Sunshine State Finalists Are Here

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Thanks to our illustrious chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, here's an advance copy of the list:

James Batten Award for Public Service
-Sally Kestin, Megan O'Matz, Jon Burstein; South Florida Sun-Sentinel; FEMA: A Legacy of Waste
-Craig Pittman, Matthew Waite; St. Petersburg Times; Vanishing Wetlands
-John Lantigua, Christine Evans, Christine Stapleton; The Palm Beach Post; A Cloud Over Florida: Hidden Pesticide Problems

Deadline News Reporting — Large
-Laura Wides-Munoz, Curt Anderson, Jessica Gresko, Denise Kalette; Associated Press; Plane Crash
-Staff; The Miami Herald; Terri Schiavo
-Staff; The Miami Herald; Arthur Teele

Deadline News Reporting — Small
-Sylvia Lim; The Bradenton Herald; Fatal Road Rage
-Rebecca Blue, Sylvia Lim, Erica Rodriguez; The Bradenton Herald; A Family Slain
-Staff; The Villages Daily Sun; Lake County Deputy Killed

Deadline Business Reporting — Large

-Timothy J. Gibbons; Florida Times-Union; Port Close to Signing Deal With Line
-Stephen F. Pounds; The Palm Beach Post; ID Theft and Data Merchants
-David P. Sedore; The Palm Beach Post; KL Financial

Deadline Business Reporting — Small
-John Haughey; Charlotte Sun/Suncoast Media Group; Goodwill Celebrates
-Margie Manning, Larry Halstead; Tampa Bay Business Journal; Gay Pride Debate
-Tilde Herra, Dana Sanchez; The Bradenton Herald; Brasota Shuts Doors; Investor Stranded

Non-Deadline Business Reporting — Large
-Kathy Bushouse; South Florida Sun-Sentinel; Rates of Confusion
-Jane Bussey; The Miami Herald; The China Squeeze
-Matthew Haggman; The Miami Herald; The Next Battle Line?

Non-Deadline Business Reporting — Small

-Jessica Walker, Peter Zalewski; Daily Business Review; Renzi's Way
-Terry Sheridan; Daily Business Review; Come Together
-Duane Marsteller; The Bradenton Herald; Tracking Growth

Feature Reporting — Large
-Francesca Donlan; The News-Press; Deanna & Melissa: Everything to Lose
-Christine Evans; The Palm Beach Post; Three Babies, Countless Tears
-Donna Koehn; The Tampa Tribune; Invisible Epidemic

Feature Reporting — Small
-Peter Gallagher; Gulfshore Life/CurtCo Media; Last Stand of the Swamp Creatures
-Peter Gallagher; Gulfshore Life/CurtCo Media; High Times in the Everglades City
-Sylvia Lim; The Bradenton Herald; 301 Pond

Gene Miller Award for Investigative Reporting — Large
-Sally Kestin, Megan O'Matz, John Maines, Jon Burstein; South Florida Sun-Sentinel; FEMA: A Legacy of Waste
-Craig Pittman, Matthew Waite; St. Petersburg Times; Vanishing Wetlands
-Debbie Cenziper; The Miami Herald; Blind Eye

Gene Miller Award for Investigative Reporting — Small
-Dan Christensen; Daily Business Review; The Sheriff Moonlights
-Susan Lundine; Orlando Business Journal; Outrageous Insurance Claims
-Donna Wright; The Bradenton Herald; Exposing Pollution, Coverup in Tallevast

Hurricane/Disaster Reporting
-Sally Kestin, Megan O'Matz, John Maines, Jon Burstein; South Florida Sun-Sentinel; FEMA: A Legacy of Waste
-Matt Galnot; The Florida Times-Union; Residents of Biloxi Want to Rebuild
-Neil Caputo; The Miami Herald; Gulf Coast Reporting

Civil Law Reporting
-Steve Ellman, Julie Kay & Harris Meyer; Daily Business Review; Deadbeat Doctors
-Jamie Thompson; St. Petersburg Times; What Price for Little Girl's Three Fingers
-Paul Pinkham; The Florida Times-Union; A Lingering Debt

Criminal Law Reporting
-Wyatt Olson; New Times Broward/Palm Beach; Cybercreep
-Ian Katz; South Florida Sun-Sentinel; Economic/White-Collar Crime Stories
-Sylvia Lim, Duane Marsteller; The Bradenton Herald; Sex Offenders

Medical/Health Care/Science Reporting
-Steve Ellman, Julie Kay, Harris Meyer; Daily Business Review; Deadbeat Doctors
-Jacob Goldstein, Elissa Turner; The Miami Herald; Rebuilding the Brain
-Stephanie Horvath; The Palm Beach Post; How Far Will They Go in Search of a Cure?

