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I was going to give you some staid and measured commentary on Jeff Ostrowski's story in the Palm Beach Post on the dubious economics of Super Bowl hosting, but when I got to the bottom of the article I noticed ...

The Palm Beach Post is pimping porn!!

Yes, that's right, somehow a porn site has broken through the Post's filter system to advertise "Absolutely FREE PlayBoy & Penthouse" on the messageboard under Ostrowski's article. The site features apparently very lonely local femmes like SillyGirl739 from Fort Lauderdale, who seems to like to show her almost-bare ass on the beach. Then there's plenty of nude pics to choose from.

Let's see how long the ad stays up there before the Post gets wise.

[ADDED: Should have noted that the Sun-Sentinel's Sarah Talalay and Charles Bricker beat the Post to the punch on the Super Bowl econ story. Read their Sunday story here].

After the jump: Honey I Killed The Prostitute and They're Talking About Us

Worst Night Ever

-- Jonathan Gallo's fiancee had to be suspicious the minute he came home with red stuff all over his collar. I can hear her exasperated voice now, "Have you been out killing prostitutes again?"

Yeah, the red stuff was blood and it was all over him, according to an article by Marlene Naanes in the Sun-Sentinel this morning. He told his fiancee that he had done "a very bad thing" and needed to clean up his truck. She apparently began to have some pre-marital jitters at that point, according to Hollywood PD Capt. Tony Rode, who told Naanes, "I think she had serious reservations about marrying someone who came home late at night covered in blood and admitting doing harm to another person."

-- Rick at SotP compiled a few of the Super Bowl articles written around the country about Miami. My favorite such story was written by Alan Solomon in the Chicago Tribune. It's about Dolphin Stadium and here's a key passaage:

"It's in Miami Gardens, which you have never heard of despite the fact that 105,000 people live there. There are reasons you have never heard of it, but this is neither the time nor place.

Along with Dolphin Stadium, which used to be Pro Player Stadium, which used to be Joe Robbie Stadium, which nonetheless continues to be the often-deserted home of the Florida Marlins, Miami Gardens is home of Calder Race Course--which closed for the season Jan. 2.

Understand this as well: Dolphin et al. Stadium is a big building in the middle of a vast parking lot. If you don't have a ticket and think it would be a hoot to come here and soak up the Super Bowl atmosphere, be assured this stadium and its environs--if we ignore leftover horse leavings--has no atmosphere other than fumes discharged by bright-colored motor vehicles."

The article evolves into some tips about South Florida, so it's not all snarky asides about how rotten South Florida is -- you have to read Dave Barry's Super Bowl column for that (actually that link appears to be faulty -- Herald has some maintenance to do, 'parrently).

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