Anberlin Two-Ticket Giveaway for November 24 Revolution Live Concert

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Parker Young

It's not often that a band breaks up amicably. But Winter Haven-bred rockers Anberlin are consciously disbanding on good terms after 12 long years.

Touring currently to promote its album Lowborn, the guys told fans well before the group took to the road that this would be its final one together. And it's probably safe to say that, unlike Cher, this'll be it.

Given that information, you'll definitely want to see them again live one last time. Luckily, we've got two tickets to offer to Anberlin's biggest fans totally free for its Monday-night show at Revolution.

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Motley Crue Final Tour Ticket Giveaway!

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If you've never seen Tommy Lee strapped in and beating the skins in his 360 roller coaster drum machine, you've never lived. If you've never screeched along with Vince Neil playing "Home Sweet Home" on a disco ball-style grand piano, you don't know emotion.

Motley Crue is one of the most exciting '80s rock acts you can still see live, that is until its final show ever on June 5 in Solvesborg, Sweden. If you're not into going that far to see the boys perform, then you can catch them this Friday, October 17, at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood. And we've got two sets of two tickets to give away for free. Keep clicking for the rules.

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Win Two Tickets to Steve Martin and Martin Short at Hard Rock Live Hollywood

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It's appropriate that two of Saturday Night Live's most famous and fantastic comedic actors hit the Hard Rock Live stage in Hollywood, Florida, this Saturday night for a live show. Two of the Three Amigos, Steve Martin and Martin Short, are guaranteed to make more than a few in the audience tinkle in their trousers.

Though Steve Martin told us recently that they would not be singing "My Little Buttercup" in particular, they would be performing another tune from this 1986 classic as Lucky Day and Ned Nederlander. First, read the entire interview with Martin here, and then attempt to win two free tickets to this certain-to-be hilarious standup musical experience from us here at County Grind.

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Win Free Weezer Tickets!

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Sayre Berman
I suppose it's debatable, but Pinkerton is actually one of the best albums ever. Like all kinds of music or books or visual arts, you have to encounter an album or song or band at a certain time in your life for it to really hit heavy. Like if you read Catcher in the Rye for the first time at 50, you may not give a good goddamn about Holden's obsession with phonies. But if you read it at 12, JD Salinger just explained the universe in one novel. Pinkerton is definitely one of those oeuvres. But if you got in on that angsty shit when times were tough and you were just old enough, you feel the fuck out of this album forever.

Next week, Weezer will be heading to Hard Rock Live again to perform probably some classics off this finest release, but also some of the stuff everyone complains about. The good news is that we have two pairs of tickets to give away, and it'll be easy for you get 'em.

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Big Guava Festival Three-Day, Two-Ticket Giveaway

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Ian Witlen

Have you seen the lineup for the Big Guava Festival? Like really taken a nice, long look? It's incredible.

If you can divert your eyes from the word "Outkast," then you'll see other acts that are certain to make everyone you know jealous if you attend the concert and they don't: like Vampire Weekend (your little frat bro is dying over here), Tegan and Sara (your lesbian sister is swooning), Violent Femmes (your older cousin with great taste is green), Earl Sweatshirt (your hip-hop-loving ex wishes you were still together), and Haim (your gay bestie is jumping up and down with excitement). And the list continues.

Their envy will multiply tenfold when you win two tickets for all three days of Big Guava. Which to bring, though, which to bring?

The festival takes place from May 2 to 4 in Tampa, and you have one full day to win these tix. Click on for details.

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Paula Poundstone Two Ticket Giveaway

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The business of being funny is a rough one. It's obviously ironic that comedy is such a pain in the ass to break into and succeed at. And for the ladies, it's even more of a serious challenge.

Maybe that's why Paula Poundstone often wears a suit and tie. She's toying with the brains of the business and winning the game. She's been a popular funny woman for decades, and most recently, has been hamming it up on NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me, which you and your mama both listen to. She's got a new CD out, I Heart Jokes: Paula Tells Them in Boston, and earlier this year, appeared with Whoopi Goldberg and Joan Rivers in Showtime's Why We Laugh Too: Women of Comedy.

This December 5, she'll be appearing at the Bailey Concert Hall at Broward College in Davie and we've got two tickets with your name on 'em. Click on for deets.

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Win Tickets to See Jake Miller at the Fillmore Miami Beach

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Jake Miller isn't your traditional voice in rap. He's a white kid from Weston who got his start on GarageBand and YouTube. The guy even goes to University of Miami. But Miller hit a nerve with the bazillion folks out there who want pop hip-hop with lyrics to which they can better relate. No popping bottles or anything else with this 20-year-old.

Miller's about to release Us Against Them, his debut album, and is hitting the road in the process. He'll be kicking off a 43-city tour at the Fillmore Miami Beach. If you want to support this hometown boy, but have no type of cash, we've got two tickets for you, maybe.

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Tortuga Music Festival 2014 Ticket Giveaway!

Alex Markow

Remember all the varied cowboy hats and sandy boots of this past April's Tortuga Music Festival? How the bikinis clung to sweaty bods and cozies hugged those LandShark brews so tightly!

Even the mere memory of those two springtime days sends you into waves of beachy concert ecstasy. The fest was heavily countrified with Kenny Chesney and Eric Church but featured rock, funk, and folk too, with the Avett Brothers, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Sister Hazel, and others. The scene out there on Fort Lauderdale Beach was beyond chill. We even named it New Times Broward Palm Beach's Best Festival in 2013.

Tortuga is coming back ashore and has announced its 2014 dates. We also have tickets you can snag after the jump!

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Win Tickets to See Dave Matthews Band This Weekend!

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Sayre Berman

Are you the person crazily searching the roadsides for hitchhikers with the unreasonable hope that one of them will be Dave Matthews? Have you already picked up a few middle aged white dudes with broken bikes only to find that they are, in fact, not the real Dave? Can you identify yourself on our list of stoners you'll meet at a DMB show? Do you visit more than you check your own email?

If the answer is yes to any of these, and you still don't have a ticket to this weekend's doubleheader DMB shows, then you're in luck! We at County Grind have two tickets to Dave's Cruzan Amphitheatre concert that we're just itching to pass off on you. Click on for instructions.

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Imagine Dragons Live in Boca, Ticket Giveaway!

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When you imagine dragons, are they more the Puff the Magic kind or Dungeons and sort? Or are they a little like the donkey loving fire-breather in Shrek? These are the hard questions we at County Grind feel comfortable asking, but with good reason.

Imagine Dragons, the Las Vegas indie dance four-piece, is coming to Boca this week, and we need to know, are they the dragons you're thinking of? If so, you're in luck, cause we're giving away tickets to their South Florida show.

Signed to Interscope Records, these guys create epic and heartfelt jams like their emotional hit, "It's Time." They're currently on their Night Visions tour in North America and Europe, and are making a stop at Sunset Cove Amphitheater. Keep reading to see how to win free tickets.

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