Charlie Pickett's Twin Tone Records Reunion in Minneapolis with the Sonics

Ian Witlen
"Chaz" Pickett rocking, FL style.

Our friends in Minneapolis have come unstuck in time and put forth a veritable punk rock powerhouse gig this weekend. It both respects their own roots and nods to the Pacific Northwest as the cradle of raunch 'n' roll. Also, it makes us question why we, as proud South Floridians, have not done the same, and reminds us of our former music editor, Reed Fischer who is now at the helm of Gimme Noise at our Minneapolis sister paper City Pages.

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Top Ten Strangest Music Videos of the Nineties

The nineties were packed with meaningful and defining moments. Walls were torn down, dresses were stained, our economy was the healthiest it's ever been -- but most of all, the music industry thrived in ways it could never thrive again. Not to say music doesn't currently thrive, but the idea of coming home from school, chucking your backpack by the stairs, and zoning out to music videos on MTV isn't really an option for kids today.

Music videos have become completely reliant on mediums like YouTube or music news websites to gain exposure. It's now up to the viewer to seek out these visual expressions of sound, and good luck finding a video that's going to leave much of an impression.

That's where the nineties really succeeded: Prematurely exposing impressionable minds to graphic and otherwise questionable imagery that could never make it to the screen today. What follows is a list of the ten strangest videos of the nineties as we see it -- the ones that left us saying, "What the hell?" -- along with a sense of solidarity in realizing those vivid scenes freaked other people out, too.

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Rare Bob Dylan Recordings from 1960s Blow Minds, Pillage Wallets, and Frustrate Fans

Categories: News, Throwbacks
Sony should have just named the album "$$$."
Bootlegging -- the art of recording a band live and then disseminating said clip for cash, ass, or grass -- is as much a part of rock 'n' roll as Elvis' hips, Sid Vicious' sneer, and the thickest loogie Kurt Cobain ever hocked at a television camera.

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- David Bowie Is Back With a New Video and Upcoming Album

Some artists -- especially '60s jammers, like the Grateful Dead or Neil Young -- have a whole secret second discography of endless live takes ranging from "excellent" to "doo-doo brown" in fidelity.

In a somewhat complicated display of "official bootlegging," Sony has slapped together a collection of outtakes from early in Bob Dylan's career as to maintain control over the music's copyright.

And the collection is driving aficionados and completists up the goddamn wall.

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Bob Dylan

Blog Find: Popthomology's 31 Questionable Album Covers Found in South Florida

marianne spellman record.jpg
Marianne Spellman

Seattle-based blogger and photographer Marianne Spellman, who sometimes works with our sister paper Seattle Weekly, has been rooting through dusty old record bins here in South Florida and coming out with gold. On her blog Popthomology, she shared the post "31 Weird Album Covers From Florida Thrift/Record Stores," proving, yet again, that Florida is world headquarters for all things that are at first frightening and later funny. 

Whether you're Jewish, Hispanic, white, black, Christian, or you dig family pics with under-clothed children, there's something for you on there. We don't want to give them away all the goodie LP covers but rather direct you toward her nice list of creepy finds

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Robert Childs' Top Five Videogames in Honor of Retro Arcade Night

​Gamer nerds and just plain old nerds will all be thrilled to know that "Retro Arcade Night" is back at Arcade Game Sales this Friday. After its December debut, gamers weren't done playing their favorite classic videogames. 

Robert Childs, founder and owner of Arcade Game Sales, is the guy who's bringing the goods. He refurbishes and resells upscale games and sets up game rooms. He's sold these bad boys to Florida Marlins and Miami Dolphins and to moms and dads. We asked him to break down a list of his five favorite videogames for those of us inexperienced in the art of gaming.

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Nirvana's Nevermind: Still In Bloom After 20 Years

Categories: Throwbacks
Nirvana accidentally kickstarted an enduring cultural movement when they released Nevermind. Today, 20 years after its release, we are constantly reminded of the catalyst it really was. From September 24, 1991 on, almost every artist that considered themselves "alternative" or experimental can be traced back to this album's wild, unexpected success. The band that smashed convention and threw all the rules into the air -- only to be hit square on the forehead by success -- inspired a generation to start doing things its way.

With a few power chords, infectious hooks and a decibel overdose, kids realized that they didn't have to listen to Extreme, C&C Music Factory or Vanilla Ice anymore. Nevermind created a demand for sincere and powerful music. Kids started digging in the vaults and discovering all kinds of punk, new wave and independent bands. Labels started grabbing these bands by the dozen, trying to supply the consumers with the next Nirvana.

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Five Movie Scenes Featuring ABBA's "Dancing Queen"

Categories: Throwbacks
© CS Entertainment ApS
​ABBA inspires. The pop disco songs of four Swedes from the '70s have really permeated every party and infested every corner of our music-listening lives. You've heard "Dancing Queen" in weddings and gay clubs, in bar mitzvahs to scenes of gay shit in movies. OK, so ABBA's kind of gay. Who cares? It's good.

In honor of ABBA coming to town -- well, Waterloo, ABBA's extremely popular tribute band -- we've put together a few of our favorite cinematic uses of the song "Dancing Queen." It's a tune that seems to bring women together and men together but not really men and women together. Waterloo apparently showcases two members of the original band's rhythm section on each tour. Tickets go on sale today at noon, so get on it, S.O.S. 

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What Rick Scott's Inauguration Bands Say About Him as a Man and a Lover (of America)

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Get ready for a fist-pumpin' four years.
For $3 million in hard-earned corporate money, you better throw a hell of a party, and Rick Scott's inauguration bash this week turned out to be the most extravagant in recent history. Event planners said it would bring $4.5 million in economic activity to the Tallahassee area, boosting jobs and local business -- though the head caterers are based in Washington, D.C. But it's the thought that counts.

Slick Rick did source some local Florida talent for musical entertainment, which consisted mostly of washed-up country singers calling for divine benedictions of the United States. There was also a boys' choir and an act from South Florida (though not one you've heard of). Sadly, no Bieber. Read on for a revealing look at Scott's star-spangled musical ode to the Sunshine State. More »

Google Pacman: A Disgusting Display of Ghost Slaughter and Pill Consumption

Categories: Throwbacks
You probably came here to kill some time. So when you're done reading each and every post here, you should check out Google's Homepage PAC-MAN game. If you've been to today, you may have seen it and not realized it's a playable game. It is.

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We Remember: The 30th Anniversary of Bob Marley's Death

Categories: Throwbacks, Video
bob marley.jpg
You may remember Bob Marley as the Jamaican Reggae superstar that he was, as the mascot of potheads the world over... or just as the namesake of our beloved Marley Fest. But today marks the 30th anniversary of the legendary musician's death. He actually received treatment in Miami for an injury he got while playing football in London a few years earlier that had become cancerous. And passed in an unnamed Miami hospital on May 11, 1981.

He's contributed more than drug paraphernalia and endless songs for cruise ship bands to cover. His music has moved people and started movements, and he's constantly reminded us all that "one good thing about music, when it hits, you feel no pain."

See some great videos of his live performances after the jump.

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