Respectable Street Hosts Valentine's Tattoo Contest for the Ladies

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Ian Witlen

Attention all you inked folks who have woman parts or identify as female: Screw chocolates and roses. We heard about a better way than sniffing flowers and shoveling sweets in your face to spend Valentine's Day. Respectable Street is holding their very first event "Inked Ladies: A Valentine's Day Tattoo Contest" tonight.

Event co-chair of Respectable Street Cindy Sennett came up with the idea with her husband Alan a year ago. "There's such an amazing pool of talent in the tattoo field in our area, and the work they are doing is top-notch," she says, "We see so many girls at the club with such beautiful and creative artwork on their skin. It seems natural to us to celebrate that art and give some recognition to those who create it and wear it every day."

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A Punk Mixtape for a Very Loud Valentine's Day

Look at these lovebirds.

Here at the Grind, we're never short of excuses when it comes to sharing music with our fine readers, and today's video playlist is thematically in tune with the goodwill of Valentine's Day and charged with the punk rock energy you'll want for when the date's over and the lights turn down. So get your scented candles ready, pick out some nice floral arrangement, and take your significant other somewhere decent and quiet where you can devote your time to a good meal, good conversation, and to losing yourself in the serenity of their eyes.

Happy Valentine's Day and thank you for your continued readership!

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Happy Freaky Birthday and Valentine's Day, Blowfly, an American Original


Happy Blowfly Day.

75 years ago, in the backwoods of Vienna, Georgia, Clarence Henry Reid was born at the farm where his family sharecropped. The odds that scrawny, cantankerous, foul-mouthed "Junior" would escape those humble beginnings were staggering. The music world can thank his mother, Annie, for moving to Florida alone in the early '50s in search of a better life. She inspired her middle-school aged mama's boy to run away from grandma's house and KKK-enforced institutional poverty to join her in West Palm Beach and discover his natural gift for harmony while washing dishes after school at Morrison's Cafeteria.

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Ten Best Valentine's Day Parties and Shows in Broward and Palm Beach

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There's no better time to profess or reconfirm your love with an obese teddy bear and a cardboard box of sickly sweet chocolates than on Valentine's Day. Oddly, February 14 is also known as Singles Awareness Day, when many of the unloved find themselves wearing their exes' sweaters, sobbing uncontrollably into a $3 bottle of red wine. Not that we've done that or anything...

Sure, the obnoxious amount of red and pink puked by Cupid all over store walls, online ads, and in the Valentine sent to you by your weirdly excited cat-lover coworker is a tad overwhelming, but really, there's a lot of good to the hoopla. Even without any of the couples stuff, V-Day is the night when getting laid is the easiest and parties are aplenty. So whether you're spending the night and three quarters of your savings on a longtime romance, making small talk with that weird guy on Christian Mingle, or embracing your supersexy single self, there's a gathering in either Broward or Palm Beach counties that will satisfy your inner Marvin Gaye.

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Top 10 Least Sexy Songs of All Time

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Village Voice

With Valentine's Day coming up, people's standards tend to drop. All of a sudden that person you've desired for eons but has found you repugnant is now open to going out with you. Whether it's out of a fear of not being alone in the middle of February or out of an untapped desire to receive heart-shaped candies that read "You are sweet," don't fuck it up. You got your big break! And the easiest way to turn that person off is by playing an unsexy song.

What is an unsexy song? Scientists have narrowed it down after years of experimentation. They use a complex algorithm that combines the frequency a person hearing the song complains of a headache or all of a sudden has to get up early the next morning after being invited upstairs for a drink with the tip ratio a stripper gets pole dancing to the song divided by the percentage of people who leave the dance floor when the song comes on. Narrowed down, these are the least sexy songs in the English language. You have been warned.

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Five Songs Guaranteed to Get an Indie Girl in Bed on Valentine's Day

Categories: Valentine's Day
Jeff Morin

Last year, we provided you with a nice list of songs that guaranteed some serious after dark action on Valentine's Day. But perhaps your 2013 sweetie is a different type of gal. Maybe you met her at listening party for the new Postal Service release or a Cat Power concert or on Record Store Day. 

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- Valentine's Day Edition: Best Stuff to Do This Week in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Sure, you could probably play her some D'Angelo or R. Kelly, ironically, of course. But, she might be more impressed if you whip out some deep cuts from your music collection (pun intended?). We're guessing the sound of Ben Gibbard's voice will make her swoon. Here's a few songs that you might want to include on the mixtape for your indie girl crush.
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Best Chris Brown-Themed Gifts for Your Loving Boyfriend on Valentine's Day

Categories: Valentine's Day
chris brown puppy.png
Hope this isn't your bf. 
Chris Brown is definitely one of the most famously crappy boyfriends of all time. No matter how sticky sweet he looks smooching Rihanna on the cover of any album, he still beat the crap out of her, and we're all gonna remember forever. 

We've all had romantic partners who suck. Sometimes you get all tied up in relationships with monsters, and you have do things like celebrate Valentine's Day with them. This is why when we stumbled upon a treasure chest of Chris Brown paraphernalia on Etsy, we knew that it necessary to share it with the world.

So if you have a dirtbag partner, here're a few of the finest in Chris Brown shit you can score online and give to your salty lover. There are some serious gems here. 

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Ketchy Shuby Offers A Sunny Valentine

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Ketchy Shuby.jpg
This band will love your face off

​Valentine's Day does not belong to crooners in tuxedos or violin sonatas by candlelight. Proof of this can be found in this offering from local jam band Ketchy Shuby. In their "Valentine's Day," there are skanking upstrokes in place of come hither vocals and sunshine warm enough to melt the cheese right out of a Hallmark card instead of a flickering candle.

Now, to be fair, the poetic content of the song will not be moving anyone to tears. But, that's not the point. Lyrics like "I just want to say/On this beautiful day/Happy Valentines Day/Oh what a good day" are only accents on top of the uplifted groove. 

"Ooohs" and "la la las" add playful vocal color elsewhere in this tune which ignite a bit of Valentine's warmth in the chest region and bring a smile across the face.

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Five Amazing Rock Love Songs That Are Probably Just About Drugs

Did Nick Cave write one of his best songs about a woman, or something darker?
Let's get this out of the way: Hard drugs aren't really any fun at all. As any number of recent events prove, they rob some of the entertainment world's brightest lights of their souls before they eventually rob them of their lives. Okay. For all of their sometimes perceived glamor, there is nothing pretty about hardcore addiction.

Here is the rub in all of that. For better or for worse, drugs have inspired some of the best rock songs out there, and especially -- hello, Valentine's Day angle -- love songs. Sure, that ditty you love may seem on its surface to be about some unforgettable woman, but you know what's more unforgettable?

Anyways, in (dis)honor of V-Day, here are five randomly chosen amazing rock and roll love songs that are actually probably about opiates.

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Five Things To Do Tonight That Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With Valentine's Day

Get free pool, free cocktails (for ladies!), and acoustic music at the Speak Easy.
Valentine's Day, blah blah blah blah. If you're coupled up, then you know what the deal is. If not, then there are plenty of other events designed to remind you of that fact -- "lonely hearts" parties, speed dating, whatever. What if you want to just grab a drink without giving a crap either way? Luckily, there are a few safe havens out in the South Florida nightlife wilds. Here are five things to check out tonight where the paper heart cutout count is likely to be low.

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