New Times' Beerfest Is Saturday: Come On Out and Get Your Beer On!

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Max Reed
Beer is awesome.

Festivals are awesome.


And that's exactly what's going down Saturday at the 17th-annual New Times' Original Beerfest, presented by Isle Casino.

What is Beerfest, exactly? Well, it's only a time when breweries from all over the U.S. convene in our backyard to give you a taste of their finest brews.

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Atheist Group to Distribute "X-Rated Bible" Pamphlets to Florida Schools

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Back in September, we told you about the Satanic Temple's plan to hand out pamphlets to school kids in Florida titled The Satanic Children's Big Book of Activities in response to a recent Orange County School Board decision that allows for the distribution of religious materials in public schools.

Now comes news that atheist group the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) will also be handing out its own pamphlets, although with a tad more edge to them.

Meanwhile, the School Board says the organization has neither asked for nor gotten permission to hand out the material, though that may be a misrepresentation of the facts.

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Rick Scott Skipping Out on Email Records Deposition to Attend Fundraiser

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Michele Eve Sandberg
Rick Scott is supposed to be in California today for a deposition in a lawsuit his lawyers filed to block the release of emails from the governor's Gmail account to allegedly circumvent Florida's public records law.

It's a serious issue that puts more light on Scott's shady ways. But instead of being in California for his own deposition to persuade a judge that he shouldn't release those emails -- at least until after the election --- he's in Miami for a fundraiser.

Because, he needs money, apparently.

See also: Rick Scott Asks Judge to Rule on His Gmail Records After the Election

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Plantation Jewish Temple Targeted in Worldwide Pro-ISIS Cyberattack

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screen grab
A few weeks back, there was a small news story that blipped across the media about a local Jewish temple in Planation that was hit by a scurrilous cyberattack. Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El's website was hijacked with anti-Semitic messages, including a shoutout to the ISIS terrorist group.

Although the incident was initially written off as a random bit of cyber pranksterism, now, a couple of weeks later, it's become clear the hack was part of a global attack that targeted more than 200 sites reportedly pulled off by a group of Arab teens.

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Nine Reasons Jacksonville Jaguars Fans Are the Worst

Mate Airman Brad Garner via Wikipedia Commons

The 2014 Miami Dolphins season is well underway! And while lots of other sites will be breaking down each game and list reasons why the Dolphins will or won't win while analyzing players, coaches, and match-ups against their respective opponent week to week, we won't.
Not us. Not here. Instead, we're focusing on why every week's opponent has the worst fan base in all the NFL.

This week, the 3-3 Dolphins are set to play the Jaguars on Sunday at EverBank Field in Jacksonville.

See also: Nine Reasons Chicago Bears Fans Are the Worst

Here are nine reasons why Jaguars fans are the worst:

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Palestinian Coalition Calls for Broward Protest in Defense of Jerusalem Mosque

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The Middle East is ablaze with so many fires that even the Israeli-Arab conflict has been obscured by the smoke, fading from the headlines. Tomorrow, though, Palestinian activists in South Florida hope to change that, taking to the streets to air their concerns about the fate of a place of worship sacred to the Muslim faith.

See also: Broward Activists Fight Florida Bill Against Boycott of Israeli Universities

The third holiest site in Islam, the Al-Aqsa Mosque is part of the Temple Mount, located in the Old City of Jerusalem. The district was captured by Israeli forces during the Six-Day War, and, though the mosque is administered by an Islamic trust, the area remains under effective control of the Israelis.

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New Times Seeks Arts Writer(s)

Categories: Broward News

Do you recognize who made these leggings? You could be our next arts writer.
New Times is seeking a freelance arts writer to contribute a weekly column about the arts scene in Broward County and to write for special issues like our annual Arts & Eats guide and Best Of Broward-Palm Beach edition.

Ideally, applicants will be familiar with the county's longtime arts institutions (Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, Broward Center for the Performing Arts, the Improv) as well as up-and-coming or off-the-beaten-path venues (FAT Village, Makers Square, etc.). Candidates should be able to turn out fun and engaging stories, have some knowledge of significant local artists, and be able to put art-world developments into context.

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Reagan Aide Wants Florida to Secede and Form Antigay Nation Called Reagan

Categories: WTFlorida

Wikimedia Commons
On Tuesday, news broke that the South Miami City Commission voted to have Florida split into two separate states, citing Tallahassee's lack of effort in doing something about the climate change threat.

But now a former Ronald Reagan aide has taken that idea up a notch with a radical idea that could help America prosper.

His suggestion: that Florida should completely secede and become part of a new nation that is allowed to hate the gays in peace.

He wants to call this new nation Reagan.

Yes, this is all true.

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Pam Bondi Officially Opposes Lesbian Couple's Divorce

Categories: LGBT News

Thumbnail image for bondi-black-aquauyt6.jpg
Pam Bondi is once again opposing same-sex marriage rights in Florida.

On Wednesday, the attorney general filed papers in Broward County Circuit Court saying that Palm Beach resident Heather Brassner and her former partner, Megan Lade, should not be granted a petition for divorce. Brassner and Lade were joined together in a civil union in Vermont back in 2002.

In August, Broward County Circuit Court Judge Dale Cohen had become the third Florida judge to rule that the state's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, as he presided over Brassner's case.

See also: South Florida Lesbians Challenge Gay Marriage Law: "We Are Not Second-Class Citizens"

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Festivus Pole to Be Erected Next to Manger in Delray Beach

Courtesy of Chaz Stevens
Last year, Deerfield Beach activist, blogger, and self-proclaimed "militant atheist" Chaz Stevens made headlines when he put up a Festivus Pole in the Florida Capitol rotunda.

Last year's pole -- which was an eight-foot-tall pole made of Pabst Plue Ribbon beer cans -- was inspired by Tallahassee officials allowing Christian groups to put up Nativity scenes and other holiday displays.

Now Stevens says Delray Beach city officials have approved him to put up the pole in the city this year.

See also: Atheist's Festivus Pole in Florida Capitol: It's Up! (PHOTO)

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