Stacy Ritter For President!

Hey, the ethically challenged Ritter, now a Broward County commissioner, has more serious governing experience than Sarah Palin. So why not? Just throw another lipsticked face in the race and see what happens ... it's working for the GOP so far.

Following is an e-mail from Fort Lauderdale activist (and former Sun-Sentinel graphics man) Cal Deal to state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff regarding Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin (that still feels weird just to type those last five words together). It's got some nice population comparisons in it to put things in perspective (and inspired my idea for a Ritter campaign). Bogdanoff actually has a lot in common with McCain and Palin -- she, too, is a wannabe maverick who amounts to little more than a GOP hack. She's pushing Palin as the answer to what ails us (and she had a funny reaction to the news about Bristol's coming bundle of joy).

To: "Ellyn Bogdanoff" Subject: Palin From: "Cal Deal" Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 15:15:20 -0400 Hey Ellyn!

I hope you're not going to run around repeating that "Bridge to
Nowhere" lie.

So what attacks are you going to correct? That she opposes sex ed and
has a teen-aged daughter with an illegitimate child?? Oops, that's true!

That she thinks the invasion of Iraq is "God's will?" Oops, that's true.

Clever tactic ... attack the press to divert attention from your
embarrassingly unqualified candidate.


2006 figures:

Population of Alaska: 670,053

Population of Pompano Beach: 104,402
Population of Fort Lauderdale: 185,804
Population of Oakland Park: 42,384
Population of Wilton Manors: 12,909
Population of Dania Beach: 28,802
Population of Hollywood: 145,794
Population of Plantation: 85,938
Population of Davie: 85,583

Total: 691,616

Population of Broward County: 1,787,636


2000 figures:

Population of Wasilla, Alaska: 5,469

Lauderdale BTS: 2,563
Sea Ranch Lakes: 1,392
Hillsboro Beach: 2,335

Total: 6,290

Yup, she's ready to lead the free world, all right.


Diverting the electorate with cheap tricks to sneak a subpar ticket into the White House? In the name of Lee Atwater (may he rest in peace), I've never heard of such a thing. This election, thankfully, is all about important things. Like:


[Hat tip to Beth Reinhard at the Miami Herald for the Bogdanoff double-take].

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