Case of Exploding Corpse Won't Be Revisited, Appeals Court Rules

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Photo via FEMA
Back in April, we brought you the story about a Jupiter woman having to pay for the damages an exploding corpse caused to her condo unit.

She tried to sue the insurance company that refused to pay for the damages, but the suit was dismissed.

Now, a judge has declared that the case is closed and will not be revisited, which means the woman had to pay for the exploding-corpse mess herself.

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Police Arrest Seven Immigration Activists At Broward Transitional Center

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Elizabeth Taveras
Policeman monitoring the seven immigration activists who are seeking immediate relief.

Police arrested seven student activists yesterday afternoon at the Broward Transitional Center (BTC), after they blocked the entrance of the detention center. The seven were part of demonstration of about 70 people who are urging President Obama to help alleviate the fears of many undocumented people who are afraid of deportation.

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Teens Who Broke Into Ray Allen's House Charged

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Photo by Keith Allison via Flickr cc
Ray Allen was decidedly unhappy about how the Coral Gables Police Department handled seven teens who broke into his home in the middle of the night.

But after meeting with the Florida State Attorney's Office, authorities have charged all seven teens with first-degree misdemeanor trespassing of an occupied structure.

"Ray and Shannon have been advised that the Miami-Dade County State Attorney's Office has filed trespass charges against the seven intruders to their home," attorney Gregory Victor said via a statement. "The determination as to what specific charges to file was entirely within the discretion of the State Attorney's Office and the Allens are satisfied with both the decision to prosecute and the charges being pursued."

Through the statement, the Allens expressed satisfaction and gratitude that no one was hurt.

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Royal Palm Beach High Assistant Principal Stabbed During Altercation

Categories: School Daze

An assistant principal at Royal Palm Beach High was stabbed this morning while she tried to break up a fight between students.

According to Palm Beach Sheriff's Office, a little after 7 Thursday morning, the assistant principal was monitoring the outside of the school, located on Wildcat Way and Bob White Road, when she saw a group of students fighting.

She tried to break it up, but in the melee, she was sliced in the wrist area with either a knife or a box cutter. The school district is categorizing the injury as a cut and not an actual stabbing.

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Parkland Named Safest City in Florida; Rest of South Florida, Not So Safe

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Leitonmahillo via wikimedia commons
Let's face it, if you are going to raise your kids in a crime-free environment, South Florida isn't your best option. That said, there certainly are some blissful pockets in this fallen landscape of face-eating zombies, coke-crazed baddies, hucksters, con men, predators, and maniacs. According to a new list of the 20 safest cities in the Sunshine State, two corners of Broward rank among the best places to rest your head in a crime-free environment. Barry, cue up the drumroll...

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Andrea Chisholm, Half of "Royal Scottish Couple" on Welfare, Pleads Guilty in Minnesota

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Illustration by Tristan Elwell
Remember Colin and Andrea Chisholm? The couple owned a yacht, lived in a Lighthouse Point mansion, and touted themselves as Scottish aristocrats, all while collecting public assistance. This past March, they were chased down by the FBI, caught in the Bahamas, extradited to Port Everglades, and summarily arrested.

Not long after, they were sent back to Minnesota, where Hennepin County authorities had accused them of unlawfully obtaining more than $160,000 in welfare. Now, more than four months after being captured and three months New Times peeked into their background, one of them has finally pleaded guilty to "aiding and abetting wrongfully obtaining public assistance."

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Tropical Disturbance Brewing, Could Head for South Florida

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National Hurricane Center
Oh look. Another tropical disturbance.

There's something brewing out there, and according to the National Hurricane Center, it could impact South Florida in the next five days.

While it's still too early to say exactly what will happen with this disturbance, if it'll fully form, or where it'll go, pretty much every model says IT'S HEADED RIGHT FOR US GAHH!!

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FAU Field to Be Named After Howard Schnellenberger

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Photo by Jerseydem via Wikipedia Commons
After being named for a prison accused of human rights violations and after almost being named for an apparent homophobic fast-food restaurant, the Florida Atlantic University football field is finally getting a name that everyone will love and isn't a total lapse into bad taste.

FAU announced Wednesday that the football field where the Owls play their home games will be named after former FAU head coach and University of Miami legend Howard Schnellenberger.

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ISIS Is Threatening to Kill Miami Journalist Steven Sotloff; Petition Begs Obama to Save Him

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Steven Sotloff
Update, 1:20 p.m.: At a news conference this afternoon, Obama called the Islamic State a "cancer." He did not mention Sotloff by name and did not say specifically what his military plans were, but he vowed that ""The United States of America will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. We will be vigilant and we will be relentless."

Original post, 12;20 p.m.:
Yesterday, extremists from ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, released a video showing the apparent beheading of American journalist James Foley, of New Hampshire. In the video, they also showed Steven Sotloff, of Miami. Sotloff is shown on video explaining that his fate depends on whether President Obama continues bombings or not.

Sotloff is believed to have been captured in Syria last fall. He last used Twitter on August 3, 2013. On it, he declares himself a "stand-up philosopher from Miami." His bio also says "Currently in Libya. I've been published in TIME, National Interest, FP, CSM, The Diplomat, LWJ, & more." He alternately tweeted about Middle East politics and his love for the Miami Heat.

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Palm Beach County May Ban Kratom

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Jess Swanson
Kratom, an herb found in Southeast Asia and banned in Thailand, Australia, Myanmar, Malaysia, and recently Indiana and Tennessee, is often used in a drink called kava here in Florida -- where it is not banned.

Not yet, anyway.

But now, Palm Beach County is considering banning kratom. This is because kratom is considered highly addictive by many and has supposedly been tied to several deaths and multiple emerency-room visits across the country since it was introduced to the U.S. as a sort of pick-me-up coffee substitute.

Some are concerned kratom is slowing becoming the next bath salts or synthetic marijuana, while others swear it's harmless.

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