Palm Beach County Enters Parents Dress Code Discussion

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It looks like the Palm Beach County School Board wants in on the parents dress code debate after Broward County took the lead last week in calling for parents who pick up and drop off their kids to dress more appropriately.

Broward County School Board member, Rosalind Osgood, called for moms and dads to not show up to school in saggy pants or curlers because, as she put it, "it's hard for me to tell a child not to show up for school with hair curlers, pajamas, or short shorts if they see parents wearing them."

Well now Palm Beach County School Board member Karen Brill is raising the same concerns for Palm Beach, saying that she has gotten positive feedback about possibly placing a statement about it in the student handbook.

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Greyhound Decoupling Bill Dies, but Injury Reporting Is Step Closer to Getting Passed

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The drive to get greyhound decoupling in Florida was on the cusp of being passed Tuesday when it met with an abrupt and swift death in the Florida Senate, thanks to a procedural vote.

A rules challenge by Sen. Jack Latvala effectively killed the decoupling bill, even though the bill had the votes. The decoupling amendment was ruled out of order, even though it was poised to pass on a 12-6 vote.

"This means that greyhound decoupling is very likely dead for this session," Carey Theil, executive director of Grey2K USA -- a nonprofit group crusading to put an end to greyhound racing -- said on Tuesday.

The good news for greyhounds, however, is that the Senate Appropriations Committee is considering SB 742, which would require the reporting of greyhound injuries.

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New Florida Law: Insurance Companies Can't Charge Higher Rates for People Who Own Guns

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Senate Bill 424, a bill that would protect Florida gun owners from being discriminated against by insurance companies, is headed to Gov. Rick Scott's desk to be signed into law after passing via a 74-44 vote in the state House on Tuesday.

Much to the delight of gun advocacy groups and the NRA, this means that it's now basically illegal for insurance companies to deny coverage or increase rates for a person who owns a gun.

The bill, cosponsored by Republicans Matt Gaetz in the House and Sen. Tom Lee, says that "unfair discrimination on the basis of gun ownership in the provision of personal lines property or personal lines automobile insurance is a discriminatory insurance practice."

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Florida Man Reported as Record Breaker for Catching 805-Pound Shark Actually Broke the Rules by Eating It

via YouTube
If you've ever been to the Panhandle, it was probably during spring break. That's the one week per year in which Pensacola and Panama City become tourist hot spots. After the college hordes leave, those cities are again discarded and forgotten by out-of-towners like so many Natty Ice cans on soft, sugar-sand beaches. But weeks after that holiday ended, Joey Polk managed to bring yet another round of glory and international attention to the Gulf Coast.

The Milton resident nabbed an 805-pound mako earlier this month, threw it in the back of a pickup, and fed an entire village -- a feat that made headlines from the Huffington Post to the U.K.'s Daily Mail. If only he had thrown it back. After all, world records tend to last a little longer than barbecues.

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Downtown Hollywood to Expand Its Mural Project

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Jill C. Weisberg
Street artists, 2 Alas, created this mural as part of the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project.

Last Wednesday, the Hollywood commission approved the Community Redevelopment Authority's request to expand its Downtown Hollywood Mural Project (DHMP), according to Jorge Camejo, the CRA's executive director.

Currently, the mural district occupies two streets, Harrison Street and Hollywood Boulevard. The expansion would triple its size and span Federal Highway and Dixie Highway.

The CRA launched its first wall in August 2012, with a mural by artist David "Lebo" Lebatard. The wall, situated across from Young Circle, drew controversy and criticism among residents and city officials.

To date, 11 murals have been created, ten by local artists. This distinguishes downtown Hollywood from Wynwood, where many of the walls in the gritty and hip neighborhood were painted by international artists.

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All Aboard Florida Addresses Noise Concerns in Letter to Congressman Patrick Murphy

via All Aboard Florida
All Aboard Florida, the private rail service that plans on running a passenger train from Miami to Orlando with stops in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, has written a letter to its biggest South Florida critic, addressing some of the bigger concerns.

Congressman Patrick E. Murphy has spoken out on his concerns about the 110-mph trains that would be running all day and sent a letter to Gov. Rick Scott last week about looking into installing "quiet zones" along the route to eliminate the need for trains to blare their horns every time they pass through.

But installing quiet zones can be costly, having local governments pony up $150,000 to $250,000 per rail crossing.

The company that owns All Aboard Florida, Florida East Coast Industries, plans on running 32 trains a day up and down the state's coastline starting in early 2016.

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Palm Beach County Gas Stations Must Post Exact Price on Signs for Credit Card Users, According to New Ordinance

Palm Beach County gas stations will have to start posting the exact amount gas costs for both cash and credit prices, thanks to a new ordinance that passed Tuesday.

At it stands, gas stations usually charge extra for gas when it's paid for with a credit card, mainly because of fees the stations are charged. But thanks to the ordinance, the exact amount -- including whatever extra credit card customers will pay -- must be clearly posted.

That means that both the cash and credit card prices must be the same size on gas stations' display signs, as well as be well lit in the evening.

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Miami Dolphins Hire Ex-FBI Agent to Oversee Locker-Room Security

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photo: June Rivera via Wikimedia Commons
In the wake of a bullying scandal that rocked the Miami Dolphins last season, the team has gone and hired an ex-FBI agent who worked in a joint terrorism task force to head its locker-room security.

According to, the Fins have signed 23-year FBI veteran Joe Cicini as their locker-room security chief, apparently to make sure no one bullies anyone within the organization.

No word on how the hiring of an ex-terrorism task force agent will affect Stephen Ross' Code of Conduct team made up of Dan Marino and Curtis Martin that he assembled in November.

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Two Parents Arrested After Attacking West Palm Beach School Bus Driver; Third Being Sought

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photo: Bernd Mehle via Wikimedia Commons
Two people have been arrested and one more remains at large after angry parents beat up a Palm Beach County bus driver last week.

Shacaurra Burns, 25, and Ryan Beckford, 33, as well as a third person are accused of assaulting West Palm Beach elementary school bus driver Joseph Beauzile, 40, according to a Palm Beach County School District Police arrest report.

Palm Beach bus drivers held a rally outside Palm Beach County School District offices in West Palm Beach on Monday morning to protest the attack.

Burns, meanwhile, says Beauzile got everything he deserved that day.

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Eight Places in Florida to Visit on Earth Day Ranked by Outdoorsiness

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Wikimedia Commons, via Veryhuman
The sun sets over Key Largo, Florida.
Between Passover, Easter, and 4/20, it's been a mad rush of holidays in the past week. First people were getting cabin fever in their parents' houses, subsisting off of matzo and trying to think if the adage about never forgetting how to ride a bike applied to driving a car. Then mass amounts of the population were gorging themselves on chocolate and deviled eggs after being forced into awkward socialization with church members they see but once a year. Finally, after all the claustrophobia and agoraphobia went away, paranoia set in. Take a holiday from the holidays. Put down the hash pipe. Get in your car and enjoy living in one hell of a state. There are options for even the most prissy of you Floridians as well as the most hardened Survivor Man acolytes.

That said, all of these places are awesome. The ranking is all in good fun. Florida has one of the most beautiful ecosystems in the country. It's your duty to enjoy it on Earth Day, or at least before things heat up in May and our mosquito overlords begin their blood-sucking reign of terror once more. You'll regret it if you don't.

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