Six Underrated Places in Broward

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Photo by Ian Witlen
A couple of weeks ago, we told you about the horrible and sad places in Broward County.

Needless to say, we hit a nerve.

And that's cool. Many of you are proud of your home and got supermad that we had the audacity to bitch about how a drug store chain can be a soul-sucking eyesore.

But we also have plenty of love for our community. And we know we got a good thing here.

So, to counter all the bad places we talked about, we want to discuss the good things. We aren't focusing on the obvious stuff but rather the not-so-obvious -- the places that only true locals know about and appreciate.

Here now are the six most underrated places in Broward:

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The Alliance for Solar Choice Vows to Fight Against Florida Power Utilities

Roto Frank AG via Wikimedia Commons
Florida's solar industry might be up against the ropes, but it's vowing to fight on. As we reported a few weeks back, the small but feisty solar industry -- with an assist from the Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC), a national group pushing sun energy -- is trying to outlive the kibosh coming from Florida's all-powerful utilities. And although it's lost an important bid to enter current state discussions on the industry's future, there's a growing grassroots push for more solar options.

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New Times Food Critic Wanted

Photo by Candace West
New Times Broward Palm Beach is looking for a restaurant critic. The ideal candidate will have experience both reporting about food and writing long-form restaurant criticism. He or she should have knowledge of Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach, which makes up one the nation's most burgeoning epicurean scenes. Job duties include writing reviews, reporting stories, and contributing to our Best Of Broward-Palm Beach edition.

Please send a résumé and five food-related clips to:

No phone calls, please.

Same-Sex Couples Deliver Petitions to Pam Bondi's Office

Categories: Activism, The Gays

Courtesy of Equality Florida
When Monroe County Circuit Judge Luis Garcia overturned Florida's 2008 constitutional gay-marriage ban and ordered that couples wishing to be married in Key West should be allowed to do so as early as this week, Attorney General Pam Bondi worked quickly to stamp out the ruling.

Bondi's office issued a statement this week saying that the issue needs to be tackled by the U.S. Supreme Court and appealed Garcia's ruling to the Third District Court of Appeal.

On Thursday, same-sex couples walked into Bondi's Tallahassee office and delivered 7,000 petitions signed by Floridians asking her to "stop wasting taxpayer resources defending the state's discriminatory exclusion of gay and lesbian couples from marriage."

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Lynn Rosenthal, Broward Judge Arrested for Crashing Into Cop Car, Says Doctor Gave Wrong Ambien Prescription

Categories: Law & Order

On Wednesday, Broward Circuit Judge Lynn Rosenthal entered a no-contest plea to a reckless-driving charge after ramming her black BMW SUV into a police car in the Broward County Courthouse parking lot back in May.

Rosenthal, who was not in court while her lawyer entered the plea, was sentenced to three months of probation and 25 hours of community service and ordered to pay restitution.

At the time of her arrest, Rosenthal had admitted to taking Ambien, a prescription sleeping pill, the night before her accident.

Her attorney, Brian Silber, sent out a news release in hopes of explaining Rosenthal's arrest, and so that the "public can put this matter to rest once and for all."

The explanation, according to the release, and to what Silber told New Times, was that Rosenthal was accidentally given the wrong prescription by her physician.

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Florida Voters Want Clinton as President

Categories: Politics

Marc Nozell, via Wikimedia Commons
Barack Obama's approval rating is pretty abysmal right now in Florida, at 44 percent. That number seems OK until you consider that Gov. Rick Scott is at 43 percent. Then you realize that number is terrible.

But Floridians aren't so disenchanted with the president that they're seeing red. A Quinnipiac poll released today shows that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the clear frontrunner here for 2016.

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Oil Companies Will Soon Be Firing Sonic Cannons and Killing Marine Life Along Florida's Coast

Categories: Technology

Chris Muenzer via Wikimedia Commons
This guy does not like loud noises.
With rising sea levels, Great Whites on the loose, and coral development quickly getting knocked down, there's a lot of trouble brewing out there along the east coast of Florida. Now we can add another to the list: sonic cannons.

Yup, you read that right. These devices are typically used by companies prospecting for oil and gas deposits. And thanks to a recent decision by the Obama administration, energy companies have been given the green light to begin hunting around the East Coast, from Delaware to Florida, for the first time.

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Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian Candidate for Governor, Supports States' Rights, Hangs Up on New Times

Categories: Fire Ant


Adrian Wyllie was in good spirit when we got him on the phone yesterday, riding high on a burst of publicity prompted by the news he'd polled 9 percent in the Florida governor's race, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll. He wasn't quite so happy 15 minutes later, when he hung up on New Times rather than pursue an uncomfortable line of discussion.

See also: Rick Scott and Charlie Crist Are Too Close to Call, Poll Says

Just to clear the decks, we kicked off by asking how libertarianism differs from anarchism, just how little government Wyllie wants to see. "I believe government has a purpose," he said. "To protect life, liberty, and property... I'm a 'constitutionalist,' if you want to put a label on it."

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West Palm Beach Is the Ninth Happiest Place in the United States, NY the Unhappiest

Categories: Tropical Life
You feel happy, West Palm Beach? Because a recent study by the University of British Columbia says you are. SO SMILE.

Hell, West Palm is such a happy place, sharks migrate there in droves and hang out on the beaches.

Know who isn't so happy? Those fancy-pants New Yorkers and their tall buildings and their pizzas and their cabdrivers, that's who.

The working paper, titled "Unhappy Cities" and cowritten by Joshua Gottlieb of the University of British Columbia's Vancouver School of Economics, dove into federal data to find how satisfied younger folks felt with their lives, accounting for race, education, marital status, and family size. The study found, among other things, that people are willing to relocate to an unhappy city if it means getting a good and steady job.

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Stephen Ross Buys the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale

Categories: Bidnizz, Sports

Wikimedia Commons
Stephen Ross doesn't want to spend his own money to renovate Sun Life Stadium because he's apparently too busy buying hotels.

Specifically, Ross' New York-based Related Cos. Related Fund Management is dropping a reported $90 million to buy the W Hotel & Residences in Fort Lauderdale.

The group says the hotel will remain the W, instead of being renamed after a beer or a bank or something like that.

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