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We don't advocate theft, but when our little buddy stole a II Live Crew tape from the Spec's by what's now Sunset Place sometime in the '90s it changed our life.

Luke taught our eight year old self to cuss out politicians ("Fuck Martinez, Fuck Fuck Martinez"), and told us all about what a hot, wet pussy of a city Miami is.

He's also a First Amendment hero up there with Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor.

Luke faced down a Federal judge, the fundamentalist christian rightwing, the media, and risked his freedom so that future rappers could write and perform lyrics like "pop that pussy."

Now that's some Miami shit.

After the jump, here are his top five videos.

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Wyclef Live From Jacmel Beach, Haiti, Free Concert

Categories: Throwbacks, Video

Here's our footage of Wyclef live from Haiti back in 2006 for a free concert to 50,000 on Jacmel Beach. The show was sponsored by his foundation, Yéle Haiti.

Wyclef admits that his Yéle Haiti organization has made mistakes in the past, but denies that he ever personally profited from them. He has been criticized for tax records that allegedly indicate malfeasance.

He ended a recent press conference with a plea to the world for help in procuring 100,000 tents to lead an exodus out of Port Au Prince so that demolition and logisitcs crews can get in and do their jobs.

He began the conference by describing how he carried dead bodies through the street, and was turned away from a morgue at capacity.

Video: Jim Morrison Interview in Miami, 1970, Talking About The Doors' Miami Incident

Categories: Throwbacks, Video

Lizard King Jim Morrison, one of the most influential American rock singers ever, was born in Melbourne, Florida on December 8, 1943.

He went to UCLA film school, graduated, and hung out on Venice Beach, where he and Ray Manzarek started The Doors.

There's a famous incident that took place at Dinner Key Auditorium in Coconut Grove known to a world of Doors fans as The Miami Incident that involved drugs, nudity, 13,000 people, the police, the Miami Herald, a student-led decency campaign at the Orange Bowl, and the national media.

Click here for more info on that. Watch the video above for some of Morrison's response to the incident courtesy of the Wolfson Archive on YouTube.

Throwback Video: Dimebag Shreds with Pantera Live in West Palm Beach 1997

Dimebag Darrell lives!

Every last tiny speck of brain matter splatted against the Columbus, Ohio stage he was riffing on when he was killed by a crazed gunman may have already been sold on Ebay, but the legend of Dimebag lives on through recorded documentation of his music.

The video above features Dimebag Darrel shredding with Pantera in West Palm Beach in 1997. According to the upload description "rex, vince and phil kick ass too!"


Random Local Metal Video: Blood Oath Live from West Palm Beach on 9-11-05

Categories: Throwbacks

This is video of a metal band called Blood Oath playing live in West Palm Beach on September 11, 2005 at Classics Bar. The information is courtesy of YouTube user  EsotericDeath who uploaded the above video and wrote a brief description of it.

If you are a fan of fast, loud, heavy music, and lots of growling, then this song is for you.
Click here to see the original flyer post for the above concert on an old livejournal site from 2005.

Throwback Tuesdays: Saigon Kick - "I Love You"

Saigon Kick was arguably South Florida's biggest rock export in the early '90s, a band with some major hits that remains somewhat underrated, perhaps, because of the time at which it appeared. At first glance, the group, originally a quartet, had all the aesthetic stylings of a glam-metal act. But their first album didn't come out until 1991, the famous year when Kurt Cobain and his cohorts began their swift work of taking down arena rock.

But while Saigon Kick was more or less a "metal" band, the group always had a soulful side and a love for experimenting with big, trippy pop textures. Sure, their biggest hit, "Love is On the Way" in 1992, was a pretty straightforward power ballad. But take this song "I Love You," from the band's 1993 album Water. It has a weirdly fuzzy, spacey sound over tinkling drum beats that sounds a little like something Jane's Addiction would do.

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'78 Flashback: Miami's Disco Hemlock Play "Sweet Sweet Music"

Here's a video of Miami's own Hemlock playing a song called "Sweet Sweet Music," and sounding like a disco version of the Allman Brothers. The movie appears to be a shoddy film to digital transfer. Click the HQ button at the bottom of the player to watch it in high quality. According to the YouTube description, Hemlock released a single called "Disco Break," apparently through Warner Bros. Here is that song.

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Throwback Tuesdays: Betty Wright - "Clean Up Woman"

Categories: Throwbacks

The soul great Betty Wright is one of Miami's best not-so-well-kept secrets. Starting out as a gospel singer with a family group, in the mid-1960s Wright switched over to R&B. Her robust mid-range belting and knack for picking funky beats and melodies made her a hit, and Wright quickly racked up hit singles throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Since then, she's been a favorite of the hip-hop generation, and younger music fans will recognize her hits from the many newer songs that have sampled them.

Here's "Clean Up Woman," which, upon its 1971 release, reached #2 on the Billboard R&B charts, and peaked at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song provided the unforgettable riff for Mary J. Blige's "Real Love" (the remix version with Biggie which is NOWHERE on YouTube), and was also sampled on SWV's "I'm So Into You," Afrika Bambaataa's "Zulu War Chant," and Sublime's "Get Out!" remix, among others.

Ladies, listen to this and take heed -- don't make things easy for the clean-up woman. Listen to the song and you'll know what Wright is talking about.

Throwback Tuesdays: Phil Spitalny - "What's the Use?"

Categories: Throwbacks
Today's throwback comes from wayyyy back in the way-back machine's gears: 1930, when Phil Spitalny's orchestral jazz compositions were pop hits. It's hard to imagine a time before popular music was splintered into a thousand different subgenres, but think about it: Beyond classical and real folk traditions, there was basically just music. Now they have a creaky charm, but Spitalny's songs probably powered the classy nightclubs that occupied South Beach's art deco buildings before they were retro. Maybe flappers danced to them, daring to show their knees!

There's actually a less tenuous local connection for this song. At the peak of his career, the Ukraine-born Spitalny was known for leading his all-girl orchestra (arguably the first), but he later decamped to Miami Beach. Here, he was a music critic for local newspapers of yore -- the Miami Beach Sun and the Miami Beach Reporter -- before he passed away in 1970.

This song, "What's the Use," was released as part of the Hit of the Week record series, which were pressed on laminated flexible cardboard to keep prices down during the Great Depression.

Throwback Tuesdays: Here's a Freestyle Invasion Play List

While we're on the subject of the Freestyle Invasion II concert this Saturday, we put together a play list of some of the best songs by the artists performing. Enjoy.

Oh yeah - there's also another HUGE freestyle show coming up, the Freestyle Extravaganza on June 27 at the AAA. That one features Stevie B, TKA, and Lisa Lisa, among others! What is this, freestyle summer? But we'll get to that one next week.

Until then, here are some top tunes from Taylor Dayne, Debbie Deb, Judy Torres, Nice N Wild, and many many more. Hit the jump to listen.

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