Stupid Headline Tricks

Categories: Broward News

Headline from a Clark Spencer story in the Miami Herald: "Marlins can't seem to find their place."
Thought they found their place during the first week of the season: last.

And this from a crime brief in the Palm Beach Post: "Quarrel leaves homeless man in critical condition."
A quarrel never hurt anybody. The dude was basically bashed in the head and left for dead in an alley. That's no quarrel. That's a g-d attack.

The lead headline this morning on the Herald web site: "DNA lets man walk."
Well, duh.

From the Palm Beach Post web site: "See Jewel and Rob Thomas at Mizner Park."
Okay, but first please let me stick a rusty ice pick in my eye. Then I'd like to jam the ends of broken bottles into the soles of my feet. What fun.

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