In Defense Of The Play


The following comes from a Miami playwright now living in New York in regards to My Name Is Rachel Corrie, the production that was shitcanned at the Mosaic Theatre after Jewish groups complained and its sponsor, American Heritage School (also in Plantation), cowardly pulled its support.

I think it provides a strong rebuttal to some of the comments in the Corrie post below (read more her death here).

I saw this play and the American Jewish Federation should be scared of it. It is powerful, sharp, shocking and pierces through the gauze that blankets this country. I'm not surprised they've tried to get it banned every where. I'm a little disappointed at how successful they have been because it shows a lack of backbone in the arts. I'm not against Israel or for

Palestine. I am for political debate and great plays. "Rachel
Corrie" fits the bill and would shake up a lot of people. The press in
the US has been very mild in its praise and copious in its abuse and
dismissal of this work. It is quite frightening how many people have
and will knowingly write a bad review of this play or help censor it
who call themselves liberal.

I can't say enough about "Rachel Corrie" and how bizarrely quiet and
firm its negation from the American consciousness has been. I thought
it was just some stupid story about a stuck-up rich girl. IT. IS. NOT!
At the end they play a clip of her as a child, speaking about ending
poverty. She has an indescribable power of her convictions and this
incredible urge to do good. She vibrates with this energy and it left
the audience a little taken aback. Very very rarely have a seen someone
-especially a child- that clear in her convictions, passionate in her
desire, and educated in her research.

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