Giorgio Moroder on DJing, Daft Punk, Retirement: "Playing Golf Is Great but Boring"

Photo by Ian Witlen/Red Bull Content Pool
Giorgio Moroder.

"Hello, my name is Giovanni Giorgio. But you can call me Giorgio," he says before kicking off his hour-and-a-half set on the rooftop of the Gale Hotel on South Beach.

Reality is, the man needs no introduction. He's Giorgio Moroder, one of the 20th Century's most influential record producers. He's worked with everyone from Donna Summer to Debbie Harry to David Bowie. However, the works that may have most firmly secured his spot in the pantheon of American pop culture are his compositions for films. Whether it be "What a Feeling" from Flashdance or "Chase" from Midnight Express or "Take My Breath Away" from Top Gun, you've encountered Moroder's work.

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Inside the Avicii Hotel: A 10-Photo Tour of Ultra 2013's Most Luxurious EDM Crash Pad

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

After going all country music on Ultra 2013 this weekend, Avicii's taking vacay for a day. (At least until it's time to return to UMF tonight and "come, rave, love" one last time with his countrymen in SHM.) And it's totally obvious where the Swede is sleeping and showering ...

His own Avicii Hotel, the most luxurious EDM crash pad ever contrived for Ultra Music Festival, Winter Music Conference, and Miami Music Week.

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DJ Scotty Boy on WMC: "Miami Is More Geared for DJs"

scotty boy.jpg
In the EDM world, it used to take years to make a name for yourself. With the genre's rising popularity, it's recently gotten a hell of a lot easier to get recognized as a celebrity -- whether you actually deserve the credibility or not. 

DJ Scotty Boy has put in the time and real effort to make a name for himself by working with some of the biggest names in the industry: Kaskade, Deadmau5, Benny Benassi. After returning from  Australia, he's packing up again to head to Winter Music Conference. We caught up with him before his appearance at Vibe Music Week in Fort Lauderdale. 

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Joe Maz on His Keen Musical Memory: "Some May Say It's Useless, I Think It's Quite Valuable"

joe maz facebook page-thumb-560x560.jpg
Via Facebook
The inner EDM lover in you is totally psyched that Fort Lauderdale will get a taste of Winter Music Conference this year with Vibe Music Week. As part of this week's festivities, Miami producer and DJ Joe Maz will be returning to the venue to follow up his epic New Year's bash.

Among other things, Maz has released music on Ministry of Sound and Slow Roast Records, put out official Kanye West and Britney Spears remixes, and held down residencies at Set and Mansion. We spoke with this man on the up and up about gay marriage and politics.

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- German Garcia Want to Be an EDM Inspiration, "Not Like Avicii, Surrounded By Girls and Ferraris"

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Vibe Brings Winter Music Conference to Fort Lauderdale for an EDM Week With DJ Scotty Boy, Joe Maz, and Others

scotty boy.jpg
Forever now, it seems like Broward and Palm Beach counties get passed up for shows with new and big electronic acts. Beside a few spots like Revolution, Pangaea/Gryphon, and Club Cinema, watching a house great turn knobs up here is rare. 

Although Miami might just be a half-hour drive, sometimes trekking there is just a pain in the ass. But thank the music gods! This year, during Winter Music Conference, you have options north of the 305/954 border. Vibe is hosting its own music week to run alongside WMC. And it has a solid list of DJs. Click on for the lineup.

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The Anti-WMC/Ultra Guide to the Weekend

Photo by Victor Gonzalez
Are you tired of hearing about Ultra yet? Do you want nothing to do with wearing neon colors, sunglasses at night, and glow sticks? We certainly are.

So, while the masses flock to Miami for the weekend, find a safe haven in the Broward and Palm Beach counties with the anti-raving folk. Ok, a few of the events might be in Miami, but we promise they're far away from Ultra.

From midnight shopping markets to a weird 80s night, and some local music, there is no shortage of things to do instead of dropping ecstasy to dubstep. Bonus: a whole lot of the events on our anti-guide are free!

Check out our full list of events after the jump.

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Winter Music Conference 2012: Hard Founder Gary Richards on His Debut EP as Destructo

Dance music fans likely know Gary Richards for Hard. That rapidly exploding brand of parties and shows includes local events like Holy Ship, the all-electronic music cruise that departs again from Fort Lauderdale next January, as well as a two-night stand at Grand Central in Miami that starts tonight. But while he's been crossing the globe taking Hard as far as away as Australia, Richards has also been semiquietly working on his own original music under the name Destructo. 

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Winter Music Conference 2012: Dave Nada Talks Miami Moombahton Massive

Matt Nordstrom, left, and Dave Nada of Nadastrom.
Tonight's Moombahton Massive party at Grand Central marks the first of two back-to-back, Hard-sponsored nights at the venue. As that name indicates, the entire late-night party is devoted to the breezy, 110-ish-bpm bass sound that's currently burning up the underground the way dubstep did a few years back before it broke big. But if all of the iterations you hear of moombahton that night take the sound in vastly different directions, that's the way Dave Nada, the genre's accidental creator, wants it.

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Mr. Vegas Keeps Heads High at Winter Music Conference With LargeUp

Caribbean lifestyle blog LargeUp, founded by DJ Gravy, is bringing a big voice in dancehall to one of South Florida's biggest electronic music festivals. You might think Mr. Vegas and Winter Music Conference are an unlikely pairing, but the similarities are clear: It's all dance music and all kinds of fun. No place in the world likes to dance like we do down here. 

New York dancehall party Rice and Peas -- also a project of DJ Gravy -- is also hosting the Wednesday affair. A monthly Monday-night party, it started underground and found its way into the hip venue Sway, and with Roxy Cottontail involved, it blossomed. New Times and LargeUp writer Jesse Serwer says of followers of the night, "You have to really want to go," considering that it was once off the beaten bath, but he assured, "Everyone has a good time."

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Ultra Music Festival 2012: Tiesto on Club Life and Crowds of Thousands

It's no surprise that Dutch DJ demi-god Tiesto again headlines Ultra Music Festival this Friday. For him, it's now a yearly ritual. "It's actually the only festival in the world I can play every year. All the DJs over the world come together to go to Miami that week, so it's not just a festival that's only for people in Miami," he says by phone from Iceland before a recent gig. "It's like a showcase almost for everybody to show that's going to happen in the next year."

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