Consumer Reporting

-Steve Thompson; St. Petersburg Times; Which is Getting Played?
-John Dorschner; The Miami Herald; Brazilian Pills
-Lenny Savino; The Tampa Tribune; Traffic Tickets

International/War/National Security Reporting
-Oscar Corral & Alfonso Chardy; The Miami Herald; The Posada Story
-Marice Cohn Band, Nancy San Martin, Steven Dudley, Tyler Bridges; The Miami Herald; Land Mines
-Joe Mozinga; The Miami Herald; Haitian Boat People

State & Federal Political/Government Reporting

Local/Political/Government Reporting — Large
-Bob Norman; New Times Broward/Palm Beach; Cash Cow
-Brittany Wallman; South Florida Sun-Sentinel; City Code Sweep
-Ronnie Green; The Miami Herald; JMH's No-Bid Deals

Local/Political/Government Reporting — Small

-Dan Christensen; Daily Business Review; The Sheriff Moonlights
-Jessica Walker; Daily Business Review; Election Misfires
-Curt Hills, Christine Giordano; The Villages Daily Sun; Sumter County Waste Woes

Education Reporting

-Ella Naylor; Charlotte Sun/Suncoast Media Group; Voluntary Pre-K a Hit
-Wyatt Olson; New Times Broward/Palm Beach; The Littlest Felons
-Janine Young Sikes, Kristen Kridel, Bob Arndorfer, Jim Ellis; The Gainesville Sun; Drinking on Campus Series

Age Beat Reporting
-Bob LaMendola, Diane C. Lade; South Florida Sun-Sentinel; Medicare Decisions
-Steve Thompson; St. Petersburg Times; Which is Getting Played?
-Dana Sanchez; The Bradenton Herald; Riverpark Going Condo

Social Policy Reporting

-Mike Schneider; Associated Press; Farmworker Vehicles
-Nicole White; The Miami Herald; Pulling the Plug on School Clinics
-Karen Feldman; The News-Press; Mental Patients Cry for Help

Deadline Sports Reporting — Large
-Steven Wine; Associated Press; Williams Comeback
-Sports Staff; The Florida Times-Union; Super Bowl Coverage
-Hal Habib; The Palm Beach Post; Dan Marino

Deadline Sports Reporting — Small
-John Fineran; Charlotte Sun/Suncoast Media Group; Make it Three; Stewart Masks; Junior Makes; Wallace-Martin
-Matthew Postins; Charlotte Sun/Suncoast Media Group; Riding the A Train; Simms Shines; Hall Has Solid Day
-Staff; The Villages Daily Sun; The Villages Gridiron Classic

Non-Deadline Sports Reporting — Large
-Steven Wine; Associated Press; 50 Years Later
-Mike Freeman; The Florida Times-Union; First Family's Tale
-Dan DeLuca; The News-Press; Tough to Tackle

Non-Deadline Sports Reporting — Small
-Douglas Kaid, Ron Borresen, Matt Griswold, Loren Nelson; Bradenton Herald; The Coming Ice Age
-Carl Cronan; Tampa Bay Business Journal; Manchester United
-Don Hunsberger, Mike Wright, Burke Noel; The Villages Daily Sun; A League of Their Own

Spanish-Language Publication
-Orlando Nieves, Manuel Ballagas, Giovanni Gutierrez; Centro Mi Diario
-El Sentinel Staff; El Sentinel (Orlando)
-La Palma Staff; La Palma

Trade/Special Interest Publication
-Cindy Pierce, Garth Francis, Dave Anderson; Grandeur
-Staff; Lakeland Magazine
-Latin Finance Editorial Staff; LatinFinance

Editorials — Large

-David Wiggins; Daytona Beach News-Journal
-Joe Adams; The Florida Times-Union
-Michael P. Clark; The Florida Times-Union

Editorials — Small

-Ken Cogburn; Orlando Business Journal
-David Klement; The Bradenton Herald

Editorial Cartooning
-Jeff Parker; Florida Today
-Chan Lowe; South Florida Sun-Sentinel
-Paul Combs; The Tampa Tribune

Religion Reporting
-Jamie Malernee; South Florida Sun-Sentinel; God Called, She Answered
-Cary McMullen; The Ledger; Heaven
-Michelle Bearden; The Tampa Tribune; Sobering Decisions

Real Estate Reporting
-Gina Edwards; Naples Daily News; Fast Bucks
-Matthew Haggmanm, Andres Viglucci; The Miami Herald; High Rises, High Hopes
-Staff; The Palm Beach Post; Mapping the Boom: A Virtual Open House

