Amanda Bynes, a Rapper? Five Songs She Should Write Based Mostly on Tweets


Amanda Bynes, former Nickelodeon cutie, "inventor" of LOL, Twitter monster, and childish celebrity disser, can add aspiring rap star to her list of titles as of this week. Already, Chinga Chang Records roped this controversial, and some might say crazed, retired actress to their label.

Oddly enough, becoming a hip-hop artist is one of the least insane things Bynes has done lately. Based on her bad behavior and manic tweets, here are five songs we imagine Amanda Bynes writing for herself and rapping the shit out of.

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Rihanna Inspires Hockey-Themed Twitter Trend #rihannaing in Ottawa, Canada

Rihanna showed up to da club in a Senators jersey and no pants. But first, she took a selfie.
What do Rihanna and professional hockey team the Ottawa Senators have in common?

That's not the first half of a joke. We are not positing a rhetorical question. We have absolutely no goddamn idea why Rihanna recently tweeted a picture of herself wearing a Senators Jersey and little else. Weird, right? But hey, people do crazy shit when a relationship goes down the tubes. RiRi's flip-flop on-and-off-again roller coaster relationship with Chris Bown was probably at least partially response for her arbitrary exhibitionism.

What we don't even begin to have an explanation for is Rihannaing, a -- take a deep breath -- new Twitter meme erupting amongst Ottawan hockey fans across Canada's capital. More »

Rihanna's Instagram Greatest Hits: Reefer, Chris Brown, Thongs, and Side-Boob

The side boob is after the jump. 
WTF is Rihanna thinking when she tweets a picture of her bare-ass b-b-b-bootay in a G-string, under the obviously phony-baloney guise of showing off a pair of newly purchased boots? 

That question is rhetorical. We already have some ideas behind what could possibly be motivating one of the biggest pop stars in the world to be acting a fool on Instagram.  

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Azealia Banks' "Harlem Shake" Removed by Baauer; Calls Him and Perez Hilton "Faggot" on Twitter (SONG)

What's everybody talkin' about right now? Baauer's "Harlem Shake!"

Who needs unlimited attention from the whole world? Azealia Banks!

What does that result in? Azealia Banks rapping over "Harlem Shake," the song being pulled from Soundcloud by the original artist, and a Twitter war with the word "faggoot" thrown around. Oh, wait, and a lil' Perez Hilton sprinkled on top.

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As if the internet weren't stupid enough, this is happening right now. And shit is getting deep:

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Boy George Versus Mexico: A People's History of 2012's Most Ridiculous Twitter Feud

Hey, Mexico! Boy George isn't racist. He's horny. 
Boy George is -- ahem -- balls deep in a flame war with (um) the state of Mexico. 

And guess who's to blame? The internet!

The cross-dressing '80s pop sensation Tweeted that he thought Mexico's newly elected president was a cutie. Somehow, the Mexican media mistranslated George's comments to make it appear as though he was calling the leader a tyrant. 

One thing led to another, and the whole mess done 'sploded wide open in public, on the internets. 

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Presidential Debates 2012: Some of the Best Celebrity Tweets of the Night

Tonight, Romney blinked like a meth addict and Obama shot the 47% bullet at the last second. The first presidential debate in Denver gave us an unemployed Big Bird and the town hall gave us a binder full of women. What's next for Obama and Romney? Talk of a Sesame Street Trapper Keeper? A Twitter fiend can only hope. 

As we sat patiently wooing and ahhing at the drama on the TV, we also kept up with what our friends and the celebrities of the world were saying in 140-characters. What follows are some of the best celebrity tweets of the evening. Enjoy. 

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