PB Post Links Porn, Thinks Better Of It

-- In a story by Jane Musgrave about a college student suing after her picture had popped up on a porn site, the newspaper linked the site, www.collegewildparties.com, which leads you to a picture of, among other things, a young woman who may have been true Watergate source for Woodstein. By this morning, the link was removed. The Pulp has no such compunction, so here's the link.

-- Media consultant Ron Sachs believes he has a solution to keep journalism thriving in Tallahassee despite the staff cuts. In the Miami Herald he writes:

Create a Tallahassee ''super bureau'' in which multiple news organizations share their dwindling resources to better cover the political/power scene. The competition factor -- a mostly positive but mixed bag in capital journalism's past -- should give way to a creative, coordinated and cooperative new ability to get the job done, together.

I don't like the idea, but at least someone is doing some thinking out there. (And thanks to Barry Epstein for the heads-up).

-- I think Al Lamberti just really hurt his chance to be elected sheriff.

-- I've got some news about the Palm Beach Post buyouts/layoffs coming soon, probably this afternoon.

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