Environmental Reporting
-Greg Martin & John Haughey; Charlotte Sun/Suncoast Media Group; Babcock Ranch
-Donna Wright & Scott Radway; The Bradenton Herald; Tallevast: A Polluted Community
-Pamela Smith Hayford; The News-Press; Pollution, Too Much Water Spoil Our River

Arts Reporting
-Kirk Nielsen; Miami New Times; Fake Art, Real Money
-Donna Hartman; The Bradenton Herald; Controversial Bodies Exhibit
-Amanda Henry; The Tampa Tribune; Truth and Beauty

-Jay Handelman; Sarasota Herald Tribune; Theater criticism
-Richard Storm; SARASOTA Magazine/CurtCo Media; Architecture criticism
-Michael Fortuna; The Villages Daily Sun; Music criticism

Travel Writing
-Jane Wooldridge; The Miami Herald; The New Vietnam
-Leonard Pitts; The Miami Herald; Sad Songs in Hell
-Dan Warner; The News-Press; City of Love

Humorous Column Writing/Commentary
-Kemila Velan; Biscayne Boulevard Times
-Steve Schneider ; Orlando Weekly
-Ana Menendez; The Miami Herald

Serious Column Writing/Commentary
-Anita Kumar; St. Petersburg Times
-Leonard Pitts, Jr.; The Miami Herald
-Ana Menendez; The Miami Herald

Sports Commentary
-Ray McNulty; Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers; Super Attitude Helps Battle Life's Tragedies
-Martin Fennelly; The Tampa Tribune; No Answers, Only Holes in Hearts
-Joe Henderson; The Tampa Tribune; Sexton's Plight Should Be Put in Perspective

Breaking News Photography — Large
Carl Seibert; South Florida Sun-Sentinel; Resting in the Rubble
John David Emmett; The News-Press; Woman Mourns After Fire
Gary Coronado, Damon Higgins, Greg Lovett, Lannis Waters; The Palm Beach Post; Hurricane Katrina - From Florida to New Orleans

Breaking News Photography — Small
Brian Blanco; Bradenton Herald; Road Rage
Sarah Coward; Charlotte Sun/Suncoast Media Group; Tornado Touches Down
Bill Mitchell; The Villages Daily Sun; Lady Lake Standoff

Sports Action Photography
Susan Tiller; Daytona Beach News-Journal
Tracy Boulian; Naples Daily News
Allen Eyestone; The Palm Beach Post

Feature Photography
Lexey Swall; Naples Daily News; A Slow Goodbye
Darron R. Silva; Naples Daily News; Havana
Robert Mayer; South Florida Sun-Sentinel; Atlantic Ocean at Sunrise

Art/Photo Illustration
Jim Tiller; Daytona Beach News-Journal; Selected illustrations
Pam Shavalier; New Times Broward/Palm Beach; Learning Curves
Bob Mack; The Florida Times-Union; Golf's Fab Four

Front-Page Design — Large
Phil Diokno, Derek Hembd, Monty Zickuhr; Florida Times-Union; A Man of Faith
Steve Antley, DeWayne Wilson; The Ledger; V-E Day
Fred Stone, Greg Williams; The Tampa Tribune; Duty, Honor, Equality

Front-Page Design — Small
Emily Mendez; La Palma; The Legacy of Pope John Paul
Heather Weinsheimer; The Villages Daily Sun; The Villages Daily Sun
Heather Weinsheimer; The Villages Daily Sun; The Villages Daily Sun

Local Front Design
Staff; Daytona Beach News-Journal; Sounds of Summer
Harry Broetjes; The Miami Herald; Going Fourth in Style
Jamie Jackson, Donald Klappauf; The Tampa Tribune; Body Language

Business Front Design — Large
Laurie Lawrence; The Ledger
Jay Rose; The Palm Beach Post
Michael Winter, Carol Parker; The Tampa Tribune

Business Front Design — Small
Stacy Shervan; South Florida Business Journal
Brent Conklin; The Bradenton Herald
Herald Staff; The Bradenton Herald

Feature Front Design — Large
Lindi Daywalt, Javier Torres, Andrew West, Adriana Purcell; The News-Press
Kiely Agliano; The Tampa Tribune
Sherry Hutchinson; The Tampa Tribune

Feature Front Design — Small
Ron Borresen; The Bradenton Herald
Giancarlo Rodriguez; The Bradenton Herald
Matt Fry; The Villages Daily Sun

Sports Front Design — Large
Staff; The Florida Times-Union
Traci Long; The Tampa Tribune
Jim Hollimna; The Tampa Tribune

Sports Front Design — Small
Matthew Postins; Charlotte Sun/Suncoast Media Group
Jason Bartolone; The Bradenton Herald
Rich Borreson; The Bradenton Herald

Informational Graphics/Special Page Design
Hiram Henriquez; South Florida Sun-Sentinel; Aquarius
Michael Donlan; The News-Press; Gateway to Paradise
Michael Donlan; The News-Press; Making a Connection

