RIP Doug Delp

Doug Delp, a former editor for the Miami Herald and helicopter pilot in Vietnam, died today.

Delp, who was known simply as the Delper, was a long-time editor in the Herald's Fort Lauderdale bureau before leaving in 1999 to work at, where he was part of a team that won a 2008 Sigma Chi Delta award for a piece on a Federal Reserve rate cut. During his journalism career, he also worked at the Fort Lauderdale News and Detroit Free Press.

Delp, who lived in Jupiter with his wife Elena and their two dogs, died after complications from diverticulitis surgery. Here's a copy of the email that went out to Herald alums.

Subject: Doug Delp has passed away

Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 12:54:06 -0400



Dear Herald buddies,

I'm so sorry to have to pass on the information from Ron Ishoy that Doug Delp died this morning. A longtime member of the Broward Bureau who's
been at for the last few years, Doug was one of those
people we all thought would be around forever. He was a
rock-of-gibraltar kind of guy who did everything and did it well, while
all the time being so friendly and easy-going that he made it all look
easy. The last time the Broward gang had the pleasure of his company was
at the 2005 reunion. He was the MC on the first night of the reunion,
narrating a funny PowerPoint retrospective on the life and times of the
Fort Lauderdale bureau. He set a very informal tone for the evening,
which made everybody relax and have a wonderful time. When I think of
Doug, I always see him in that flattened down cap that he liked to wear
at a jaunty angle. He was a terrific say us all.


Lynn Klein Laurenti
Special Assistant to the Vice President
for University Communications & Marketing
Florida Atlantic University

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