Otto Von Schirach's Pineal Warriors and "Supermeng" Video Will Trip You Out Miami-Style

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Pineal Warriors
Otto saves the day.

There's a good case to be made that Miami needs saving. And who better to do it than the alter egos of two of South Florida's wildest musical heroes: IDM beatmaster Otto Von Schirach and R&B-singing pottymouth Blowfly.

Von Schirach's latest visual effort was a collaboration with Blowfly and his brother, Egon, on a short film titled Pineal Warriors and music video for "Supermeng."

Commissioned by the folks at Borscht Film Festival, using part of a Knight Arts Foundation grant, the short centers around the reptilian Anunnaki taking Blowfly hostage as they attempt to claim Miami and the Bermuda Triangle for themselves.

Pineal Warriors was shot in September and October of 2012 all over Miami. It also features the 305's filthiest puppet, Pepe Billete, as well as musical experimenters CX Kidtronik and Mr. Feathers. Several key parts of both videos were shot at Wynwood's Dorsch Gallery, Coral Castle, and 1415 Studios.

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DJ Craze's "New Slaves Routine" Proves He's #RealDJing

Photo by: Jason 'Ohdagyo' Fenmore

Has it really gotten to that point where now DJs, real DJs, suffer the way musicians did when DJs first took over the club scene?

Let's look at the case of Miami Beach, a former Mecca for live music like jazz and soul that thrived and put South Florida on the map. When the Beach fell on hard times and disarray, out went those nightclubs. When the redevelopers came in the '80s and revitalized the Art Deco community, the new clubs brought in DJs not live bands because it was cheaper.

Musicians in those days harbored some ill will towards DJs since the damn DJ took their jobs. In the '90s, when hip-hop achieved larger mainstream and commercial appeal, DJs became turntablists and took it to new heights that combined astute selecting with what is basically performance art. One of the dopest and most respected turntablists to emerge from that era is the Nicaraguan-born Miami resident, DJ Craze.

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Revolution Live Celebrates Its Ten-Year Anniversary (VIDEO)

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What do you say to a person who's given us ten years of booming beats and hypnotic melodies? Beer-soaked, deliriously happy evenings? Who's brought almost everyone you'd ever want to see live -- Tim and Eric, Henry Rollins, GWAR, DMX -- to Fort Lauderdale? You say thank you.

That's exactly the sentiment we wanted to convey to Jeff John on the decade anniversary of his beloved venue Revolution Live, who with help from his partner Live Nation did all that and more. From the first, pre-liquor-license show when John remembered giving out free beers to the sounds of the Wailers while a hurricane curfew was in effect to this week's fully stacked lineup that includes Jeezy, Nick Carter and Jordan Knight, American Authors, and Dumpstaphunk, Rev brings joy to all who enter its doors.

Since that original outdoor affair, John has added to his empire. There's the laid-back watering hole America's Backyard and the more upscale bourbon speakeasy Stache. We spoke with the entrepreneur and music lover about the recent New Found Glory show and the state of live music in South Florida.

And we can't say it enough: Thank you, and happy anniversary!

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Playing with The King of Kong, Billy Mitchell at Retro Arcade Night (VIDEO)

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Playing Video Games with The King of Kong, Billy Mitchel from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

In the 2007 documentary that explored who actually holds the highest Donkey Kong score, The King of Kong, South Florida's Billy Mitchell comes out looking like a real villain. It's a role that, in person, he seems to half-heartedly -- yet joyfully -- embrace. Vacillating between antagonist and genuinely kind guy, he sweetly bought me and our camera guy bars of chocolate from a little kid raising money for some school thing.

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Tha Wolf Pakk: "Every Single Song Doesn't Have to Be About Women, Cars, and Most Notably Money"


Hip-hop in South Florida continues to grow and evolve. Headline-grabbing, flash-in-the-pan acts aside, the underground movement is alive and kicking and it will be no time before the rest of the nation takes note. A newer addition to the growing roster of conscious and thoughtful hip-hop is Tha Wolf Pakk, a duo comprised of MCs Dylan "Achileez" Campbell and Joshua "Antics" Tennie.

It's always a bit of a cliché when an outfit attempts to change the game and/or bring something different to the table, but this young act is slowly getting its guiding voice together. So far it's evident that Tha Wolf Pakk is well-versed in the better aspects of rap and understand the collective strength of its voices when staggering verses.

By enlisting the soulful vocals of Liza Forero, it adds an informed, R&B dynamic to this early crop of cuts that the duo is using to dip its artistic toes into South Florida's hip-hop scene.

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Summer Soundtrack Comes to a Sweaty and Satisfying End (Video)

Summer Soundtrack Series with Phil Barnes and Forlorn Strangers from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

C&I Studios and Exposed PR's Summer Soundtrack came to a close last night. The pop-up concert series centered on local music, and was emceed by South Florida musician Phil Barnes.

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Octo Gato Creates a Cat-Inspired Superhero for "Superpuss" Video

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Who among us doesn't have the urge to create a cat-inspired superhero? Instead of burying that feeling deep inside, the sun-drenched dudes of Fort Lauderdale's Octo Gato have given in to the feline fever. To share its laid-back, beach-rock sound and style with the masses, Octo Gato is premiering its new video for "Superpuss." It's a little overdue, but Captain Octo himself told us, "As a very visual and live-oriented band, the Octo boys have been dying to make a video to show everyone what we're all about!"

"Superpuss" was the perfect choice to bring Octo Gato to life, displaying the band's knack for maximizing the surf and garage-rock sounds and showing off the members' playful personalities. Captain Octo describes the video as "a psychedelic cat-infused '60s beach blast superhero story fueled by Red Bull and hallucinogens." And you can get it all up in your face right after the jump.

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Lex One and Mike Beatz's One-Two Punch for their Upcoming Album No Prisoners


There's something to be said about a little hard work and how it never hurt anybody. Quite frankly, we think a little hard work can get you everywhere and anything.

Jamaican-American rapper Mike Beatz has created a notable production resume in his 25 years that includes T-Pain and Trina as well as releasing some thoroughly enjoyable mixtapes.

Lex One's blog Get That Paper Son (GTPS) is an ethos that transcends the clichéd ideology that hip-hop has unfortunately fallen into. It's not about the bling and the almost mandatory falling into the foils of the nouveau riche, it's about truly understanding and representing the culture.

In four short years, these guys, along with Pusher FM, managed to carve a niche in the rap world with their danceable and conscious racket as Wizard Sleeve.

Well, the sleeves are pulled and here's the next round of wizardry from these two in anticipation of their upcoming album No Prisoners.

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Diagon Alley at Universal Orlando's Wizarding World of Harry Potter: An Inside Look (Video)

Categories: Film and TV, Video

Photo by Carolina del Busto
There's so much to see and explore at Diagon Alley, Universal Studios' latest Harry Potter-themed expansion, that words and pictures can't possibly do it any justice. But moving pictures? Now we're talking.

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Crazy Stories at Churchill's Pub: A Video Interview

Blood. Shit. Spilled beer. "And a girl," as Churchill's Pub enforcer Nicky Bowe recalls, "pissing into a saucepan."

Only a few examples of the weird, wild, and occasionally disgusting stuff that can happen in the course of a trip to Our Beloved Shithole at 5501 NE Second Avenue on any given night of any given week.

Just check out today's vid on the crazy stories at Churchill's Pub.

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