Funeral Home Sued Twice for Mixing-Up Ashes and Misplacing Dead Bodies

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A Palm Beach County funeral home mixed-up the ashes of dead bodies not once, but twice in the last two months, according to two lawsuits filed in Palm Beach County court.

The latest incident started this past summer. Shaquille Burroughs, Jr. died on July 5, not long after he was brought into the world. Tiesha Mack, his mother, made arrangements to have her son's funeral handled by the Taylor-Smith-West funeral home in Belle Glade. After paying the $600 fee, Mack thought she would get an urn with her son's ashes. But weeks went by and she still didn't have it.

Funeral home employees explained that they didn't get the ashes back from Edgley Crematory, where they claimed to have outsourced the cremation service. Tired of waiting, Tequilla Burroughs, the deceased child's grandmother, went to Edgley on August 6 to find out why there was a delay. But John Edgley, the owner, said he had never received an infant body from Taylor-Smith-West, according to the lawsuit.

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Robert Pinto Files Lawsuit Against Hollywood PD Over 2010 Arrest

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Pinto and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz
Rob Pinto
It's been more than four years since Robert Pinto's life skidded after a bizarre series of run-ins with the Hollywood Police Department. But now the former government contractor is looking to even the score. He has filed a federal lawsuit against the department alleging intimation and retaliation.

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Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross: "I Believe in Joe Philbin"

via @Brendan_Tobin Twitter account

Following the Miami Dolphins' 37-35, last-second win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, owner Stephen Ross put all the rumors and speculation to rest: Joe Philbin will return as coach in 2015. Philbin is 23-24 in three seasons as coach and could even things up with a win next week against the New York Jets.

The timing of the announcement is rather odd, and the news that Ross had decided on Philbin coming back next season before the game is even odder. The Dolphins saw themselves once again fall apart in December and will miss the playoffs for the sixth straight season. 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, a man Stephen Ross has courted before to coach the Dolphins, is virtually guaranteed to be on the open market this offseason. It matters not now, however, because there will be no opening in Miami.

One has to assume retaining Philbin means most everything else will stay intact, including offensive coordinator Bill Lazor and general manager Dennis Hickey. It's assumed quarterback Ryan Tannehill will be in Miami regardless, as he has progressed nicely in his third season, capped by a spectacular career-high four-touchdown day Sunday. The roster may not look the same, however, as the Dolphins will have many decisions to make on some key players, such as defensive lineman Randy Starks and linebacker Phillip Wheeler.

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AAA Offering Free Towing on Christmas Eve Through New Year's Day

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Christmas Eve is a time for gathering with family, eating a turkey dinner, kissing a pretty girl or a handsome fella under the mistletoe, exchanging presents, and hitting up the nog. But mostly, it's about hitting up the nog. And if you're like most people, you'll be looking to get sloshed as you celebrate another Yuletide in the warm embrace of booze.

If that describes you, here's a pro tip: Don't be driving home. If you have to get home, get yourself a designated driver.

But, if your designated driver is all, "Screw this, I want to get plastered too!" have no fear.

Because you can actually get a free ride home courtesy of the folks at AAA.

As it does every major holiday in Florida, the auto club is offering its free Tow-to-Go service to anyone too intoxicated to drive home from wherever he is in Florida on Christmas Eve up until 6 a.m. New Year's Day.

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Same-Sex Marriage to Go On: Supreme Court Denies Pam Bondi's Request

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Earlier this week, Attorney General Pam Bondi filed an emergency request with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in an attempt to keep the ban on same-sex marriage in place past the January deadline, when LGBT couples were going to be allowed to legally wed in the state.

But on Friday, the Supreme Court delivered a blow to Bondi's plans as they denied her motion for a stay on U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle's original ruling that Florida's same-sex ban was unconstitutional.

In other words, same-sex couples wishing to get married on January 6 and beyond are once again free to do so.

See also: Florida's First Same-Sex Divorce Granted by Broward Judge

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Report: String of Armed Robberies Around Las Olas Boulevard

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photo by: Ian Witlen
A string of armed robberies have been going down in Las Olas lately, according to an announcement from Las Olas Village, a group that describes itself as an "urban renewal project dedicated to revitalizing a key section" of the area.

The group is calling for a bigger police presence in the area after what it's calling "a dangerous pattern of robberies" have been happening near Las Olas Boulevard.

Particularly, the group says at least one of the armed robberies have happened in the parking lots behind the restaurants Rocco's Tacos, located at 1313 E. Las Olas Blvd.,
and Fork & Balls, located at 1301 E. Las Olas Blvd. They also say there was a robbery that happened in the parking lot of the First Presbyterian Church, located at 401 SE 15th Ave., which is one block south of East Las Olas Blvd.

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Rand Paul is Going Off on Marco Rubio on Social Media Over Cuba

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Barack Obama's announcement that the U.S. and Cuba are moving forward to improve diplomatic relations has gotten Marco Rubio all hot and bothered. Rubio has been the leading voice in speaking out and criticizing the president's decision to thaw relations with the island nation. He's called Obama the worst negotiator since President Carter, and accused the president of coddling tyrants.

Rubio even went after fellow senator Rand Paul after the Kentucky senator said Obama's plan was "probably a good idea."

In response to this, Rubio told FoxNews that Paul doesn't know what he's talking about. And then Paul took to social media and started blasting Rubio on his Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Satanic Invocation Could Come to Almost Every City in Florida

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courtesy Chaz Stevens
Festivus Pole erected in Capitol Rotunda
Satan could be coming to your city's commission meeting very soon. Atheist and blogger Chaz Stevens was recently given the go-ahead by Lake Worth to lead a Satanic invocation before one of their upcoming meetings. And, with his foot firmly in the proverbial door, Stevens is looking to knock down the entire proverbial building.

Buoyed by Lake Worth's giving him a slot to give his invocation, Stevens is set on getting one done in just about every city throughout the Tri-County area, and possibly beyond.

"Depending on the responses," Stevens tells New Times, "if we get enough cites giving me the go-ahead, I'll probably franchise it with places in northern Florida, if anybody wants to help join the cause."

See also: Atheist Requests to Lead Satanic Invocation at Lake Worth Commission Meeting

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ACLU Fires Back Against Pam Bondi Same-Sex Marriage Supreme Court Bid

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In less than three weeks gay couples across the Sunshine State may be able to get married -- may. As we reported earlier this week, Attorney General Pam Bondi is pretty much doing everything in her legal power to pump the brakes, including an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. With the court showing signs they're willing to hear the case, the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida has filed legal briefs asking the highest court to back off.

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Miami Dolphins Drinking Game For the Remainder of the Season

Photo by: April McKay
The Miami Dolphins aren't technically eliminated from playoff contention. That is to say, they still have a mathematical shot to get in, as long as the Steelers, Ravens, Chiefs and Colts all die in plane crashes and their stadiums are collectively swallowed by sink holes. THEN THERE'S DEFINITELY A CHANCE.

So, technically, the Dolphins still have something to play for other than pride.

Still, Dolphins fans are not holding out any hope. But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun for the last two games watching the burning dumpster that is our beloved Miami Dolphins.

And by "a little fun," we mean get totally plastered. Here now is the official Miami Dolphins Drinking Game for the last two games of the season.


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