Woman Who Got Catcalled 108 Times Needs to Learn to Use Her Middle Finger

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So according to the internet, catcalls have become as pressing and dangerous an issue as the spread of ebola. The web is up in flailing arms over the complete and unacceptable horror of being hit on in the public realm by unattractives, possible perverts, maybe molesters, and total fucking creeps, all while you're just trying to scoop up some tampons and Chobani at your local bodega.

You all saw this "viral" video of a young, expressionless woman sporting a lackluster ensemble walking for literally hours around the city as men try to get some attention from her. The whole time she does absofuckinglutely nothing. I mean, nothing. When I walk around the streets, I find a smile or a simple "hello" with eye-contact really helps keep the pervs at bay.

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Hal Kreitman, the Haligator, Arrested for Swimming with Alligators

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Hal Kreitman, the subject of a New Times story just a few weeks back, was arrested this week in an undercover sting conducted by Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers. The KeysNet.com reports that Kreitman is facing a felony conservation charge, and he's current being held under a $25,000 bond.

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Charlie Crist Edges Out Rick Scott in Final Quinnipiac Poll

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Chris Joseph
With Election Day a mere five days away, the governor's race continues to look like a photo finish. But, in a seemingly last-minute twist, Qunnipiac University's latest poll (and last before the election) has given Charlie Crist a slight edge over Rick Scott. The number increases a bit when Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie is factored out of the running.

And, among those who have already cast their ballots, Crist is edging Scott by 1 percentage point.

The reason, says Qunnipiac, might be coming down to Independent voters.

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Donate Your Jack-o'-Lantern or Pumpkin for Raccoons at Wildlife Center

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South Florida Wildlife Center

If you'd like to recycle your plump and fresh Halloween pumpkins, some playful possums, squirrels, and raccoons would be pleased to put them to good use.

For pouncing. For gnawing. And best of all, for poking around intriguing eye and mouth holes.

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Fort Lauderdale Boat Show Traffic: What to Know to Avoid Headaches

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Michele Eve Sandberg
The 55th-annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show kicked off Thursday and will run through the weekend.

It's a time for people to head on out to take a look at all kinds of boats, from small vessels to superyachts. The event is expected to bring in about half a billion dollars for the city, drawing all kinds of folks from all walks of life here in the "Yachting Capital of the World."

It's also a traffic nightmare.

Now, weekend traffic on Las Olas and Sunrise boulevards is usually pretty stacked anyway. But things get really cray during the boat show.

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Defiant Activists Will Feed the Homeless in Spite of New Ban, "Middle Fingers Fully Extended"

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via Facebook

Fort Lauderdale's controversial "sharing ban" goes into effect today, putting restrictions on where and how homeless people can be fed. But in defiance of the law, several groups will begin a "week of resistance" and continue to provide food for the needy.

Food Not Bombs will kick off the protest by doing what it does every week: offer free food to people at 5 p.m. in Stranahan Park. And because it's Halloween, participants are urged to come dressed as food.

The group plans to "greet the City on Halloween at our weekly sharing with our middle fingers fully extended and fight for our rights," according to its Facebook page.

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Boynton Cop Stephen Maiorino Arrested for Raping Woman at Gunpoint (UPDATED with Gross Details and Probable Cause Affidavit)

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A Boynton Beach Police officer is being charged with kidnapping and raping a 20-year-old woman who was a passenger in his patrol car.

Officer Stephen Maiorino was officially charged with armed sexual battery, armed kidnapping, and unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior. A criminal complaint was filed against Maiorino two weeks ago. But after a police investigation that included interviews, physical evidence, and DNA testing, official charges were filed, and Maiorino was placed under arrest Thursday.

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Cold Front Coming: Could Be in the Mid-50s This Weekend

Categories: Severe Weather

Photo by Ben Tubby via Wikipedia Commons
On their way to the boat show.
Brace yourself, everyone. South Florida is about to get all Planet Hoth on us with a cold front swooping in over the weekend that could be bringing temperatures as low as mid-50s.

So get ready to bust out those winter coats and boots...it's gonna be CRAZY.

An arctic blast is hitting the north eastern part of the U.S. starting Saturday, which will bring chilly temps down our way late in the weekend into Sunday.

Of course, it'll be mostly pleasant while the rest of the nation will be cold as balls. But, still. Fifty degrees is pretty serious down here.

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Jazz Jennings, 14-Year-Old Transgender Youth and Author, to Be Honored by Equality Florida

Categories: LGBT News

Courtesy of Jeanette Jennings
Jazz Jennings has the mind of a girl but the body of boy. So reads the back cover of her 32-page autobiographical book, I Am Jazz. The book, which was released in September, chronicles Jennings' struggles as a transgender child, opens up the dialogue on gender identity, and has helped spark awareness on how transgender people are discriminated against.

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Digital Domain Case Moved from Bankruptcy Court to State Court

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Eric Smith-Gunn / evsmitty / flickr.com
Digital Domain, the Florida-based visual effects company that gave the world Titanic, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and a Tupac hologram, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy recently. This after Port St. Lucie officials gave the company a $40 million bond issue and West Palm Beach officials gave it f 2.4 acres of downtown property, and the promise of a $15 million loan.

Problem was, Digital Domain Chairman and Chief Executive John Textor's finances were not up to snuff, and the whole thing ended up collapsing in on itself. That's when the state stepped up and sued the company, pretty much calling the movie-special-effects company a Ponzi scheme.

On Wednesday, a judge announced the case would be moved from bankruptcy court in West Palm Beach back to state court.

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