Digital Domain Case Moved from Bankruptcy Court to State Court

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Eric Smith-Gunn / evsmitty /
Digital Domain, the Florida-based visual effects company that gave the world Titanic, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and a Tupac hologram, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy recently. This after Port St. Lucie officials gave the company a $40 million bond issue and West Palm Beach officials gave it f 2.4 acres of downtown property, and the promise of a $15 million loan.

Problem was, Digital Domain Chairman and Chief Executive John Textor's finances were not up to snuff, and the whole thing ended up collapsing in on itself. That's when the state stepped up and sued the company, pretty much calling the movie-special-effects company a Ponzi scheme.

On Wednesday, a judge announced the case would be moved from bankruptcy court in West Palm Beach back to state court.

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Broward County School Officials Want $800 Million in Taxpayer Money to Fix Schools in Disrepair

school money.jpg
Election Day on Tuesday is going to decide an important local issue that could impact schools in Broward.

Voters are being asked to decide on a referendum that would help fund safety projects for public schools in Broward. Taxpayers are being asked to foot the $800 million bill that will help repair building safety issues, such as drainage issues, windows, and roofs in disrepair. The funds would also be used to provide security cameras for schools.

On Thursday, public safety officials and Superintendent Robert Runcie talked up the bond in an effort to highlight its importance and encourage voters to vote for it come Tuesday.

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Fifteen Halloween Costumes These Famous Floridians Should Wear

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Today is Halloween Eve, so if you haven't decided on your costume yet, congratulations, you're probably cutting eyeholes out of a bed sheet tonight! I get it: You've been too busy; Halloween sneaked up on you. It happens.

If you think you have no time to go browsing the aisles of Walmart looking for a costume, just imagine how little time some famous Floridians have to find an original outfit. Adding injury to insult, they can't be themselves, which is a real bummer, because they could probably totally pull it off.

Good news, busy-ass famous Floridians: I've picked out a Halloween costume that your overpaid assistant can totally throw together with no more effort than a trip to the Dollar Store!

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Parents of Victims of Kayla "2 Drunk 2 Care" Mendoza Suing Her Former Job

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The families of the two women killed in the "2 drunk 2 care" accident have filed a lawsuit against the T-Mobile store where Kayla Mendoza worked.

On November 17 last year, Mendoza had drinks at Tijuana Taxi Co. in Coral Springs with her T-Mobile coworkers before driving a Hyundai Sonata the wrong way onto the Sawgrass Expressway and crashing into a 2012 Toyota Camry. The crash killed Marisa Catronio and a passenger, Kaitlyn Ferrante.

Mendoza, who was hospitalized after suffering injuries, had tweeted "2 drunk 2 care" hours before the crash. She was 20 years old at the time of the accident -- to young to drink legally.

Following her hospital stay, Mendoza was arrested and charged with two counts of DUI manslaughter while impaired, two counts of DUI manslaughter with an unlawful blood-alcohol level, two counts of vehicular homicide, and two counts of driving without a license, causing death.

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Cal Deal, Supporter of Fort Lauderdale's "Anti-Homeless" Laws, Follows and Films Homeless People

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Cal Deal
Cal Deal watches the homeless.
Around 5:30 on a recent morning, Fort Lauderdale resident Cal Deal grabbed his camera, roamed the Poinciana Park neighborhood, and recorded a man washing his backside with a garden hose.

In that video, which Deal sent to Mayor Jack Seiler and several other city officials, the homeless man rummages through trash, wanders around the neighborhood while talking to himself, and drops his pants to cleanse his rear end.

This, Deal says, is why the city's controversial "anti-homeless" laws, including the ordinance that will criminalize public feedings without portable toilets, are needed.

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James Ennis Ended Rasual Butler With a Dunk as Heat Win Season Opener

via YouTube
The Miami Heat kicked off the post-James era Wednesday night by having their new James -- James Ennis -- absolutely obliterate Washington Wizards guard Rasual Butler with a devastating dunk that shook the Earth and rattled the jewelry of those sitting in the lower bowl at the American Airlines Arena.

Meanwhile, Chris Bosh announced his presence with authority and reminded everyone that he is, in fact, a skull-smashing half-man/half-dinosaur by flushing down 26 points and grabbing 15 rebounds in an ultimate show of prowess as the Miami Heat's newly designated Man.

The result was a 107-95 opening-night win for the new-look Heat.

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Jose Canseco Shoots Off Middle Finger in Gun Accident

Bryan Horowitz via Wikimedia Commons
Ex-ballplayer and 'roid-user Jose Canseco shot his own finger off in a shooting accident Tuesday night.

The former major league slugger/book author/time traveler/baby-goat owner was apparently cleaning his semiautomatic pistol at his home in Vegas when the weapon discharged and blew off the middle finger of his left hand.

His girlfriend Leila logged onto Canseco's Twitter account to let everyone know he'd be fine. As fine as a person who just shot off his own middle finger could be, anyway.

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Florida Panthers Hope Latinos Will Fill Empty Seats After Hearing a Game on the Radio


Update: Justin Copertino, the director of communications for the Panthers, tells New Times "Hispanic Heritage Night" has more than just a radio broadcast: "We will have a mariachi band playing pre-game and at the first intermission and salsa dancing," he says. "We will be offering several featured food items including Cuban sandwiches, beef empanadas and arepas at concession stands. We also will be honoring former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz as our community hero."

The Florida Panthers' attendance woes have become a sad joke in the sports world, but that doesn't mean the team is just gonna give up without a fight. In fact, the team is hoping to woo Hispanic fans to the games by broadcasting three entire games on ESPN Deportes this season, beginning on Thursday, which is also "Hispanic Heritage Night" at the BB&T Center.

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Tariq Ahmad, Teacher Accused of Raping Students at Islamic Private School, Previously Worked for Broward County Schools

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New details are shaking out over the alleged off-limits activities of one Broward private school teacher and his students. Last week, Pembroke Pines Police announced they were looking for Tariq Ahmad, a teacher and head of school at the Nur-Ul-Islam Academy in Cooper City. The 35-year-old is facing sex-crimes-related charges stemming from alleged abusive relationships with students in the late 2000s. Reports of the police search were followed by news of a lawsuit claiming a cover-up at the school.

Right now, a manhunt is on for Ahmad. But what hasn't been reported until now is that before the teacher's tenure at Nur-Ul-Islam Academy, Ahmad worked for the Broward County Public School District.

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Ten Things You Say That Make You a Fort Lauderdalian

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Michele Eve Sandberg
You can tell a lot about a city by the way its residents speak. The ever-colorful Bostonians might ask you to pahk the cah. A sassy New Yorker will tell you to fuggedaboutit! And a masked Detroiter may say something along the lines of, "Empty your pockets!"

South Florida is no different. Down at the tip of the Sunshine State, language is particular to each geographic region. For example, did you know that in Weston, a pile of dead grass is referred to as "entertainment"?

Words are fun!

And to prove that, here are ten things you'll hear come out of the mouths of a true Fort Lauderdalian.

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