18 Signs Your Band Might Suck

Nickelback knows how to suck in style.

It's been about a year now since you've been plugging away with your garage rock band, sweating in a non-air-conditioned warehouse space, and losing sleep over late-night practices. Mostly it's resulted only in your showing up late for your retail gig at Urban Outfitters. All this time, and you and your group of guys or gals have yet to reap the benefits of all that hard work. What gives? Is there something wrong with your sound? Maybe you just need a bassist with more oomph? Or is it that audiences just don't get what you are going for?

These are all valid questions, but which one is the reason you haven't blown up yet? How many more gigs can you perform for audiences of two or three? It's getting frustrating for sure, but no worries -- County Grind is always here to help. We got together with a few local notable musicians and crafted this nifty checklist to help you find out if it's just that your band sucks.

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PureHoney Is Two Awesome Years Old, and Still Going to Print

Categories: The Web


The best place in print -- besides the New Times, of course -- to get your South Florida indie music fix is PureHoney. The monthly magazine is a labor of love, borne from the dedication and experience of one great, bearded man: Steve Rullman.

The fold-out party bible is entering its terrible twos. And in honor of this 24th issue, Rullman shared a compelling behind the scenes video on the print process. They say print is dead, we say: fuck that, pick up a dang paper! All you internet babies who think you're above a physical newspaper: Guaranteed, you'll miss it when it's gone. Now, take off those creepy glasses, and go cook us something local, vegan, and then Instagram it. Hash it #barfIhateyou. Print lives!

To the sounds of "Dandelion Wine" by Band in Heaven, Rullman, with Flux Club, takes us though a typical PureHoney birthday, which, this month, features Respectable Street's 26th anniversary party on the cover. Though he wasn't able to organize a proper party, he did share with us this month's PureHoney music mix and the top 10 most downloaded and top 10 most listened to songs of all time on his super sweet site.

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Senator Marco Rubio's Spotify Track List Is as Lame as He Is

If the one thing you're dedicated to in life is music, and are totally committed to remaining totally out of touch with politics, first of all, no. And second of all, turns out Spotify is a good way for your lazy ass to learn about those who you (even by not voting) have elected to office.

Today, for instance, our U.S. Senator Marco Rubio's Spotify track list was posted on Politico Playbook. It demonstrates what a tool he is and makes us wonder if the list is all a setup so that we, the music-loving people, will learn to see him as a human and not a monster.

It's rife with stuff people who hate music listen to, like Coldplay and Will.i.am. It lacks songs of real substance, except for two greats, Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" and TuPac's "Changes." Both seem placed in there just so it seems like he gives a crap about "black people" problems.

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DIY Video Journal Audio Junkie Breaks Ground in South Florida

shroud eater audio junkie.jpg
From the Shroud Eater episode. 
Last week, running into Greg Alvarez from Audio Junkie at Churchill's Pub yielded us a handful of awesome, tiny homemade pins. They are the coolest little guys you could ever want to poke into a backpack or T-shirt or guitar strap. Designed by the brilliant minds over at Bleeding Palm, each displays the image of a bleeding ear.

Audio Junkie is a video journal that, according to its creators, "captures a culture immersed and obsessed with audio." The pins, like everything else about Audio Junkie, have a fun, smart aesthetic that is both not intimidating and actually cool. 

Greg and his brother Eduardo work with Ron Gesualdo, shooting, booking, and editing each online program. They highlight talented artists from South Florida. "Every episode is a new experience for us, shaping and evolving what Audio Junkie is for the viewers and us," Greg says. "So in a sense, it is our own twisted surreal video journal." 
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Spirit Cat and Total Bummer: Bringing Florida Music to the Forefront

Benji Haselhurst
The Spirit Cat website-slash-movement is more than just a clickable distraction, bringing music from around Florida, mostly electronic, pop, and garage, to the web world. According to the creator of Spirit Cat, J.T. Bringardner, the sounds they post are varied, "We're really open to anything that moves us emotionally or physically!" An off-shoot of the site is Total Bummer, a Winter Park music festival in its third year, featuring over 100 acts from all over the country. It's coming up this weekend, featuring a crew from South Florida, including Guy Harvey, MillionYoung, The Dewars, Sumsun, and Henry Krinkle. It celebrates, he says, "The rich underground scene we've been helping to build in Florida over the past five years." 

For a little background on Bringardner, he's a music-maker and festival-thrower, a screen-printer and he brags, "when the need arises, a pretty bad ass barista." He's lived all around the world, including in Bangkok where his sister was born to Manila where, he remembers "our dalmation ran away and was nearly eaten." Then from California to Gainesville, "To some degree. I came into my own there, began my musical journey there, and met my wife there. It's a very special place." 

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Girls Cover "I Will Always Love You"; Nice Alternative to Jennifer Hudson's Rendition

Categories: RIP, The Web
Screen shot 2012-02-13 at 1.45.54 PM.jpg
via YouTube

Every creature with warm blood in its veins got choked up watching Jennifer Hudson sing "I Will Always Love You" last night at the Grammys. We saw a dog crying, seriously. Although we here at County Grind would have preferred to hear Mariah, Christina, or even the diva who penned the song, Ms. Parton, belt that baby out, we couldn't hate on Hudson's efforts to interpret such a goddess as Whitney.

To gain a totally different perspective on the tune, watch Christopher Owens of one of our guiltiest pleasures, Girls, perform an equally stirring rendition of the best thing about The Bodyguard (via Stereogum). His version, like Hudson's, isn't as ambitious as Houston's, but it manages to be seriously sad.

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Girls That Look Like Skrillex Blog Features Local Afrobeta Songstress

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One of the most lovable blogs on the internet is Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians. Don't lie, you love it. It's not nice, but not totally vicious. It's like if a picture of your dad ended up on there, you might be like, "Hm. He does kind of look like an old lesbian in that one." Besides, there's seriously nothing wrong with old lesbians, it's just funny that these guys look like them, and that is funny.

Enter Girls That Look Like Skrillex. When everyone got finished talking about girls who look like Bieber, we were granted with yet another feminine looking music man. Dubstep golden child Skrillex has the appearance of, well, a woman. A gothy old raver lady.

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