Broward Primary Election Results: Live-Blog

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Hi. Hello. How are you? It's Primary Election night, and lots and lots of races are being decided by the very little of you who actually showed up to vote.

But, no worries. We got you covered on the winners as the results come in.

See which judges will be cleaning up our streets. See which guy will be the guy to face off against Pam Bondi. See just how badly Nan Rich will lose to Charlie Crist.

Keep it here throughout the night, and don't forget to hit refresh.


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iPad Mini Troubles Slow Down Palm Beach Voting

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Chris Kelly via Wikimedia Commons
Voter turnout for primaries is traditionally low to begin with. But now there are a couple of reports of some polling places in Palm Beach County having issues with the iPad Minis being used by workers in an attempt to high-tech the voting process.

Poll workers are using the iPad Minis to scan voter IDs, but according Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher, some voters have experienced problems with the pads as they walked into their respective polling places.

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Conservative Group Sent Old Charlie Crist Robocalls to Potential Voters

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As ever, there have apparently been shenanigans leading up to today's primary voting day. A conservative group known as, well, the Conservatives allegedly sent out Charlie Crist robocalls to potential voters telling them that he's all about conservative values.

Problem is, the recordings are from back when Crist was a Republican. Today, he's looking to win the Democratic nomination for governor of Florida.

The tactic, it would appear, has been to either confuse registered voters or, at the very least, remind them that Crist was once a part of the GOP. It's comically sneaky, in some ways.

It's also illegal.

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Giancarlo Stanton Makes It Clear Marlins Need to Build Better

Photo by U.S. Navy via Wikimedia Commons
Don't get too attached, kid.
Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton is pretty much having the best season of any other player in the National League (and probably all of baseball). As a result, the Marlins are shockingly in the hunt for a Wildcard spot.

As any Marlins fan can attest to, this is a rare thing indeed. But Stanton has made it clear that, just because this has so far been a fun season with the team playing meaningful baseball going into September doesn't mean he hasn't forgotten that the Marlins higher-ups run the team like a banana stand.

See also: Top Ten Giancarlo Stanton Home Runs of All Time

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Blogger Files Complaint Against Judge Steven Feren Over Campaign Fliers

Categories: Broward News

Chris Potter via Wikimedia Commons
Today is Election Day, time to cash out on a season's worth of primary drama. Also, your mailbox will soon be filling up with less junk -- hopefully. But just now as we're getting ready to shelve politics for a couple of months, a sideshow issue has broken out in one of Broward's most important judicial races. It involves family court Judge Steven Feren, whom you might remember from our recent feature.

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Two Long-Lost Maps Spark a Quest to Find Forgotten Pyramids in the Florida Swamps

Categories: Longreads

St. Petersburg Times
L. Frank Hudson studies a map.
Upstairs at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science, past smiling employees at the front desk and cubicles full of researchers and staffers, lies a secluded room behind a password-protected door. Inside, unmoving taxidermies of bears, snakes, and birds stand next to rows of sterile bones, shells, and antique instruments of science.

The L-shaped room with industrial ceilings and wooden floors has been dubbed "the Curious Vault." Shelves and drawers are crammed full of every kind of weirdness from the natural and human world, most donated by the public over the past 60-plus years.

On a quiet weekday afternoon in April, I was working in the vault with Kevin Arrow, the museum's art and collections manager, digging through old files. As a writer and researcher for the museum, I've discovered and told the stories of objects that the public has never seen, from a bizarre weather-recording device owned by the Deering family to 1920s paintings made underwater using an experimental pre-scuba machine. With the museum preparing to move everything to its new facility on Biscayne Bay downtown, we've been diving into the darkest corners to catalogue what's hidden there.

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Should Democrats Vote for Charlie Crist or Nan Rich Today?

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Photo by OSTFlorida via Wikipedia Commons
Among Florida progressives, there are mixed feelings about voting for Nan Rich in today's Democratic gubernatorial primary match-up against Charlie Crist.

On one hand, Nan Rich is an authentic progressive and has been her entire political life, including as Senate Minority Leader from 2010-2012. She has earned the progressive vote.

On the other hand, Rich ran an underwhelming campaign, to say the least, and only the size of Crist's victory margin remains in doubt. I say this despite months of doggedly loyal Rich supporters imploring me not to talk about foregone conclusions, at least not publicly. I understand. Reality bites, and it hurts a hell of a lot more when you draw attention to it.

See also: Broward Primary: Races You Should Know About Before Voting

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FAU Professor James Tracy's Blog Suggests Ferguson Was Manufactured by Media

Categories: Broward News

James Tracy
It looks like James Tracy, the FAU professor who doubles as a conspiracy theorist, has struck again. Or, at least one of his writers did.

On Tracy's Memory Hole blog, blogger Patrick Murphy suggests that the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, in the past couple of weeks might be another case of the mainstream media pulling a fast one on America.

Murphy calls the incidents at Ferguson a false flag moment, where the media may have attempted to, once again, ignite a race war -- or, at the very least, experiment with race relations using a tragic event. And, in effect, usher in marshal law. Or, something.

See also: FAU's James Tracy on Boston Bombing: The Government Planned It

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Broward Primary: Races You Should Know About Before Voting

Categories: Politics

Photo by Whitney via Flickr cc
As you may very well know, Tuesday is the big Primary Elections Day. And while it's not superfancy like November elections, it's pretty damned important. Mainly because Tuesday will decide who faces whom come November, when things start to get real.

Primary days usually have low turnout, but it's still an important day for many candidates looking to get on the ballot and challenge incumbents and unseat the establishment.

There are plenty of local races going down (you can see a fill list of each race here).

But there are some particular races you should be aware of, particularly races featuring some savory and not-so-savory characters. These are people vying for powerful positions who could very well be making policy decisions for us all in the coming years. It's important to get the full scoop rather than just punching in the names of people you've never heard of so you can get out of the voting booth as fast as possible.

Some are known to be racists, others have been busted for driving while under the influence, while others are just plumb crazy.

So here are several Broward races you should know about before you cast your vote on Tuesday:

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Local Police Got M-16s, Mine-Resistant Vehicles From the Military

Categories: Crime

Photo by Alfvanbeem via Wikimedia Commons
a mine-resistant vehicle
Recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, have raised questions about the militarization of American police departments. When angry protesters took to the streets to demand justice, Ferguson police responded with force. Cops in riot gear fired tear gas and stun grenades at marchers. At least one officer pointed his loaded assault rifle at demonstrators and threatened to kill them if they didn't obey orders.

Ferguson police, it was reported, had obtained their weaponry under something called the Law Enforcement Support Office Program. LESO, as it is known, supplies local police departments with leftover U.S. military equipment.

What hasn't been reported, however, is that a dozen police departments in South Florida have also received military equipment ranging from helicopters to grenade launchers.

Here's what the police forces in Broward and Palm Beach are packing, thanks to LESO.

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