Everglades Earth First Protesters Chain Themselves to Lobby of Kolter Group Offices

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Two members of the activist group Everglades Earth First were arrested after they chained themselves inside the offices of the Kolter Group offices in West Palm Beach.

The activists managed to get into the Kolter Group's "Kolter Urban" division office and chained themselves with a u-lock bicycle chain in the lobby while a handful of other members of the group held picket signs outside and chanted "Everglades Earth First" and "Save Briger."

The group is protesting Kolter's plan to build town homes on the 680-acre tract of Briger Forest that runs along Donald Ross Boulevard and I-95 in Palm Beach Gardens.

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New Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced by GOP Rep. Jeff Brandes

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photo: Brandon Marshall
A new bill looking to legalize medical marijuana has been filed for the upcoming legislative session. Rep. Jeff Brandes, a Republican from St. Petersburg, has introduced the Florida Medical Marijuana Act, which would authorize a doctor to use medicinal marijuana to treat patients afflicted with specific illnesses. Among the ailments listed would be cancer, epilepsy, AIDS, ALS, Crohn's disease, and Parkinson's disease.

According to the proposed bill, there would be a license for cultivation and processing medical marijuana and another for selling it. The bill would also allow county commissioners to decided where medical marijuana could be sold.

The bill is being introduced just weeks after United for Care launched another petition drive to get medical marijuana on the 2016 ballot.

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Oddsmakers Putting Money on Jeb Bush to Win GOP Nomination; Marco Rubio Is Gaining

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Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
The Super Bowl is this week, and bettors and gamblers will be throwing down big bucks on who they think will win between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Oddsmakers are divided on which team will win the big game. But did you know there are also oddsmakers out there laying down predictions on political races as well?

Oh yes. And while we wouldn't advocate betting on who will win a primary or the White House because it's both illegal and dumb, it's still interesting to see who oddsmakers like for 2016.

And as it stands right now, Florida is the odds-on favorite to be represented in the GOP race for the presidency, with Jeb Bush being the top bet and Marco Rubio making a serious run as well.

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Will Lolita the Orca Be Declared Endangered? Decision Expected This Week

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Photo by George Martinez
Miami Seaquarium's Lolita the killer whale is quite literally the Magic City's biggest star. For more than 40 years, she has been wowing crowds of tourists and locals with her incredible splash and gentle persona. This week, Lolita, who at age 50 is one of the oldest living orcas in captivity, may come one step closer to swimming out of the limelight and -- maybe -- into the open ocean.

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Will Marina Lofts Ever Be Built? Permit Deadline Looms February 20

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In December, the Facebook page for Marina Lofts read: "If you need an apartment, but don't want to wait months on a waiting list, please consider Marina Lofts' Preferred Residence Program."

Which is rather ironic, considering that the 800-plus apartments at Marina Lofts have yet to be built. In fact, ground has not even been broken on the controversial residential project, which was approved by the Fort Lauderdale City Commission nearly a year and a half ago. The city has yet to receive an application for a building permit. The deadline for the builder to apply is February 20.

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While Florida Utilities Continue to Screw Over Private Solar Companies, They Ink Fat Deal With U.S. Military

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Thumbnail image for 800px-Mafate_Marla_solar_panel_dsc00633.jpg
The Solar Wars continue. As we've been steadily reporting over the past year, the face-off between the state's powerful power utilities and the private solar industry has been pretty much a one-side squabble. Using their sway with Florida's Public Service Commission, the state's power companies like Florida Power & Light have sidelined private companies that install solar power and cut the rebate program aimed at helping individuals who want to go solar.

The utilities claim they're not antisolar. No, in fact when they can ink a big fat government contact, they love it. Which is exactly what's happening on the Panhandle, where one utility is hopping in bed with the U.S. military to build the largest solar installations in the state.

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Hassan Whiteside Blocked All of the Chicago Bulls' Shots on Sunday

The Miami Heat has had something of an inconsistent season. While the team has struggled to find some coherence trying to overcome mediocre play and injuries, hope may have come in the form of a seven-foot journeyman who is capable of head-butting skyscrapers and obliterating basketballs like flies.

Hassan Whiteside, a 25-year-old former castoff, has emerged as the Heat's biggest surprise this season. And on Sunday against the Chicago Bulls, he was unleashed to the rest of the basketball world, recording a triple-double by blocking 12 shots, grabbing 13 rebounds, and scoring 14 points, leading the Heat to a 96-84 victory

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Ichiro Suzuki and Marlins Agree to One-Year Deal

Kowarski via Flickr
Ten-time All Star free agent Ichiro Suzuki has agreed to join the Miami Marlins this season, according to multiple reports.

Ichiro, who will enter the season at 41 years of age and is 157 hits away from his 3,000th hit, is being brought in as depth and insurance to a thin outfield corps.

The contract, a reported, one-year $2 million deal, could be extended after this season if the Marlins want to be the team Ichiro reaches the 3,000th hit with, though a 2016 extension probably won't be in the cards.

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It's About to Suddenly Get 30 Degrees Cooler for Several Days in South Florida

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Photo by Ben Tubby via Wikipedia Commons
Brace yourselves, South Florida.
It's time to dust off those sweaters and bust out the leather boots, because a sudden and pretty strong cold front is about to smack us in the face this weekend. It's also expected to last into next week.

Sure, it's a balmy 78 degrees right now, and you probably have the A/C on at home and in your car. But come Saturday, temperatures are forecast to dip 30 degrees, with some places in Broward County hitting a low of 50.


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Bill That Would Allow Concealed Weapons on College Campuses Passes Committee

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Photo by Lucio Eastman via Wikipedia Commons
A bill that would allow campus students in Florida to carry a concealed weapon was passed by the House Criminal Justice Committee by a vote of 8-4 this week.

The bill -- HB 4005 -- written by Rep. Greg Steube for the State Legislature, says that allowing college students to carry guns can prevent mass shootings. Technically, it would repeal an already existing provision that prohibits people with concealed weapons to carry guns onto a college campus in the state.

The bill, which is backed by the NRA, takes aim at the familiar NRA narrative that the solution to shootings is more guns. Steube is looking to deter campus shootings and tragedies like Virginia Tech in 2007 or the recent incident at Florida State University in November by allowing people to be armed on campuses. He insists the concealed weapons would be more for people who are trained to use them and not so much the students.

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