Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce Supports Marriage Equality

Categories: LGBT News

The Board of Directors for the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce (FLCC) last week approved a resolution in support of marriage equality. The FLCC, the largest organization of companies in Broward County, with over 1,400 member businesses, has chosen to support same-sex marriage as a way to attract gay-friendly companies to South Florida.

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Man Robs Pembroke Park Store at Gunpoint Because It Didn't Hire His Girlfriend

Categories: Crime

Two men clad in black hoodies and masks and armed with guns strolled into a Family Store in Pembroke Park as employees were ready to close up for the night last Tuesday.

According to a Broward Sheriff's Office report, the two men held four women at gunpoint as they robbed thousands of dollars from the store safe.

As everything was going down and the victims faced a traumatic experience of having guns pointed at them, one of the robbers piped up and gave his reasons for the robbery.

"I'm doing this because my homegirl filled out an application and y'all didn't hire her," he said to them.

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Fort Lauderdale Boat Show to Reveal Pier 66 Marina's $20 Million Renovation

Categories: Broward News

Michele Eve Sandberg
With the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show a few weeks away, Pier 66 Marina at Hyatt Regency, where the boat show will be going down, is ready to unveil the final phase of its $20 million renovation.

The first phase of the iconic pier's renovation is complete, and phase two will be completed by October 20. Included in the renovation for the 127-slip, deep-water marina will be a yacht basin and face dock. Among the other major parts of the makeover are accommodations for up to 16 yachts 150 feet in length.

The marina used to be able to accommodate only ten yachts before the renovations.

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Cruise Ship Worker Who Beat, Raped Passenger Before Trying to Throw Her Into the Ocean Pleads Guilty

Categories: Crime

Broward Sheriff's Office
Ketut Pujayasa, an Indonesian citizen accused of beating, raping, and trying to throw a female passenger off a nudist cruise ship last Valentine's Day, has pleaded guilty before a federal judge.

There was no plea bargain offered to the 29-year-old Pujayasa, who claimed he assaulted the woman because she insulted his mother.

On Monday, Pujayasa, who worked for Holland America cruise lines, changed his plea to guilty of attempted murder and aggravated sexual assault.

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Fake School in Fort Lauderdale Shut Down by State

Categories: Economy

Photo by Josh Davis via Flickr
On September 19, the Federal Trade Commission announced the takedown of a sham school operating out of Fort Lauderdale. Jefferson High School LLC shared its name with a brick-and-mortar institution in Tampa. Although the similarity made it sound legitimate, the State Attorney's Office says Jefferson was anything but: Getting a diploma or transcript simply required taking a rigged test and completing what's nominally referred to as an essay.

Florida is rife with these so-called diploma mills. In 2010, a background screening firm in the U.K. said the state had the fourth-highest number of them in the nation, 57. An article in the South Florida Business Journal that year claimed the industry was worth "more than $100 million."

The FTC found that Jefferson High School LLC, formerly known as Diversified Educational Resources LLC, raked in more than $11 million in five years. For about $200, anyone could purchase a transcript indicating proficiency in subjects such as "Russian II" and "Home Economics." All it took was a 100-question test on which applicants were allowed to guess four times for each multiple-choice question, which guaranteed a passing grade.

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Rick Wilkerson Jr., the Hipster Pastor Who Married Kim and Kanye, Preaches a Welcoming -- and Controversial -- Brand of Christianity

Categories: Longreads

Photo by Stian Roenning
Rich Wilkerson Jr.
Here was the groom: poured into a slim Givenchy tux, hair mowed short, smile big. There was the bride: in Givenchy too — a white dress that modestly sheathed her Jessica Rabbit frame like cloud cover hiding an Alp. And there between the couple, his face bright as a polished coin, was a thin figure draped in white vestments trimmed with gold.

Before Heaven, Earth, and all of the telephoto lenses straining from a nearby hillside, Rich Wilkerson Jr. pronounced Kanye West and Kim Kardashian husband and wife.

It's not often that two of the most recognizable people on the planet get hitched — he, the most significant artist to rearrange the rap game in a decade; she, a reality star. When the pair strolled the aisle in a private ceremony in Florence on May 24, eager fingers the world over double-clicked "refresh" for the latest news. But there were few new details to report about the overexposed celebs. The soil had already been raked. So, post-Kimye, entertainment writers fixed their sights on the ceremony's man of God.

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New Times Is Looking for Freelance Journalists

Categories: Broward News

Photo by Antonio Litterio via Wikipedia Commons

New Times Broward-Palm Beach is looking for freelance journalists to write for our news blog, the Daily Pulp. Ideal candidates will have experience in journalism and be based in Broward or Palm Beach counties. Applicants should have solid news judgment and knowledge of current events. They should be able to discover relevant local stories, report hard news, and meet deadlines.

Interested candidates, please send a résumé and three clips to:

No phone calls, please.

Florida Ranked Among the Worst States for Teachers

Categories: News

photo: FEMA via wikimedia commons
The personal finance social network WalletHub put together a comprehensive study of the best and worst states for teachers and concluded that Florida is not good.

In fact, Florida comes in as the eight worst state for teachers, with places like Arizona, South Carolina and Mississippi ranking worse.

Basically, if you're a teacher, you'll get better career opportunities in places like Arkansas, Alabama, and Louisiana before you do in Florida, according to WalletHub.

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Donald Trump Was Tricked Into Retweeting Tribute to Serial Murderer Couple

Categories: WTFlorida

via YouTube
Donald Trump loves himself some Donald Trump. So, any time one of his admirers tweets at him on what an inspiration he is, or how he should run for president, Trump re-tweets them, because he's nothing if not a narcissistic cartoon villain.

But on Monday morning, one Twitter prankster took advantage of Trump's narcissistic tendencies and asked The Donald to retweet a photo of his dead parents who claimed Trump as a big inspiration. So he did.

"My parents who passed away always said you were big inspiration," the tweet sad. "Can you pls RT for their memory?"

Problem is, the photo of the "dead parents" was actually a pic of convicted serial killers Fred and Rosemary West.

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United for Care Releases Its First Ad for Medical Marijuana Legalization

Categories: Marijuana

With voters set to hit the ballots in less than two months, and the medical marijuana initiative polling strong, United for Care is taking it strong to the hoop by releasing it's first thirty second ad for the final push.

The new ad, titled "It Worked," showcases United for Care's message that Amendment 2 allows Florida doctors to recommend the use of medical pot specifically and strictly to patients with debilitating diseases and medical conditions.

This, in stark contrast to the Drug Free Florida folks, who have been hammering the message that passing Amendment 2 would lead to outright pot legalization throughout the state without regulation and alleged loop holes found in the measure.

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