Lil Wayne, Is He Dying or Not? (Updated)

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R.I.P. CMYM? Or WTF?!?
Late Friday afternoon, TMZ reported that Cash Money Millionaire and global superstar extraordinaire, Lil' Wayne, was hospitalized following another series of uncontrollable seizures.

However, unlike Wayne's other brushes with neurological uncertainty, these tremors didn't cease. 

And by the time the story hit the web, Weezy F. Baby was in critical condition - an induced coma - and his Mama was flying to be by his side. 


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MC LMS Weighs In on the Lil Wayne Debacle: "Not Through Threats and Physical Violence but Through Music"


LMS is one of the handful of local MCs whom we like to write about because of their sheer dedication to the game, productivity, sense of community, and in hopes that the locals will awaken to realize the awesome amount of hip-hop that is basically everywhere in South Florida.

While our very own yeyo-addled puppet, Mr. Pepe Billete, already called Lil Wayne out on some shit, LMS is the first of South Florida's hip-hop community to retort musically, and while the result is a sharp-tongued dis to the aptly likened-to-a-Mogwai-after-being-doused-with-water Wayne, the track is a solid jam that delivers on some keen pop-culture humor.

It's wordplay like this that should be noted and revered, not the vomitus afterbirth Mr. Carter continuously pelts his fans with.

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- The Art of War Emcee Invitational Takes to S Sports Bar Tomorrow Night

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Ten Names Lil Wayne Might Adopt After He Retires

Widdle Wayne
A name change typically signifies a deep-rooted personal change.

When Prince decided to change his name to a symbol and force everybody to call him "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince," he did so in protest of tension with his label, Warner Bros.

We're not sure why Ol' Dirty Bastard changed his name to Osirus and then Big Baby Jesus. But we're also not sure what motivated ODB to do did anything he did. Oh wait, of course we do: crack cocaine.

Sean Combs, on the other hand, adopts a new moniker every few years. And they only get dumber.

With news that Lil Wayne has announced his retirement following the release of Tha Carter V, County Grind wonders if the Cash Money mogul will consider taking on a pseudonym to help him transition into this new phase of his life.

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Lil Wayne as a Werewolf at Odd Future's Halloween in Miami

Wolf Gang gets a new member: Lil Wayne
Just in case there's any doubt, Lil Wayne can upstage anyone by doing virtually nothing. Take last night's Odd Future/OFWGKTA performance at Fillmore Miami, which did not feature a performance by Weezy. (It also did not feature an assault on a female photographer, to our knowledge, because shooters are reportedly being placed at the soundboard for the remainder of the L.A. rap collective's Golf Wang tour.) But it did feature a moronic costume from Odd Future frontman Tyler the Creator -- almost as dumb as T.I.'s choice to dress as Michael Vick (!).

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Lil Wayne Hospitalized After Skateboarding Accident

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Lil Wayne was taken to a St. Louis hospital Sunday evening after a pleasant evening of skateboarding turned "gnarly." Weezy was in Missouri for a performance at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre on his I Am Still Music Tour, and as is common, the tour bus stopped at a local skate park.

According to a source at DePaul Health Center emergency room, he was treated there. Earlier on Monday, the rapper took to his Twitter to update his fans: "The Lou was good but I busted my fuggin head at the sk8park! 9stitches! Gnarly gash over my left eye! Luv the people." Proof that Wayne, who will release Tha Carter IV digitally Sunday at midnight after the MTV Video Music Awards, isn't completely out of his mind to get on a board follows below.

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Interview: Lil Wayne, Nardwuar, and a Bag of Rap Snacks

Lil Wayne is keen on Ms. Toi's flavor.
It goes without saying that Nardwuar the Human Serviette is the best celebrity interviewer of all time. Drake knows this, so he decided to go long for a fellow Canadian and got this prime chat set up with Lil Wayne. As Passion of the Weiss points out, Weezy "may be the only rapper I prefer sober," and in that state, he is quite insightful about the history of hip-hop in his hometown of New Orleans and the various edible delights (pictured above) spun off from that culture.

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Lil Wayne Owes $5.6 Million in Taxes, Teams With Mary J. Blige and Rick Ross

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How many millions has he made selling blunt cigars?
Just in case you were wondering, Lil Wayne makes a lot of money. Just think about how much he must have saved while he was in prison and not constantly purchasing lollipops. In any case, the IRS dropped a massive tax lien on Weezy last week in Miami. Let's hope that he's got a good chunk of change riding on his NCAA Men's Basketball bracket.

Coincidentally, he'll be in town for Tuesday's performance at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise along with Rick Ross, Travis Barker, Nicki Minaj, our boy Lil Twist, and more.

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Check Out Lil Wayne's NCAA Bracket

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Weezy shows off his sports knowledge on ESPN every once in a while
Every so often, the all-consuming brand that is Lil Wayne stops by the ESPN studios to dazzle sports journalists and former jocks alike with his reasonable (and often correct) sports predictions. Two years ago, he perfectly predicted the NCAA Tournament's final four teams. (Last year he didn't get to make public picks because he was incarcerated.)

Weezy did pick a bracket this year, and he's competing against the regular Around the Horn panelists. And so far, he's winning again.

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MP3: Lil Wayne's "If I Die Today" (Featuring Rick Ross) Sounds Familiar

Still not a star?
Lil Wayne just unveiled the second single, "If I Die Today," from the upcoming Tha Carter IV. Rap-Up correctly point out that this song owes quite a bit to Rick Ross' "I'm Not a Star" from last year's Teflon Don. First off, it's got basically the same J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League beat, and that "remember me like John Lennon" line transitions over as well. Seems like standard procedure for a mixtape track, but for an album? Actually, yes.

Following up "6 Foot 7 Foot," this ups the urgency by about 1,000, and just in case you'd like to visit Weezy, "an AK-47 is my fuckin' address." Compare Rawse's verson to this collaboration below.

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Lil Wayne Covering Super Bowl for Wall Street Journal Among Sunday's Amusements

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"I'm a cheesehead, and y'all are just Cheez Whiz."
Not a sports blog, gang. But there were a couple of interesting things that came out of yesterday's "big game." One was obviously the photograph of Lil Wayne decked out in green and yellow to support the Packers, who beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in semidramatic fashion and prevented the night from being ultimately ceded to Groupon's moronic collaboration with Christopher Guest.

Anyhow, did you know that Lil Wayne was also posting updates on the game for the Wall Street Journal? This lands among a smattering of other discussion topics that have virtually nothing to do with the NFL follow below.

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