"Charlotte's Web," Derived From Hemp, Has Been Legal Since 2003

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Moriah Barnhardt has a three-year-old daughter, Dahlia, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor last May. Anecdotal evidence suggests that a soon-to-be-legal brand of low-THC pot called Charlotte's Web might help her condition. If not, legalizing medical marijuana as a whole would give her a plethora of treatment options by allowing her to tweak the formula she administers to her kid.

But this Tampa mom doesn't need to wait for 2015, or for Florida voters to make up their minds. She's one of the many parents who are already purchasing hemp oil online and making Rick Scott's decree obsolete before it even happens.

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Koch-Funded Lawyers Help Boaters Tell Manatees: Drop Dead

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Boys must have fast-moving toys. And they absolutely have to play with them in the water. If any slow-moving marine mammals get murdered or mangled as a result...so what? How many manatees do we need anyway?! Freedom!!!

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That's the situation in Citrus County, where the Koch Bros.-funded Pacific Legal Foundation ("Rescuing Liberty from Coast to Coast") and the charmingly-named Save Crystal River, a coalition of well-connected owners of waterfront property, have joined in a suit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, demanding that the protection status of the iconic Florida mammal be downgraded.

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Pat Riley Says He Will Build Another Championship Team in Wake of Losing LeBron James

Categories: Sports

Pat Riley ain't got time to bleed.

Asked by reporters on Wednesday if he was hurt by LeBron James' departure for Cleveland, Riley answered, "I don't hurt."

But it would seem that Riley didn't see it coming. While meeting with the press as the Miami Heat officially re-signed Chris Bosh, Riley said James gave no indication he intended to go back to the Cavaliers, especially after meeting with LeBron in Las Vegas.

"There wasn't anything in that meeting that told me that wasn't going to happen," Riley said via the Sun-Sentinel's Ira Winderman.

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New Earth Tribes to Hold Meditation to Create Unity and Resolution to Boynton Art Walk Ban

Categories: Activism

Last week, Boynton Beach announced that it was putting the kibosh on the the Boynton Beach Art District (BBAD) monthly art walks.

The art walks had revitalized what was previously your run-of-the-mill warehouse district. What was once a wasteland of old hollow buildings buried in the shadows west of I-95 turned into a flourishing art scene.

"Boynton Beach finally did something before Miami and Delray Beach: It banned its own signature, award-winning art walk. Go figure that one out," artist and gallery owner Rolando Barrero told New Times' music blog last week.

A group of artists and spiritualists are meeting at sunset this evening to bring awareness in hopes of shifting the city's perspective on why shutting down the art walk is wrong for the community.

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West Palm Beach to Vote on Domestic Partnership Benefits Ordinance

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Photo: George Martinez
"It is all about equal pay for equal work," says Rand Hoch, President and Founder of the Palm Beach County Human Rights Council with the news that the City of West Palm Beach could become the first public employer in the county to enact an equal benefits ordinance.

The ordinance would require contractors to offer equal family benefits to all of their employees.

"The first reading is on Monday," Hoch, who is also Florida's first openly- gay judge, tells New Times.

Should the ordinance pass, city contractors would be able to offer the same health insurance and benefits to their employees who are in same-sex marriages and domestic partnerships that they offer to their other married employees.

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Porn 3.0: CammingCon Will Bring Hundreds of Models to the Beach Starting Thursday

Photo by Ian Witlen
When Jennifer Ringley first turned on her webcam in 1996, she had no idea she would be spawning a $1 billion industry. Although the 20-year-old's show wasn't explicitly pornographic, the genre of entertainment she spawned now makes up roughly 1/5 of adult content. Livecamming is easily the fastest growing segment of porn.

But until very recently, there's never been a convention for models and behind-the-scenes professionals to discuss where business is headed. In Nevada, fans and insiders gather each year for the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, and South Florida already has Exxxotica, but in the past two months camming has seen its very own trade shows pop up in Colombia and Romania.

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Potential Hurricane Showing "Signs of Organization" in the Atlantic Ocean

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Courtesy National Hurricane Center
Okay, so it ain't even a Tropical depression yet. But after decades living in this steamy subtropical hurricane magnet of a land mass, we have an instinct for these things.

A front located about 1150 miles east of the Windward Islands is showing "signs of organization," according to the National Hurricane Center. It's moving west-northwestward near 15 miles per hour and "could develop into a tropical depression later today or tomorrow."

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Sextortion Scam Hitting Online Dating Sites in South Florida

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Photo by bark via Flickr cc
If being a member of an online dating site wasn't treacherous enough, there's a sextortion scam going around that you should know about.

The scammers apparently use a charm offensive to cozy up with a victim, make that person believe he or she is the one, and then asks for a nude pic. Once the victim has sent that pic, the scammer then drops a scambomb by claiming to be law enforcement and telling the victim the nudes were sent to an underaged person.

Then comes the kicker: the victim is demanded to pay a fine, or else face the legal consequences.

Charm, trust, shame and fear. That's the scammer's modus operandi here, and BSO wants you to be aware of it.

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Pouncey Brothers Alleged Assault Video Will Be Released, Lawyer Says

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A photo one listener sent to Andy Slater (2-5 p.m. on 940 WINZ) during the Pouncey's annual birthday bash.

The lawyer representing three victims that were allegedly assaulted at Cameo night club July 11 filed a lawsuit days later, claiming NFL players Mike and Maurkice Pouncey had beaten and bruised his clients. Little has happened in the case since -- police said they were waiting for the victims to talk and the night club hadn't released surveillance footage yet, while the Dolphins center and his brother were neither charged with nor cleared of crimes.

But today, Marwan Porter, the lawyer for victims Riquan James, Brentley Williams and Niya Pickett, offered New Times some updates and new information on the case. Porter says the night club will have to hand over video in the next 30-45 days, that two independent witnesses saw the incident and are able to identify which Pouncey brother did what to whom, and, perhaps most importantly, that his clients have in fact, talked to the police about the incident since it happened.

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HeatLifer Hashtag Has Taken Over Twitter: Here Are the Best Ones

Categories: Sports

via Twitter
Nothing brings an entire fan base together quite like LeBron James abandoning your team. And that's been more evident this offseason as Heat fans have rallied around Dwyane Wade and his magical #HeatLifer hashtag.

Wade put the hashtag out there when he announced his return to the Heat, breathing hope and passion back into the faithful, while ceremoniously stamping out LeBron's #LaFamilia hashtag he had been tweeting as his announcement of his return to Cleveland approached.

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