Pro-Medical Marijuana Cop to Speak to Broward GOP Tonight

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Major Neill Franklin, a retired Maryland State Police and Baltimore Police officer, one of the nation's biggest pro-marijuana advocates, is set to speak to the Broward Republican Executive Committee on Monday night.

Franklin, who is executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), will discuss Amendment 2 and why it should be passed in November.

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Gary Hart Scandal Tipster Was Broward Woman, New Report Says

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In 1987, the Gary Hart scandal uncovered by the Miami Herald obliterated the Democratic frontrunner's run for the White House and changed the way politics is covered forever. For 27 years, it was widely believed that the tipster to Hart's infidelities with model Donna Rice came from a friend of the model's named Lynn Armandt.

But according to a recent New York Times piece, the real tipster is a clothing designer from Broward named Dana Weems.

While the Herald's then-political reporter, Tom Fiedler, has vowed to keep the identity of the tipster a secret, he told the writer of the NY Times piece that the tipster was not Armandt.

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Kat Stacks Ripped Off Manuscript, Author Claims

Categories: News, Technology

Courtesy of Mohammad Abdollahi
Kat Stacks and her son.
It was 2013, and Tessie Patrick had been hired to write the biography of a woman named Kat Stacks. When the author first Googled the name, she was appalled.

Stacks, better-known as Andrea Herrera, was a foul-mouthed 24-year-old, internet-famous for talking smack about rappers. On WorldStar­, a viral-video and taste-making website, she confessed her sexual exploits with musicians. Because of Herrera's online popularity, WorldStarHipHop wanted to tell Stacks' story in a book.

Patrick, a mild-mannered woman who practices holistic healing, picked up the phone to get to know her subject. Herrera, she learned, had another, sympathetic narrative that added depth to her fame-seeking character.

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Employees Shafted After For-Profit-College Anthem Education Closes

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Senate Democrats via Flickr cc

For 12 years, Michael Schwam worked throughout Florida for Anthem Education, a for-profit college. But this spring, he knew "something was wrong, big-time." Students on campus were telling the regional vice president there were no books available for their classes. A student complained about taking a hair-coloring class where there was no supplies to color hair. "I saw the bills piling up at the campuses I was in charge of," Schwam says. After the company missed payroll one day this spring, he quit.

Then, in August, the company laid off hundreds of employees and filed for bankruptcy. Schwam and others are saying they've lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the company's deferred compensation program, and now, 21 former Anthem employees have filed a class-action proceeding alleging they were improperly let go. It's an embarrassment for the state and city, which in 2013 had lured Anthem Education's headquarters to Fort Lauderdale with $350,000 in promised tax breaks -- a deal Rick Scott crowed about at the time in a news release.

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Dolphins Players Turning on Joe Philbin and Coaching Staff After Embarrassing Loss

Michele Eve Sandberg
So that was not at all shocking.

The Miami Dolphins, coming off a throttling at the hands of the Buffalo Bills last week, had a chance at getting back on track this week at home against a Kansas City Chiefs team playing without seven of its starters, including its star running back, that managed to come out and kick us all square in the pills until we puked our collective kidneys.

The Chiefs obliterated the Dolphins to the tune of 34-15 in front of the home crowd, and now it seems that players are fed up, calling out the coaching staff's lack of game-time adjustments and overall suckiness.

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Here's what we learned (or, already knew, as it were):

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Lawsuit: Teacher Canned for Administering Diabetes Shot During Class

Categories: Broward News

Douglas P Perkins via wikimedia commons
Of all the reasons for booting a teacher -- porn past, sex with a student, general uselessness -- this is a new one on us: diabetes.

Until January 2013, Marc Schaeffer was a substitute teacher with the Broward School District. Now, in a federal lawsuit filed at the end of August, the former educator alleges he lost his job because school administrators don't appreciate the difference between taking an insulin shot before blacking out and mainlining drugs for jollies.

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Wellington Ranked Among Most Boring Places in Florida

via Wikimedia Commons
Back in March, the real estate blog Motovo used its calculations and numbers to proclaim Fort Lauderdale among the most exciting cities in all the land.

However, it had quite the opposite to say about the tiny Palm Beach County village affectionately known as Wellington.

In a ranking of all the boring places in Florida, Wellington and its horse-loving community comes out as the sixth-most-boring.

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UFO Religion Wants to Hand Out Pamphlets at Florida Schools Now Too

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photo by Carmen Slade via WIkimedia Commons
Earlier this week, we told you about how the Satanic Temple plans on handing out their literature to public school kids in Florida on the heels of an Orange County School Board decision to allow an Evangelical Christian group to hand out Bibles.

And now an international UFO religion wants to get in on that handing out religious materials to school kids action. And, yes, they have a chapter here in Florida.

The religion, known officially as the International Raelian Movement, has announced their support for the decision to allow the Satanic Temple to offer their religious literature in the school district. The group's leader is encouraging Raelian members to now go and do likewise.

See also: Satanic Temple to Distribute Pamphlets to Florida Schools

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PEER: Florida is Collecting Fewer Pollution Fines Than Ever Before

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Win Henderson via Wikimedia Commons
As he stomps his way around the state hoping to keep his job, Governor Rick Scott has been pushing his "Keep Florida Beautiful" campaign, a likely too-little-too-late bid to appear like a friend to the earth. As we've written before, nothing is further from the truth, with the Scott administration putting up the worst numbers in terms of corrective actions for polluters in some time. Now the same environmental watchdogs have released a new report examining the amount of pollution fines the state collected in 2013. It's not good.

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Horrific Monkey Abuse Uncovered at Max Planck Society's German Lab (UPDATED)

Categories: Animal Planet


Highly graphic video of primate experiments at a German laboratory operating under the umbrella of the Max Planck Society, whose offspring include Palm Beach County's Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience, has scandalized Europe.

See also: Planck Institute Clams Up on Animal Welfare: "Reputation Speaks for Itself"

Recorded by undercover operatives from the U.K. and German animal rights groups and first broadcast on German television September 10, the images of bloodied, frightened monkeys under extreme, high-tech restraint and with medical probes inserted in their living skulls are strong viewing.

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