Vans Warped Tour 2014: Former Mayday Parade Frontman Jason Lancaster Calls Touring Solo, "a Lot Cleaner"

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Although a couple artists have had disastrous results from when they decide to go solo (Ginger Spice, anyone?), former lead singer of Mayday Parade and Go Radio, Jason Lancaster, seems to be doing just fine. Lancaster recently released his first solo album, As You Are, is expecting a son, and has more time to indulge in hobbies.

At this year's West Palm Beach stop on the Vans Warped Tour, we sat down with the singer to talk about family, his newest release, and the differences between touring solo and with a band.

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I The Mighty Discusses Vans Warped Tour's "No Mosh" Rule

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The annual Vans Warped Tour is not only a chance to reconnect with your inner awkward punk teen but it's also a good opportunity to get exposed to new music you can add to your Spotify playlists. This year, it just so happened that we discovered San Francisco's I the Mighty.

During their set, we witnessed lead singer Brent Walsh yell into the mic with gusto, "I want to see you guys jump. Jump with us!" There wasn't much of a difference in the crowd or fan base from other groups; it consisted mostly of screaming teenaged fans clad in black experiencing puppy love. However, the music was definitely harder and less of a happy, poppy sound than bands like the Maine (which we interviewed also). I The Mighty played new songs like "Love Your Sin" and older ones like "The Dreamer," which provoked a mini mosh pit. Walsh even got up-close and personal with fans by crowd surfing. The bearded frontman sang while numerous music-hungry fans groped him.

We sat down with Walsh, guitarist Ian Pedigo, and bassist Chris Hinkley to discuss Warped's no-mosh-pit rule and playing two sets a day.

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Vans Warped Tour 2014: The Maine Says Pitbull Makes "Pretty Horrible Music"


The air was hot and damp, punk and pop sounds blared, teens ran amuck in band T-shirts, the primary color of the day was black. This weekend at Cruzan Amphitheatre, the Vans Warped Tour blasted through West Palm Beach.

After watching Beartooth and a few other acts (we couldn't make out some of the screams, but we think we heard, "College never worked out for me, but I like this gig."), the Maine caught our ears. Greeted by a slew of screaming fans, its set kicked off with lead singer John O'Callaghan, a clean cut Kurt Cobain look alike, lifting his shirt to show off his tattoo. Nasally high school fans sang along to the poppy and infectious "Girls Do What They Want," drenched in sweat. Toward the end of the song, O'Callaghan pulled a guy with shades onstage named Alex. Alex fumbled with the lyrics, but still got cheers. The Warped crowd is a nice one.

A bystander squealed and grabbed her boyfriend's hand when she recognized the first seconds of "Right Girl." She was 20-year-old Chandal, aged the same as the now classic tour. When we asked what she thought of the Maine, she said, "Honestly, I've loved them since sixth grade. They used to be into a lot of love songs but now they write about adult stuff, like life. It's like I grew up with them!"

We managed to get an interview with the band's drummer Patrick Kirch. The 24-year-old told us about Florida shows and the Pitbull shoutout O'Callghan kept giving on set.

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Parkway Drive's Singer Is a Mellow Guy Who Makes Metalcore

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Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive, a metalcore band from Australia hit the scene back in 2002. Since then they've come out with four studio albums and are currently writing new material for their fifth.

These heavy music-making Aussies are playing Warped Tour at Cruzan Amphitheatre this Saturday. We had the chance to speak with Winston McCall, the band's lead singer. Not your typical metal dude, Winston is more trad hardcore and lives the straight edge life. Being an Aussie, he of course loves to surf and has even graced the cover of Riptide Magazine.

Winston talked to us about bringing his wife along with him on tour and something about him that would surprise most of Parkway Drive's fans.

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Falling in Reverse Having a "Phenomenal" Time on Warped Tour

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A lot of fans were thrilled out of their minds when bassist Max Green decided to team back up with former Escape the Fate bandmate Ronnie Radke and join Falling in Reverse. The reunion is very recent and only took place this past May.

Green says the guys are having a "phenomenal" time on the twentieth anniversary Warped Tour. "Just yesterday, there were a couple of kids in wheelchairs who were crowd surfing during our set, which was pretty rad," Green notes, siting an example of this good fun and wild times.

Not only has the band enjoyed being on the tour, the tour organizers have appreciated having the band along too. "Just last night, there was a surprise party for the twentieth anniversary of Warped Tour," and apparently, he says founder Kevin Lyman "had a cake made, and he put Falling in Reverse on the cake."

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Top Seven Signs You're Too Old for Warped Tour

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Alex Markow

Summer is the season of music festivals, so naturally, that's when the 20-years-strong Vans Warped Tour makes its round of the nation.

Unlike the trends at popular EDM fests -- you know, flower headbands, dilated pupils, corny rave moves -- Warped Tour keeps things pretty much rock 'n' roll with moshing, blood-shot eyes, and Converse-covered feet. Warped Tour these days also has a more niche demographic than even the electronic parties but without an exact cutoff age. So it leads one to wonder: When should you stop going?

To help our dear readers discover at which point they're too old to attend, we compiled a list. If three or more of these apply, you may want to return your ticket.

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Vans Warped Tour 2012: A Realistic Survival Guide

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Photo by Christina Mendenhall
Hey, you! Yeah, you, the kid dancing around in his bedroom to New Found Glory's "Hit or Miss." You've got only a few days until the pop-punk music festival of your teen dreams comes to town. And you sure as shit don't want to show up unprepared.

A few questions that you might want to ask yourself before heading to Warped Tour this Saturday in West Palm Beach: Do you know all the lyrics to your favorite band's songs? Is your hair still a boring dirty blond, just waiting to be dipped in electric blue? Are those hamstrings stretched out and ready for some serious spin kicking?

Although the folks at Vans encourage you to pack raincoats, comfy shoes, and lots of water (see the official survival guide), we've got a few other preparations you should take into consideration before getting totally Warped.

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Win Two Free Tickets to Warped Tour on Saturday!

The ticket giveaways keep on coming, folks. Just got word that we have a pair of tickets up for grabs for the 2011 Vans Warped Tour stop in West Palm Beach this Saturday. (In related news, we have extended our Langerado ticket giveaway to next Friday.)

You already know that we're mad excited about Yelawolf being there, but the tour also features the facepaint-adorned Black Veil Brides, screamo act We Came as Romans, reggae rockers the Expendables, pop-punks Simple Plan, alt-country experts Lucero, pop-rap fusionists Gym Class Heroes, and ska specialists Less Than Jake. And dozens more. Full, friggin-eclectic lineup posted here. This ticket giveaway is done Friday at noon, so let's go!

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Local Rappers, Want to Perform on the "Bring It Back" Tour?

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Now perhaps it's not news to everyone, but a good portion of folks thinking about Vans Warped Tour are more likely to associate it with eye makeup and spiked belts as opposed to New Era caps and watches with very large faces. No longer! The "Bring It Back" Stage, featuring "B-Boy competitions, DJ exhibitions, Graffiti walls, and live performances," traveling with the Warped Tour 2011 is loaded with hip-hop talent, including locals Mr. Chief and J. NiCS & DJ Numonics.

When Warped and "Bring It Back" hit Cruzan Amphitheatre on July 30, more local rappers can get in on the exposure and the pleasure of performing at a huge event that also includes OneBeLo (Binary Star), Total Eclipse, Z-Man, MED, Soul Khan, Asia One, and more than a dozen others. 

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