Florida Regulators Gut The State's Solar Programs

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Lucas Braun via Wikimedia Commons
The day that pro-solar power advocates across the state had been fearing finally came this week. The state's Public Service Commission held a number of recent votes that basically knee-cap Florida's home solar situation. This come after pressure from the state's powerful utilities, which have been trying to edge solar advocates out of the regulatory conversation all year.

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Here's What's Open and Closed on Thanksgiving Day

Categories: Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers!

Hopefully you're all set and ready for the festivities and time with friends and family today. As is the case every year, most stores and businesses are closed for the day. But, as is the case every year, you might have forgotten to get something for dinner.

Below you'll find a list of what supermarkets and stores are open or closed, and also some mall schedules in case you're one of the crazy ones that want to get an early jump on Black Friday.

There are also some federal and state closings you should know about:

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Florida Turnpike Offering Free Coffee for Holiday Travelers Throughout the Weekend

Categories: News

Photo by Candace West

Today starts the busiest travel weekend of the year and, if you've already been out on the highways today, you know what a major pain in the ass that can be.

But, no worries, because if you plan on loading up the family roadster to hit the open road to visit relatives and friends this weekend, the Florida Turnpike has got you covered to make your Thanksgiving trek a little easier.

No, tolls aren't free this weekend.

But you know what is? COFFEE! Wheeee!

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Rick Scott Lied About Not Using His Private Gmail For State Business

Categories: Politics

Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
For a while now, Tallahassee attorney Seven R. Andrews has been trying to prove that Gov. Rick Scott has used his private Gmail account to circumvent his way around Florida's public records law. Andrews even asked the courts to have Google to turn over basic information about Scott's private email accounts. Andrews had Google subpoenaed.

But Scott, who denied the allegations, had his lawyers fight the subpoena.

A judge was ready to rule on the case, but Scott asked him to withhold ruling until after the November election. Scott won reelection, and now the emails have been released and, turns out, Scott was lying about not using them for administrative purposes.

See also: Rick Scott Skipping Out on Email Records Deposition to Attend Fundraiser

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Top Turkeys of 2014: Six Florida Personalities We Loved to Hate This Year

Categories: The Lists

Illustration by Jason Crosby
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. You know this. What you also know is that it's a day of time-honored traditions like sharing a feast with loved ones, watching football with friends, watching Aunt Edna get drunk on boxed wine, and trying to explain to your mom why you're not married yet.

Another time-honored tradition is the presidential pardoning of the turkey, which is the dumbest thing a president can ever do. But hey, traditions. So President Obama will pick a turkey and pardon it so that no one will eat it, until the Republicans in Congress shut down the government over his choice of turkey.

However, here in Florida, we too have some turkeys. And none of them should be pardoned. Because they're in their own way despicable or awful or just downright insufferable. Here's our time-honored tradition: Florida's Top Turkeys, the 2014 edition:

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IKEA vs. Apple Store: Which Is the More Hellish Shopping Experience?

Photo by Håkan Dahlström via Flickr cc
If you combined The Purge with Jingle All the Way, you'd not only have a very dead Sinbad -- let's face it, he'd be the first to go -- you'd have Black Friday.

And as thousands of bloated Americans finish their last slice of pumpkin pie with a sticky fork, thousands more will be finishing the elderly lady who jumped in between them and the last iPad with a rear naked choke.

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Report: FBI Seizes Internal Affairs Records From Palm Beach Sheriff's Office

Categories: Palm Beach News

Photo by FBI Photosimage source via Wikipedia Commons
Jose Lambiet's Gossip Extra is reporting that FBI agents seized internal affairs records from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office related to an officer accused of using force 18 times in 14 months.

The feds were looking for records of officer Russell Brinson, who is under investigation for the nonfatal shooting of a robbery suspect in May. Brinson, a 40-year-old with three years in the PBSO, has been under scrutiny for overusing his police authority, especially on minorities.

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Ferguson Protest in Fort Lauderdale Going Down Tuesday Afternoon

Skyler Reid via the Village Voice
Protesters in New York City.
With the rest of the nation still reeling over a Missouri grand jury's decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for shooting and killing unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown on August 9 and the ensuing Ferguson riots following Monday night's announcement, South Florida has been relatively quiet.

While other cities such as New York and Washington, D.C., held rallies following the announcement to support the Brown family and the city of Ferguson, Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach have remained on the sidelines.

But a local woman is looking to rally protesters to march in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday afternoon.

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John Goodman Wants to Go Back to House Arrest While He Awaits Appeal of Conviction

Categories: Palm Beach News

Wellington Polo magnate John Goodman was sentenced to 16 years in prison (again) last Friday but was denied bond by Palm Beach County Chief Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath.

This, Goodman's attorneys are now saying, is "unreasonable and an abuse of discretion," according to a motion filed over the weekend. The motion was filed to the Fourth District Court of Appeal on Sunday, asking the court to review Colbath's decision not to grant bond and instead to allow Goodman to stay under house arrest while they appeal the conviction.

During sentencing on Friday, Colbath called Goodman a flight risk, a charge his attorneys refute.

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Michael Crews, Florida's Embattled Prison Chief, Announces He's Stepping Down

Categories: News

Florida's Department of Corrections Secretary Michael Crews announced his resignation Monday, following reports over several months detailing suspicious inmate deaths, abusive corrections officers, and possible cover-ups.

Crews, age 53, who began his career as a corrections officer in 1984, was appointed Department of Corrections Secretary in 2012 by Gov. Rick Scott. But the reports of widespread corruption and the department's failure to act on some heinous accusations led to speculation of Crews' ultimately losing his job.

See also: Rick Scott's Top Inspector Told of Prison Death Cover Ups, Did Nothing About It

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