Keyboard Cat Is Back With New Song, "96 Tears" (VIDEO)


No matter how shitty your shitty day was, even the mere idea of Keyboard Cat's return is enough to make the sides of your frowny mouth turn upward. But what if the internet's most talented musical cat performed one of the best songs of all time? For sure, that'd make you pee your panties with glee!

Get ready to clean that damp bottom, because Keyboard Cat is back with "96 Tears" by Question Mark and the Mysterians (or ? and the Mysterians, whichever your preference). We dare you to press play just once.

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Is Beyoncé's Mystery Producer Boots Jordy Asher?

Boots' Soundcloud

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed attempted to uncover who some new guy on the music scene named Boots is. He coproduced and wrote a bunch of songs on Queen Bey's new superduper surprise visual album Beyoncé that dropped out of nowhere the other day.

If you're a longtime South Florida music lover, you might've started to uncover from Buzzfeed's clues that Boots is likely Jordy Asher, the Broward County-bred, scuzzy frontman of such local defunct favorites as Stonefox, Blond Fuzz, and Young Circles who garnered national attention for his band Blonds.

Going off one pic in particular -- reportedly Tweeted by a member of Beyoncé's creative team -- mds (designed memory) states "celebrating with my dear friend BOOTS who wrote 4 songs and co produced 80% of the album," the proof is in the pudding. It's our man Asher, or one of his pals, or he photobombed this picture.

See also: Young Circles' Jordy Asher on Burying "StoneFuzz," Rapping, & Leaving Genres Behind

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Music That Spotify Has Left Behind

Categories: The Internet

Sayre Berman
There is a misconception about Spotify. That is places all the music in the world merely a click away.

The online streaming service has changed the way we consume music. And it does allow you to type in the name of pretty much any artist, song, or album, and listen to them on your computer or smart phone in its entirety. It's turning on the sonically curious to entirely new genres and facilitates any musical research we've had to do recently. It's also has been a final death knell to CD collections everywhere.

As of last year, Spotify claimed to offer 20 million songs. However, there are still some small, as well as some rather large, holes in Spotify's library. Here are the most obvious and unfortunate vacuums preventing Spotify from being all-encompassing.

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Native Florida Tap Room & Music Hall Closes: Kilmo Doome Blasts Casino Industry

Categories: The Internet

Michael Llerena

It is a proper shame to lose a venue of any sort in South Florida, particularly in Broward County. We don't exactly have a wealth of nice places to house live music, let alone one willing to handle some of the sonic baptisms and noise rituals in which many of our local favorites deal.

Native Florida Tap Room & Music Hall owner Kilmo Doome was happy to throw nearly all of the sounds our locals could produce through a professional-grade PA without question or judgement. That, you see, is the beautiful thing about a bar owner who is a musician. She or he, in this case, understands the nature of live performance, and the fact that no musician (or artist, as Kilmo would insist they are) believes their songs are best suited as background music to the drinking of beer and the schmoozing of patrons.

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- Native Florida Tap Room & Music Hall Offers South Florida's Coolest New Hangout
- Native Florida Tap Room and Music Hall Thursday Night Tryouts for Local Talent

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Vote Now for New Times' Best of Broward Palm Beach Readers' Poll Winners, or Forever Hold Your Peace

Categories: The Internet

Maybe we don't tell you often enough, readers, but we at County Grind actually really care about your opinion. Not just if you think this blog makes us look chunky, or if you think we should talk to this or that American Idol, but like your favorite places to see strippers and preferred art galleries to frequent in Broward and Palm Beach.

Thus, we've come to a time again in our internet lives when we share the 2013 Readers' Poll experience with you.

After asking the you to nominate your favorite Broward/Palm Beach rappers and dance club, artist, and so forth, we compiled a list of the top five in each category. And now it's time to empower yourself to vote!

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Five Dances Better Than the Harlem Shake

Categories: The Internet
Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 9.02.32 PM.png
The Harlem Shake. If you're as annoyed by this trend as we are, then we don't blame you for not wanting to read more. Shit grows and decays so fast here on the internet, who knows what the hell you're into right now?

See also
- Five Things You Need to Make Your Own "Harlem Shake" Video

But just to give you an idea as to how big this thing is... According to a YouTube Trends report published last week, as of February 15, more than 40,000 Harlem Shake videos had been uploaded to YouTube with a combined 175 million views. So if you're trying to find a (real) Harlem Shake tutorial video -- which is how we spend our Saturdays -- good fuckin' luck, because all you'll come across are about 50,000 results of dudes going mental.
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Five Things You Need to Make Your Own "Harlem Shake" Video

harlem shake 250.png
The internet is teeming with ridiculous, over-the-top, crap trends that make "hip you" blush with shame.

But secretly, there's an "inner you" who wants to burst out of your coolcoon and hop on it. The "it" being hopped on right now is the Harlem Shake, a video lasting about 30 seconds that includes the song "Harlem Shake" by Baauer.

Thousands of videos have already been uploaded to YouTube, each including one person dancing in the beginning, increasing their groove when the beat drops. And when it drops, that shit drops hard.

Here are five things you need to make your own "Harlem Shake" video.

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Five Mad Faded #CloudRap Facts From H∆SHTAG$ Video featuring Spaceghostpurrrp and Robb Bank$

Robb Bank$ is so high, he's on Cloud 69.
It was only two years ago when the pop cultural climate had not yet been saturated with swag, and terms like hipster-hop began to allude to the forthcoming zeitgeist.

See also:
- Robb Bank$: Hip-Hop Artist and Anime Superfan (VIDEO)

As we all know, the Internet speeds up the development of micro-genres by like 2000%. And now we're all floating on hashtags defining genres that sometimes end up being paragraphs long. #enoughisenough

Luckily, the term "cloud rap" is dreamy enough to make us comfortable writing the words, and also, given our affections for locals Robb Bank$ and Spaceghostpurrp, who appear in this Red Bull video about the subgenre, we accept this hash.

Here are five things we learned about these two artists and cloud rap from the trippy ten minutes of rap-talk action.
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Senator Marco Rubio's Spotify Track List Is as Lame as He Is

If the one thing you're dedicated to in life is music, and are totally committed to remaining totally out of touch with politics, first of all, no. And second of all, turns out Spotify is a good way for your lazy ass to learn about those who you (even by not voting) have elected to office.

Today, for instance, our U.S. Senator Marco Rubio's Spotify track list was posted on Politico Playbook. It demonstrates what a tool he is and makes us wonder if the list is all a setup so that we, the music-loving people, will learn to see him as a human and not a monster.

It's rife with stuff people who hate music listen to, like Coldplay and It lacks songs of real substance, except for two greats, Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight" and TuPac's "Changes." Both seem placed in there just so it seems like he gives a crap about "black people" problems.

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Revolution Live Hosts Revie Awards Online: Vote for Your Favorite Local Blog (Hint: Us)

Ian Witlen
True to its name, Revolution Live is a club for the people, by the people. This has been proven time and again. Revolution offers us plebes the best in all kinds of musical performances. They feed us the cake we like to eat. 

Thus, it's fitting that they're hosting the Revie Awards online where you can vote for your favorite Rev shows and even for the best local blog (County Grind, anyone?). Ian Bohan of the Revolution complex says of these honors: "We started the Revie Awards last year after conversations in the office about our favorite shows, production, flyers, et cetera, and then realized how interested we were in hearing from our concert goers and how they felt as well." This is where you, the people, come in. 

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