise bland Time Magazine. A headline, "Comedy of Errors" followed by a first paragraph that contains terms like ridicule, absurd political circus, butt of jokes, imploding, and finally, intolerant party pariah.

Basically, if Katherine Harris enters the race we will have to increase our bandwidth and devote a new blog to her campaign.

-- Thomas Francis

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