Nation's Top MILF?

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Jose Lambiet reports in the Palm Beach Post today that a reality show called America's Hottest Mom may have found a winner in Palm Beach County. Her name is Kelly Heyniger (tricky pronunciation there, I'm sure) and she lives "with her two children in a tiny WPB suburban home in Lake Clarke Shores." There she is in the picture. I like the way the shot, which was a given to the Post, gets in a little nip action just to make sure everyone gets good and, um, titillated.

Heyniger is hot as an alligator's back in August. No doubt about it. But she's obviously got a fake rack. A well-made fake rack, maybe, but fake nonetheless. Just helps show there's nothing much real in reality TV and it's reminiscent of the recently chosen hottest newscaster in America, Elita Loresca, who works for WSVN, the Fox affiliate in Miami. Those are some seriously made-over melons, there. Looks like they might have needed a crane to do that heavy lifting. The Pulp's not into that, as you can tell, if you look close enough, from the stunning model on the book cover.
Loresca's photo after the jump.

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