Zombie Walk Round-up for Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Delray Beach

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Michele Eve

There are only a few instructions on pulling off a perfected zombie walk.

Start by slouching one shoulder towards the ground. Now do your best deadleg, and cock the foot of that leg sideways so that it ever so slowly drags behind the body as you lurch forward. All the while keep the eyes rolled tightly to the sky. Do the best guttural death moan the diaphragm allows. Good, just like that.

It also helps to have some friends (preferably ex-drama club ones that are big fans of flash mobs and good at applying gory make-up) to join you. Of course, if organizing from the ground up sounds overwhelming, there are plenty of area zombie walks already in existence to join in on.

Starting out in the early 2000s and mushrooming to mass popularity in the past few years, largely in part to films like Dawn of the Dead and World War Z and TV shows like AMC's The Walking Dead, Zombie Walks take place throughout October worldwide in an effort to shock pedestrians out of their daily existence and scare the absolute bejeezus out of passers-by who realize that the zombie apocalypse is finally upon us. In South Florida, there are a good selection of zombie walks and crawls taking place in the next two weeks. Here they are.

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Ten Scariest Looks From Zombie Walk 2013 at Revolution Live

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Michele Eve

Hell ranneth over Friday night, as ghouls and the morbidly mutilated swarmed the Revolution Live complex for an evening of all-ages family fun (and some late night drunken debauchery) at Fort Lauderdale's third annual Zombie Walk.

This year's parade of not-quite-post-mortem monsters twisted and turned its way through the closed streets in perfectly organized chaos just after 10 p.m. Food trucks like Ms Cheezious and Nacho Bizness lined the streets to feed the undead. Indie Craft Bazaar vendors displayed their curious oddities throughout Revolution Live, artists painted live art, and resident DJs spun jams for the rotting rioters.

With shows like The Walking Dead dominating the tube, and zombie culture seemingly still peaking, we were delighted to see the highest level of dedication and makeup mastery this year. Here's our list of some of the fiercest, fleshiest, and most fabulous undead folk we found at Zombie Walk 2013.

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Five Bands That Sucked More with New Singers; Misfits' Michele Graves Plays Propaganda

It's pretty common for fans of the Misfits to shit on anything the band did following the departure of Glenn Danzig. All things considered, the re-animated Misfits was a totally different Frankenstein's monster than the original lineup, but we here at County Grind are secure enough to admit that there really is no such thing as a "guilty pleasure," and as such we submit that the Misfits albums featuring Michale Graves' velveteen croon were really fun records! They've got chugging guitars, pounding drums, plenty of horror film references, and more "whoa-oh-ohs" than you can shake a clenched fist at. 

And besides, there are plenty of legendary bands that continued to make records and tour with a fresh face on lead vox that sucked exponentially more relative to their previous lineups than the Graves era Misfits. Just to prove that point, here's a completely useless list to distract you from whatever constructive things you had planned to do on the internet today. 

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Fort Lauderdale Zombie Walk 2012: Five Favorite Undead Looks

Christina Mendenhall 
If you missed the premiere of The Walking Dead last night, we're bringing you some brain eating, membrane covered zombie realness from Friday's Fort Lauderdale Zombie Walk to make up for any unsatisfied blood lust ya got. 

Swarms of rotting souls invaded the Green Room to get undead. Professional makeup artists were on hand to kill the masses with face paint. 
Black Friday's DJ Mike LinderSMASH led the way, wrangling walkers by way of a chainsaw. The smell of gasoline was preferable to the aroma of rotting flesh. 

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