Florida Woman in Lingerie Tries to Run Over Cop in Nordstrom Parking Lot

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Wikimedia Commons
Can't a woman sleep in her lingerie inside her car in the parking lot of a Nordstrom in peace?

Apparently not.

Boca Raton police officers asked one woman dressed in lingerie and sleeping in her car to get out of her vehicle.


According to an arrest report, the woman woke up, locked the car doors and then proceeded to try and run over a police officer. That'll learn ya, police officer.

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Dan Borislow, Deceased MagicJack Inventor, Left Behind Messy Legacy Involving Pro Women's Soccer

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jcantroot via Wikimedia Commons
The news started filtering out to media outlets yesterday afternoon: Dan Borislow, the West Palm Beach tech entrepreneur who radically changed the telecom industry with an internet-based phone service, passed away on Monday evening. The former executive's company confirmed the death, and already tributes are starting to flow in regarding Borislow's impact.

But most of the memorials are paying little attention to an episode from his life that has arguably left a bigger impact than his invention: Borislow's brief but rocky tenure as owner of a Boca Raton professional women's soccer team that was stacked with international talent but combusted after only a single season, taking the league with it.

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John Paul Alvarez Wants to Be Broward's First Gay State Rep

Via Facebook
John Paul Alvarez lives for the look in a student's eye that shows he or she gets it. At Stirling Elementary School in Hollywood, the baby-faced teacher is known for working well with troubled third-graders.

Perhaps it's because he recognizes himself in them. Alvarez grew up in Miami, just south of the airport, as the son of two Cuban immigrants who made their way over to Florida in the '60s. Although his parents opened a sandwich shop downtown, it floundered after a few years, leaving them to work a series of what Alvarez remembers as "the bad jobs, the hard jobs."

But now Alvarez, a Democrat, is asking for South Floridians' permission to take on a hard job his parents could have never dreamed of. He wants to serve as District 100's state rep and prioritize women's rights, LGBT rights, and education. If granted his wish, he'll also be making history as Broward County's first openly gay state rep. The district stretches south to Hollywood, Hallandale, Sunny Isles, Aventura and North Miami Beach.

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Boca Raton Is the Best Florida City to Live In, Study Says

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Photo by Christina Mendenhall
Mizner Park.

Financial sites, real estate blogs, and other websites that delve into figuring out the best places in the U.S. have been coming out and naming Fort Lauderdale to the top of their many best-of lists lately.

But one site has come out and bucked the trend, naming Boca Raton the best Florida city to live in.

That's right, Fort Lauderdale. You can keep your best downtown, most exciting city, and sexiest city. Those are all fine and good. But when it comes to actually living somewhere -- especially somewhere where you probably won't be murdered -- Boca takes you to the hole!

See also: Parking Meters Coming to Downtown Boca Raton?

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Ann Murray, Former School Board Member Busted for Using N-Word, Running for Reelection


Former Broward School Board transportation department supervisor Ann Murray is running for reelection for the Broward School Board in August. But before voters decide between her and or her opponent -- West Park City Commissioner Felicia Brunson -- there's the little matter of Murray's past use of the "N word."

Back in 2007, a year before her election to the School Board, Murray's allegedly used the racial epithet while describing the cheap seats at Sun Life Stadium.

Her use of the word became public in 2011, and Murray was called to resign by the vice president of the Democratic Black Caucus of Broward County.

See also: Activist Calls For Ann Murray To Resign

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Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Offering a Traffic App

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Photo by DanielZanetti via Wikipedia Commons
Being stuck in traffic sucks. But now, instead of having to look up why the traffic in Palm Beach suddenly got so wretched while still driving or waiting for the next update from the radio station, you can get an audio update thanks to a new traffic app.

The PBSO has partnered with the Audible Media Group to offer residents an audio traffic app for their Android or iPhone.

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Rick Scott Met by Protesters at GEO Group Fundraiser (Video)

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Wikimedia Commons
Rick Scott attended the fundraiser held in his honor by GEO Group CEO George Zoley on Monday evening, but not before being met by a bevy of protesters.

People from Florida for All, the Dream Defenders and Dreamers Moms, as well as other protesters unaffiliated with the group, gathered outside the fundraiser carrying signs calling Scott out on his relationship with the CEO of one of the worst private prisons in the U.S.

Zoley, a longtime Scott supporter and campaign contributor, hosted a $10,000 gala in his Boca home.

See also: Rick Scott Fundraiser Being Hosted by GEO Group CEO

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Boca Web Entrepreneur Raphael Caixeta, 23, Dies in Motorcycle Crash

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Mirian Levis' Facebook
Raphael Caixeta, 23, was fatally hit riding his motorcycle yesterday.

A 23-year-old cofounder of an iPhone and iPad web development company was riding his 2008 Yamaha motorcycle about 8 p.m. in Boca Raton yesterday when he was fatally struck by a silver Jeep.

Raphael Caixeta was headed south on St. Andrews Boulevard (just behind the Boca Town Center Mall) when the Jeep entered St. Andrews Boulevard from Town Place Club Villas and collided with the motorcycle. Caixeta was transported to Delray Medical Center, where he died, according to the police. Robin Lynch, 20, from Kentucky was uninjured and driving the 2006 silver Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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Investigation Into Alleged Incident With Pounceys Continues

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Local sports radio host Andy Slater (940 AM) was sent this photo by a listener, taken the night of the Pounceys' birthday party.

Last week, the victims of an alleged assault that took place at Cameo nightclub said they planned to file a lawsuit against Miami Dolphins player Mike Pouncey and his brother Maurkice for their role in the incident.

While it's unclear where the potential lawsuit stands now -- messages for representatives of the victims went unreturned -- Miami Beach Police have updates on where the investigation stands.

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Key West Gay Couple Who Can't Marry: "Love Is Love. That's All That Matters."

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A Monroe County judge yesterday said a Key West couple can't marry despite his ruling that Florida's ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. Chief Judge Luis Garcia said in an appeal by the State of Florida, "The automatic stay, currently in place, shall remain in place until completion of appellate proceedings or until further order of this Court."

But this past Thursday afternoon, Key West locals Aaron Huntsman and William "Lee" Jones heard the news they had been waiting 11 long years to hear: that they could be married in the place they call home.

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