Arnold Abbott to Speak at Mass Rally for the Homeless on Saturday

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Arnold Abbott, the 90-year-old chef and activist that has been cited several times for feeding the homeless in Fort Lauderdale will be speaking at a mass rally and march scheduled for Saturday.

The rally, which will take place at the Federal Courthouse located at 299 East Broward Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, which will also feature food sharing at Stranahan Park, will have homeless folks speaking as well.

The rally is a call to protest the city's recent city ordinance that places restrictions on the sharing of food at outdoor sites. The new restrictions require that feedings be located 500 feet from any residence and that feeders provide portable toilets.

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Florida Is Spared from Hurricanes For Record Ninth-Straight Year

Categories: Severe Weather

Hurricane season officially ends on Sunday and, here we are another year without getting hit by one. It's almost as if we shouldn't even bother with having a hurricane season. Yet, scientists say we're just smack in the middle of a ridiculously lucky streak -- one that is going on for almost a decade.

The United States as a whole was spared this year, with only one hurricane -- Arthur -- making landfall in July.

Overall, this season has produced only eight named storms, which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had predicted back in May. An average hurricane season sees about 12 hurricanes. And Florida itself was spared from being hit for the ninth-straight season, with Wilma being the last hurricane to make landfall in the Sunshine State back in 2005.

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Boynton Beach Senior Citizen Assaults Roommate After Argument Over Open Refrigerator

Categories: Crime

Cosoleto via wikimedia commons
Shut the damn door.
We've all had those small-change domestic spats with our roommates that end up blowing into big deals. Where's my favorite hoodie? Why didn't you DVR this week's Big Bang Theory? Shut the fucking refrigerator door. You know the drill.

Unfortunately for a pair of Palm Beach County senior citizens, a little argument about something we can all relate to ended in a call to the Sheriff's department and criminal charges.

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SeaWorld Protesters Crash Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Categories: Animal Planet

courtesy PETA
Last Thanksgiving, spurred by the documentary Blackfish, 12-year-old Rose McCoy hopped a fence at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and staged a solo protest over the inclusion of the SeaWorld float as she chanted "Boycott SeaWorld!" and waved around a sign.

This year's parade saw the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) pulling a McCoy, and also jumping a fence to protest.

Members of Peta, who were joined by McCoy, were able to get past the barricades that separates onlookers from the parade, and waived around signs that read "SeaWorld Hurts Orcas." Police were forced to take the protesters away from the parade route.

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Five Black Friday Myths, Busted!

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Annnnd they're off! The countdown is on. You're officially on the clock when it comes to getting your holiday shopping done, so you should probably get on that. Today is Black Friday, generally accepted as the biggest shopping day of the year. Last year, 225,000,000 people shopped on Black Friday and $11,400,000,000 was spent, so yeah, it's a big deal.

But should it be? Is Black Friday really the day of the year everything is cheapest? Is it even worth the hassle? Here are a few Black Friday myths we can bust right here and now, so you can either take off your shoes and forget about that door buster frying pan sale, or learn you something so that next year you don't make the same mistakes you made this morning.

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Black Friday Protest Planned at Boynton Beach Walmart Superstore

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photo: Sven via Wikimedia Commons
Black Friday is officially starting on Thursday night this year, because it's never too early to have people elbow total strangers in the face over a super cheap toaster. Walmart is starting their madness at 6:00 p.m. It's going to be crazy busy.

But the craziness is also an opportunity for protesters to emerge and remind everyone how terrible they think Walmart is. All across the country Black Friday marches are planned to protest what activists believe is unfair treatment of Walmart employees. The mega company exploits is workers, they say, while raking in millions on days like Black Friday.

And, yes, there's a protest planned at a local Walmart this Friday.

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Florida Regulators Gut The State's Solar Programs

Categories: Environment

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Lucas Braun via Wikimedia Commons
The day that pro-solar power advocates across the state had been fearing finally came this week. The state's Public Service Commission held a number of recent votes that basically knee-cap Florida's home solar-power industry. This come after pressure from the state's powerful utilities, which have been trying to edge solar advocates out of the conversation all year.

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Here's What's Open and Closed on Thanksgiving Day

Categories: Holidays

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers!

Hopefully you're all set and ready for the festivities and time with friends and family today. As is the case every year, most stores and businesses are closed for the day. But, as is the case every year, you might have forgotten to get something for dinner.

Below you'll find a list of what supermarkets and stores are open or closed, and also some mall schedules in case you're one of the crazy ones that want to get an early jump on Black Friday.

There are also some federal and state closings you should know about:

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Florida Turnpike Offering Free Coffee for Holiday Travelers Throughout the Weekend

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Photo by Candace West

Today starts the busiest travel weekend of the year and, if you've already been out on the highways today, you know what a major pain in the ass that can be.

But, no worries, because if you plan on loading up the family roadster to hit the open road to visit relatives and friends this weekend, the Florida Turnpike has got you covered to make your Thanksgiving trek a little easier.

No, tolls aren't free this weekend.

But you know what is? COFFEE! Wheeee!

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Rick Scott Lied About Not Using His Private Gmail For State Business

Categories: Politics

Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
For a while now, Tallahassee attorney Seven R. Andrews has been trying to prove that Gov. Rick Scott has used his private Gmail account to circumvent his way around Florida's public records law. Andrews even asked the courts to have Google to turn over basic information about Scott's private email accounts. Andrews had Google subpoenaed.

But Scott, who denied the allegations, had his lawyers fight the subpoena.

A judge was ready to rule on the case, but Scott asked him to withhold ruling until after the November election. Scott won reelection, and now the emails have been released and, turns out, Scott was lying about not using them for administrative purposes.

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