John Goodman Again Sentenced to 16 Years in Prison

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John Goodman has been sentenced to 16 years in prison, the same sentence he received after his first trial.

Goodman is being given credit for time served. He has served a total of 152 days in jail. In addition, a request for posttrial bond was denied by the judge.

The defense says it is filing a notice of appeal.

Goodman will remain in Palm Beach County Jail for the time being.

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Rick Scott Releases Statement About FSU Shootings, Fails to Mention He Passed More Gun Laws Than Any Other Governor

Categories: Politics

Following the shooting on FSU's campus Wednesday night, Gov. Rick Scott released a statement saying that prayers were with the families and loved ones of the students and victims.

It was a timely release, one that every governor should put out following a tragedy like this.

The statement mentioned the bravery of police. It mentioned how FSU will come back stronger from this. It mentioned how he, Rick Scott, is a father and can relate to the anxiety and worry students' parents must have felt.

The one thing the statement failed to mention: that Rick Scott holds the record for most gun laws passed in a state in a single term for a governor.

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Teacher Fired for "Screaming" Emails Awarded $337,000 in Lawsuit

Categories: Palm Beach News

Al R via Flickr cc
A former Palm Beach County teacher who has been embroiled in disputes with her school district since 2009 was awarded $337,000 in a lawsuit against PBCSD for firing her over passionate emails.

This latest -- and most costly mishap -- began when Paula Prudente, a Palm Beach teacher since 1978, said her asthma was aggravated when she was given a dusty, termite-infested portable classroom at Boca's Spanish River High back in 2011.

"They put a woman who they knew had a pulmonary condition in the most toxic place in the Palm Beach County School District," says Sid Garcia, Prudente's attorney. "They were doing everything they could to make Prudente quit or retire, which she didn't want to do."

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West Palm Beach Woman Accuses Bill Cosby of Drugging, Raping Her

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Mr. Scott King via Wikimedia Commons
More and more women have been coming forward lately, and over the years, accusing iconic comedian Bill Cosby of sexually assaulting them. The latest of those women is West Palm Beach resident Therese Serignese, who claims she was assaulted by Cosby after one of his shows in 1976, when she was 19.

Cosby, who is scheduled to perform a sold-out show tonight in Brevard, has been all over the news lately over multiple sexual assault allegations. The allegations had been around for many years, but the story hit the zeitgeist after comedian Hannibal Buress made reference to Cosby being a rapist at a show several weeks ago. He told the stunned audience to Google "Bill Cosby rapist" to back up his claims.

Since then, more and more women have come forward and given terrifying accounts of allegedly being drugged and sexually assaulted by Cosby.

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Nine Reasons Denver Broncos Fans Are the Worst

Photo by Eric Gruneisen
The 2014 Miami Dolphins season is well underway! And while lots of other sites will be breaking down each game and list reasons why the Dolphins will or won't win while analyzing players, coaches, and match-ups against their respective opponent week to week, we won't.

Not us. Not here. Instead, we're focusing on why every week's opponent has the worst fan base in all the NFL.

This week, the 6-4 Dolphins are set to play the Denver Broncos on Sunday at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

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Here are nine reasons why their fans are the worst:

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James Carville Says FSU Stands for "For Sale University"

Categories: Politics

Sodakan via Wikimedia Commons
Democratic rainmaker and columnist James Carville on Tuesday penned a column for the insidery political paper The Hill. The article attacked Florida State University and its ties to libertarian sugar daddies the Koch Brothers.

Fair point, though the timing was unfortunate -- not the greatest day to attack FSU. On Thursday, the university was rocked with a horrific library shooting.

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A Final Interview With David Menasche, Beloved Teacher and Author

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Courtesy of David Menasche
Fuck cancer indeed, David.
Ever since 2006, life for David Menasche must have felt like he sneaked unnoticed into some VIP section, knowing that any moment some malevolent security guard could emerge, point a meaty finger his way, and toss him out.

"I really don't ask anymore what their prognosis is for survival," Menasche told New Times in an interview on October 15. "Because the truth is there is no earthly explanation for why I should be alive. I literally have half a brain."

David Menasche, a beloved teacher and author, died 36 days after our interview, succumbing to an eight-year battle with a brain cancer he was originally told would kill him after two months. [New Times intended to do an article about him in an issue that will appear next week, but he became too ill before we could finish and do the accompanying photo shoot.]

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David Menasche, Local Author and Teacher With Brain Cancer, Dies

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via The Priority List Facebook page
David Menasche, a Broward resident and former Coral Reef Senior High English teacher who had been stricken with brain cancer and wrote a book about reconnecting with his former students, has died.

According to a post on his personal Facebook, a family member of Menasche's announced that he passed away early Thursday morning "surrounded by his family."

He was 42.

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BSO Dive Team Stumbles Upon Car With Human Remains Inside

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Via @CBSMiami
A routine training exercise by the Broward Sheriff's Office dive team inadvertently ended up discovering the remains of a long-missing Pompano Beach woman on Wednesday.

Charlene Azzaro had been missing since last being seen leaving her sister's home in 2013. But divers performing a training exercise in the canal located in the 3200 block of N. Palm Aire Drive discovered a 2000 gold Nissan Maxima in the murky depths of the water.

Inside the car were skeletal remains belonging to a human. Azzaro's sisters Kathleen Platt and Lauretta Patton-Mungroo -- who is the missing woman's identical twin sister -- confirmed to police that the Nissan belonged to Charlene.

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Teen Arrested for Attempted Murder After Craigslist Hookup

Categories: Crime

Just weeks after moving to South Florida from Kansas, a 19-year-old man was found covered in blood and arrested for attempted murder after a Craigslist date that went horribly wrong.

The Broward County Sheriff's Office took Brandon Hinck into custody for allegedly stabbing 49-year-old Dave Sero, who was in town for a vacation. According to the BSO, the pair met after Hinck posted a casual-encounter ad on Craigslist. After meeting at a Boca gas station, they then went to Hinck's hotel in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

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