Graphic Design
Dennis Lowe; Florida Today
Kori Rumor; Naples Daily News
Matt Tarr; The News-Press

Headline Writing
Steven McGrath; South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Josh Korr; St. Petersburg Times


Deadline Reporting — Television
News Staff; WFTS-TV/ABC Action News; Hurricane Wilma
WFTV Staff; WFTV-TV; Lake County Deputy Shot
WFTV Staff; WFTV-TV; Mayor Indicted

Feature Reporting — Television
Berndt Petersen, Oscar Rarrillo; WFTV-TV; Female Boxer
Berndt Petersen; WFTV-TV; Lake County Cold Case
Driveway Danger; WPTV NewsChannel 5; Kelly Dunn, Charlene Manville

Deadline Sports Reporting — Television
Fox 13 Sports; WTVT-TV Fox 13; Chip Carter's Tailgate Sunday

Sports Feature/Commentary — Television
Chris O'Connell, Jason McDowell, Jeff Joiner; Bay News 9; Sports Boot Camp Spoof
Dan Hicken, Mike Kaminski, Chad Cushnir; First Coast News; Desire Street
Angela Jacobs, Devin Marshall; WTSP-TV; One Mile at a Time

Investigative Reporting — Television
Jennifer Santigo, Jeremy Fisher; CBS4 News; Return to Haiti
Jackelyn Barnard, Paul King; First Coast News; Secret City
Patricia Andreu, Scott Zamost, Felix Castro; WFTV-TV; Money for Nothing

Criminal Justice Reporting — Television
Jackelyn Barnard, Paul King; First Coast News - WTLV/WJXX-TV; Mayport Abuse
Tony Pipitone, Darran Caudle, Scott Noland, Eileen Gilmer; WKMG-TV; Search for Justice
Patricia Andreu, Scott Zamost, Felix Castro, Ed Garcia; WTVJ-TV; Picture of Deception

Hurricane/Disaster Reporting — Television

Alan Winfield, Mike Clay, Juli Marquez, Josh Linker; Bay News 9; Hurricane Season 2004: A Look Back
News Department; WPLG-TV; A Summer of Storms
Bonnie Hill; WPTV-TV; Hurricane Wilma's Wrath

Consumer Reporting — Television

Travis Sherwin, Stephen Stock, Shannon Fitzpatrick, Marc Rice; WESH-TV; Ford Fires

International/War/National Security Reporting — Television
Laurie Davison, Eddie Jackson; Bay News 9; Marine Training
Keith Cate, Michael Egger; WFLA-TV; War Stories - Germany
Mark Wilson, Coy Hopson, Otto Contreras; WTVT Fox-13; FOXWATCH: On the Front Lines

Political/Government Reporting — Television
Josh Wilson, Jeff Harwood; WFTV-TV; Siplin Investigation

Education Reporting — Television
Dalia Dangerfield & Efrem Sanchez; Bay News 9; Class Size Crisis
Anna Tataris & Eddie Jackson; Bay News 9; Peanut Butter Ban
Isabel Mascarenas; WTSP-TV; Teen Sex: The Truth

Spanish-Language Newscast — Television

Public Affairs Program — Television
WFLA News & Weather Teams; WFLA-TV; 2005 Hurricane Season — Are you ready?
Matt Parcell, Bruce Wiley, Margaret Norman; WFTV-TV; Open Hearts, Open Doors
Robin Roy, Ken Jefferson; WWSB-TV; Toxic Tallevast

Newscast — Television
Neil Boling; WFLA-TV; News Channel 8 at 6
WFTV Staff; WTEV-TV; Eyewitness News at 6:00

Deadline Reporting — Radio

Michael Hibblen; WLRN-Miami Herald News; Art Teele Suicide
Steve Newborn; WUSF Public Broadcasting; Al-Arian Terrorism Trial

Feature Reporting — Radio

Kristin Lock; WFSU-FM; 387 Miles From Home: One Katrina Evacuee's Story
Bobbie O'Brien; WUSF Public Broadcasting; Looking for Angola
Steve Newborn; WUSF Public Broadcasting; The Perlman Music Program

Public Affairs Program — Radio
Pat Duggins; WMFE-FM; Countdown Discovery

Spanish-Language Newscast — Radio


Newscast — Radio
Phil Latzman, Michael Hibblen, Rhonda Victor, Irina Lallemand; WLRN-Miami Herald News; Bracing for Wilma
Carson Cooper; WUSF Public Broadcasting; WUSF Morning News
Susan Giles Wantuck; WUSF Public Broadcasting; WUSF Afternoon


College Journalist of the Year
Adrianna Rodriguez


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Results Pending

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