FAU's Red Album Concert Features X Factor Contestants


If you're a County Grind reader, you know that Boca Raton is teeming with musical talent. The Florida Atlantic University label Hoot/Wisdom Recordings captures many of these PBC voices, putting out songs by collegiate musicians and even catering to the X Factor crowd. For instance, Alex Kinsley and Sierra Deaton, a couple and contestants on the show, are former FAU students who worked with the owly, student-run label.

Tonight, at FAU's the Burrow, formerly known as Coyote Jacks, Hoot/Wisdom Recordings will present performances by the X Factorites, Grace Kimmel, Chris Aiello, and Erica Morgan. Kimmel is a sophomore singer studying commercial music and is in the process of writing an EP. "My style is similar to that of Ingrid Michaelson, along with a dash of jazz, pop, and soul," she explains. "Because I play the guitar, my songs tend to focus on the acoustic atmosphere."

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Ciara Rae Brings Original Country Music to the Hard Rock

RMB Photography

Ciara Rae is bringing country flair to the Hard Rock in Hollywood tonight. Her performance won't take place in a hidden restaurant, ladies and gentlemen, but up front, center stage, under the sparkling stars and moonlight. She'll be singing for everyone, including those ladies stumbling around in heels and the guidos in Affliction shirts trying to get some.

See also: Ciara Rae Gives Three Good Reasons Why Country Music Is the Best

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DJ F*cked Up's New Album Cum and Jizz Features Horrifically NSFW Album Art

Kenny Millions is F*cked-Up!
"Fucking made it possible for me to exist," says DJ Fucked Up. "And everybody likes fucking." 

DJ Fucked Up is not your normal selector. He's a hip-hop alter ego of Motown session player turned free-jazz vagabond turned shitjazz noise pervert Kenny Millions. DJ Fucked Up is an intensification of the raunchiest moments from Millions' already crude routine. For example, his new record -- available for free on Bandcamp -- is titled Cum and Jizz. And the cover art is something "special." 

Imagine your id's id on the internet. Now imagine Kenny Millions begoggled head blasting out like a chest-bursting extraterrestrial from a cavernously psychedelic vagina. Now click ahead if you fucking dare. 
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Top Five Mosh Pit Moves, From Rudimentary to Advanced

photo by walk_together
​You perfectly park your car in the middle of the spot, equidistant from the parallel lines on either side. You lock all of your doors, walk at a moderate pace toward the door, with the price of admission and your I.D. ready in your hand. You stand around and wait for bands to play. You watch bands, cross and uncross your arms, shift which leg you put most of your weight on, and maybe even eventually sit down.

The rest of music -- especially the wallpaper genre that is adult contemporary indie rock -- could take a cue from the live-show excitement of hardcore punk Youth Crew-descendants like Bane and their ridiculously high-energy, starving-for-action audiences.

Tonight at DIY hub the Talent Farm, the Bawston Hawdcore ensemble that took early 2000s hardcore by storm with its devastating blend of tradition and new-school stylistics will be conducting a top-shelf seminar in getting caught in a mosh. And in honor of the show, we've got our top five pit moves listed after the jump.

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Tonight! New City Lions' Kickstarter Fundraiser at Riverside Market

A month ago, County Grind told you of a plan laid out by the pop-punks from Plantation, New City Lions. In order to fund its new EP, the guys decided to go the Kickstarter route and solicit donations for half of the money needed from fans. The bigger the gift, the bigger the reward -- drop them a cool $1,000 and the band will write and record a song with you, take you on a dinner/movie date, perform a private concert for you, and give you a signed hard copy of the Kids EP, and a pile of other related swag. Sharing is caring, people!

In any case, time is starting to run short, and the guys are still a little short of their goal, according to the Kickstarter page. Pledges must reach a $2,000 total by Friday at 11:38 p.m. for the funding to happen. So, New City Lions are giving another gift: a free concert tonight at Riverside Market in Fort Lauderdale.

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Download Carnivores' "Chandelier" EP; Shows at Laser Wolf and Propaganda

Not owning the Carnivores' material is harder than owning it. The Atlanta quartet made it abundantly easy to stock up on its claustrophobic melodies by offering the four-song Chandelier EP via Bandcamp or a Mediafire link.

If the title track's speedy R&B bass line and guitar stabs are a little too disorienting (not to these ears), smooth out with "Darker Days." "Your hands are so cold, like Jack the Ripper," begins the refrain. That and other devilishly clever moments will surely dominate the pair of South Florida shows beginning this evening at Laser Wolf and moving up to Propaganda on Friday. We loved 'em back in January.

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Free Admission at Bamboo Room Tonight

The newly resurrected Bamboo Room is throwing open its doors to the masses tonight, suspending its cover charge so everyone can see how the downtown Lake Worth blues venue has grown.

Local bands Memphis Soul Revue, Matt Farr, and DWHAS will take the stage in the spacious, airy bar, where the peaked ceilings and outdoor deck create a  Kingston Mines-meets-Key West vibe.

There's a fully stocked bar, plenty of room to stand or sit at the comfy chairs and tables, and the best sound system we're heard at a local live venue. During its first weekend back in business after a three-year hiatus, the Bamboo Room sold out. Here's your chance to find out why.

Doors open at 8:30 p.m. Find out more about the club here.

Tonight's Digital Love Brings Lavola to the Green Room

Might as well call Lavola "<3ola" for how often the West Palm jagged rock act has graced these pages lately. As far as we can tell, the name did not figure into the band's booking at the Green Room's weekly Digital Love party taking place tonight in downtown Fort Lauderdale. As a reminder, Alex Rendon got up close with Julian Cires, Matt Hanser, and Brian Weinthal recently to discuss the ferocity and contemplative nature of what they do onstage.

Even if the band has more of an analog approach to music, this evening's performance  will likely have plenty of digits waving and forming friendly fists for air-pounding. For a primer, might we recommend the Leaving Paris EP, which is now available for loud streaming and purchase (name your price!) on Lavola's Bandcamp page.

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Reminder: Cowboy Benefit Show is at Propaganda Tonight, Set Times

No-brainer, folks. Get thee out to Propaganda tonight to support Everymen's hospitalized washboard player Cowboy.

Yesterday, we spoke to Everymen frontman Sergio Witis about how the band's holding up, and he gave some inspiring words about the love felt within the music community since Cowboy's accident.

Please attend, and give generously. Tonight's set times are below.

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Download: Wizard Sleeve Releasing GTPS Mixtape at Electric Pickle Tonight

Need a kick in the pants to get out and be with some people? Spend some time with a gent County Grind holds in high regard: Lex One, an integral part of the South Florida/London hip-hop collective Wizard Sleeve. It's his birthday tonight, and a party with a purpose is going on at the Electric Pickle.

In addition to giving him a pat on the back for the "Hipster Slut" video, the evening marks the debut of Lex's Get That Paper Son mixtape hosted by Tri City Committee  featuring 25 new tracks from the Wizard Sleeve vaults. With 21 originals and 4 freestyles from material compiled over the past three years. "We've got hundreds of tracks," Lex says, and adds that there will be a lot more releases in this series in the coming year. Peep the track listing and download the mixtape below.

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