Gay Marriage Question One Step Closer to the Florida Supreme Court

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Photo credit: George Martinez
In what has been a hot summer in the fight for marriage equality in the Sunshine State, the Second District Court of Appeal today asked the Florida Supreme Court (FSC) to decide whether the state's 2008 ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional.

A clerk at the office of the Florida Supreme Court confirmed to New Times that the case was filed today. If the justices at the FSC agree to take up the case, they will hear a case involving two Tampa women, Mariama Shaw and Keiba Shaw, who were married in Massachusetts and are now seeking a divorce.

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Chavez, Matisse, and the Heist That Shook the Americas

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U.S. Department of Justice
A decade after it was reported stolen, Odalisque in Red Pants was recovered by the FBI in Miami Beach.
In the dark of the hotel room, the ultraviolet lamp ignited like Promethean fire. A middle-aged American with gray hair leaned low over the bed, his gaunt face glowing in the purple light. Beneath him lay a weathered canvas, its edges cracked and crumbling. The man inhaled deeply. Then, with gloved hands, he slowly swept the lamp along the painting's smooth surface.

A pair of crimson pants legs sprang from the shadows. The man moved the lamp a few inches more and a woman's belly gleamed soft and white. Her bare breasts were full and pink, her mouth small and puckered like a wilted rose. At last, the man shone the light into her eyes: dark, inscrutable orbs peering out from the canvas for the first time in a decade.

"It's real," the American said, standing up and shutting off the lamp.

"¡Felicidades!" a Mexican woman shouted, springing from a chair and embracing him.

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Steven Sotloff's Mother Makes Video for ISIS to Plead For His Life

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The mother of South Florida journalist Steven Sotloff released a video pleading with ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, for amnesty for her son.

Sotloff appeared in the video where a member of ISIS murdered and then beheaded American journalist James Foley. In the video, ISIS threatens the U.S. government with Sotloff's life, saying he would be killed next if the U.S. continues to bomb Iraq.

In the video, Sotloff's mother, Shirley -- a teacher from Miami -- directly addresses Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS and the self-declared caliph of the Muslim world.

See also: ISIS Is Threatening to Kill Miami Journalist Steven Sotloff; Petition Begs Obama to Save Him

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David Beckham Reportedly Turns Down Broward Stadium Offer; Officials Deny Hearing From Him

photo by Michael E. Miller
David Beckham's group of investors looking for a South Florida stadium for their MLS club have reportedly turned down Broward County.

This, according to a report by Gossip Extra. The gossip site says a source tells them Beckham is citing Broward's poor history for soccer clubs and low attendance to Panthers games as the main reason.

However, Broward officials and one of the main groups working on a stadium proposal for Beckham claim they've not heard from the investment group, and that all this is news to them.

See also: Seven Spots Where David Beckham Could Build His Stadium in Broward County

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Five Reasons You Need To Be Watching the Miami Marlins Nightly

Miami Marlins Instagram (@marlins).
Your little baseball team might not make the playoffs, but they're worth watching

This exact time last year, the Miami Marlins found themselves in last place (49-81) in the NL East, having been outscored by 110 runs, which was the second worst run differential in the sport.

This year?

The Fish already have 65 wins, they've only been outscored by 22 runs on the year and the good guys (minus rat fink owner Jeffrey Loria) are just four games out of a playoff spot with 31 games left to play. The math still points toward missing the playoffs -- Baseball Prospectus simulates the season every day, creating postseason probability percentages, and the Marlins still have only a 4.7 percent shot of making it -- but if you aren't already, you need to be watching the club every night.

There's long balls, unhinged announcers and excited players you haven't seen since you stopped watching when Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirez departed. Alas, here are our five reasons you need to start tuning in again.

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The Broward Primary Says A Lot About Voter Turnout

Meet Julius Stein, deputy poll worker in Plantation, Fla.
At 9:45 a.m. yesterday, the George English Park Community Center voting station was about as active as Chik-Fil-A on a Sunday. The half dozen poll workers outnumbered the voters, and the polite older woman sitting outside the door wore a look of mild shock when approached and asked where to register. One gets the feeling she had to endure the agony of having many potential voters advance upon her, only to make a last-minute left for the public bathroom that bordered her.

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Charlie Crist Throws Extremely Republican "Party"

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Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
Charlie Crist does not know the meaning of the word "party." I'm not just talking about his running for Governor as a Republican, and State Senator as an Independent and then, finally, for Governor again as a Democrat. Whatever. Switching things up is exciting. In contrast, his primary victory celebration last night at the Hyatt in Fort Lauderdale was mind-bogglingly boring.

First off, what was with the spread? All party-goers had to pick over was an array of cheese, a fan of Ritz crackers, a bowl of Craisins™ and some sad-looking vegetables. The booze didn't exactly flow, uh, liberally. By that we mean the cheapest cocktail was $8. Never trust a temperate man, and never trust a politician who forces people to be temperate by only serving prohibitively expensive drinks. Were you expecting hecklers?

See also: Charlie Crist Primary Victory Party at the Hyatt in Fort Lauderdale (Slideshow)

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Pam Bondi Challenges Primary Winner George Sheldon to Debate

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Former Obama official George Sheldon defeated his primary opponent for the right to take on Pam Bondi for the state attorney general last night. And Bondi wasted no time in calling him up and challenging the man to a debate.

Sheldon's win was pretty overwhelming, taking more than 60 percent of the vote over Perry Thurston. And while both men entered Tuesday's primary as virtual unknowns, Sheldon is vowing to make sure people know he stands in stark contrast to Bondi.

See also: Broward Primary Election Results

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Broward Primary Election Results: Live-Blog

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Photo by Michele Eve Sandberg
Hi. Hello. How are you? It's Primary Election night, and lots and lots of races are being decided by the very little of you who actually showed up to vote.

But, no worries. We got you covered on the winners as the results come in.

See which judges will be cleaning up our streets. See which guy will be the guy to face off against Pam Bondi. See just how badly Nan Rich will lose to Charlie Crist.

Keep it here throughout the night, and don't forget to hit refresh.


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iPad Mini Troubles Slow Down Palm Beach Voting

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Chris Kelly via Wikimedia Commons
Voter turnout for primaries is traditionally low to begin with. But now there are a couple of reports of some polling places in Palm Beach County having issues with the iPad Minis being used by workers in an attempt to high-tech the voting process.

Poll workers are using the iPad Minis to scan voter IDs, but according Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher, some voters have experienced problems with the pads as they walked into their respective polling places.

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