Five Bands That Sucked More with New Singers; Misfits' Michele Graves Plays Propaganda

It's pretty common for fans of the Misfits to shit on anything the band did following the departure of Glenn Danzig. All things considered, the re-animated Misfits was a totally different Frankenstein's monster than the original lineup, but we here at County Grind are secure enough to admit that there really is no such thing as a "guilty pleasure," and as such we submit that the Misfits albums featuring Michale Graves' velveteen croon were really fun records! They've got chugging guitars, pounding drums, plenty of horror film references, and more "whoa-oh-ohs" than you can shake a clenched fist at. 

And besides, there are plenty of legendary bands that continued to make records and tour with a fresh face on lead vox that sucked exponentially more relative to their previous lineups than the Graves era Misfits. Just to prove that point, here's a completely useless list to distract you from whatever constructive things you had planned to do on the internet today. 

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Justin Bieber's New Tattoo: A Tiny Indicator of More Bad Boy Behavior to Come?


Yo, guys. Justin Bieber just got a new tattoo, and it's real basic. Jabes (that's his name now, just deal with it) got a crown inked on his chest and the news (used loosely here) is pretty boring and unimpressive.

Look, we got love for JB, out of just general respect for an entertainer working hard in this industry, but it's pretty obvious that BieeBiee is going through the motions. The coveted celebrity's 18th birthday marked a milestone that was celebrated by many sexually repressed dudes and creepy older chicks. But the big year is affecting the kid in a serious way. This transitional phase is one of the weirdest in the teen-pop music game. It can turn you into Beyonce or make you a Jessica Simpson.

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Tattoo Tuesday: Ink and Pistons and Slushbox Art Gallery Grand Opening in West Palm Beach

Monica McGivern
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"Opening Ink and Pistons has been pretty hectic and all encompassing," tattoo artist, shop owner, and gallery curator JR Linton admitted. "We started looking for the right location almost two years ago. Most places we found didn't want to rent to a tattoo shop because they think it's a bad element." JR and his wife, StitchRock organizer Amanda Linton, finally found their humble inky abode on South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach and planted their tattooed roots. On Saturday night, Ink and Pistons opened its doors for a an eclectic art show and hot rod roundup. 

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World Record Winner for Most Signatures Tattooed on a Back Shows Us His Penis, Maybe (VIDEO)

Categories: Tattoo Tuesday
liz tracy tattoo.jpg
Jacob Katel
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You might have already seen the video that went all viral yesterday in which I interviewed a young lass getting her anus tattooed, live in front of an audience. If not, check it out. It's something that'll stick with you forever, much like the tattoo that graces her asshole. 

But this spectacle of both sadness and adventure wasn't the only thing we enjoyed ogling at the South Florida Tattoo Expo. Moments after we first glimpsed the tatted butt, we met Funky Matas. He claims to have the world record for most signatures tattooed on a back. And the motherfucker ain't kidding. He has what looks like hundreds on there, everyone from Flea to Rob Schneider. There are so many that one of the organizers walked up and pointed out her own name marked on his flesh. 

Funky also told us about how he gave himself a dick tattoo (for real) and explains the logistics of that. Perhaps I even got a peek of it myself. Watch after the jump. 

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Tattoo Tuesday: Dan TV of Formula Ink Plans to Die With a Tattoo Machine in His Hand

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It's not often someone goes by the name of an appliance, but tattoo artist Dan TV does. Growing up in York, Pennsylvania, he says, television was his babysitter. The nickname was given to him by a friend who, Dan relays, "said I reminded him of Mike TV from the original Willy Wonka movie. I would hold a complete convo, all the while, never taking my eyes off the screen. TV has always been my escape from reality."

Dan didn't go through the traditional, often grueling tattoo apprenticeship. Dan says, "I didn't pay anyone to teach me how tattoo. I learned by going to the tattoo shop pretty much everyday since I was sixteen-ish." When most of his peers were making weekend plans to get wasted or doing homework, Dan was watching people get inked. "I spent more time at the shop than going to high school," he jokes. "My mom can vouch for that."

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Bleubird on His First Misguided "Arabic" Tattoo: "I Just Tell People It Means 'Young Egyptian Lover's Brigade'"

Categories: Tattoo Tuesday
Courtesy of Chis Hill of Digital Cypher Photography for Impossible Project Test Film
Each tattoo, even the grody tramp stamp of a Mexican worm that appears in Bridesmaids, has its own story. And, since the tattoo taboo has melted away, it seems everyone, even the most powerful celebrities, sports stars, and musicians have at least one. One day, we'd love to ask Lil Wayne about his ink armor (and stupid face tats), or question pop princess and awesome mom Britney Spears about her collection of oddities. In that same vein, we sat down with local rhyme-slinger Bleubird to ask about his tattoo fetish and to hear his his ink tales.

The first time he went under the needle was for an Arabic inscription of his name at 18. "There was some sort of international day at my school," he laughs. "And I had this piece of paper with my name written in, like, 20 different languages." He settled on Arabic, because, he says, it looked awesome "compared to everyone else's Kanji [tattoos]." Bleubird found his way into "some janky" (whatever that means, we're guessing a mix of junk and tacky?) tattoo shop in downtown Orlando, and bit the bullet, or the needle, er, or bit something.

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Tattoo Tuesday With Michael "Pooch" Pucciarelli of Altered State Tattoo

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Previous Tattoo Tuesdays
DJ LinderSMASH's Gothic Fashion Guidebook

Michael "Pooch" Pucciarelli says he was raised "on a diet of Godzilla films, H.P. Lovecraft novels, and Walt Disney World." This multi-instrumental musician, fine artist, tattooer, and owner of West Palm's Altered State Tattoo is bringing what he calls a mix of "modern dark surrealism with traditional cultural components" to Green Room for the second installment of Art of Tattoo this Friday the Thirteenth.

Of his participation in Art of Tattoo, Pooch -- as he is most commonly referred to -- noted, "My friend [and Black Friday resident DJ] Linder asked me, and I love doing shows with other tattoo artists. It's inspiring and good to see that tattooists are taken seriously as artists."

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Tattoo Tuesdays: "Kreepy Tiki" Jackson Valiente of Kreepy Tiki Tattoos and Boutique

Popcorn Soul Revue (5 Points Lounge 5_12_2012) by Ian Witlen -1.jpg
Ian Whitlen
Though Jackson Valiente, AKA Kreepy Tiki Jaksin, has been tattooing for over a decade, he reveals, "My first job as an artist was as a tiki carver." Luckily for tattoo collectors, especially those fortunate enough to have a piece of this hellcat's work on their flesh, the new millennium had more human things in store for Valiente.

Following a formal apprenticeship, the Miami native opened Kreepy Tiki in Fort Lauderdale. The shop has grown considerably since the early days. Not only has Jackson and crew made "The Tiki" a staple of the hot-rod driving, pinup-loving crowd thanks to a nicely stocked clothing and accessories boutique, but he now employs seven full-time artists. Most recently, Valiente unveiled 5 Points Lounge in the space adjoining his tattoo shop, formerly the Monterey Club. The bar and music venue was named 2012's Best New Bar by New Times Broward Palm Beach. The Kreepy team transformed it into a laid-back speakeasy that shadows party people in shrines of saints lit by candlelight and refreshes them at a custom-made tiki bar. A fitting backdrop for Valiente's aesthetic and swag.

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Tattoo Tuesdays: Gwen "GiGi" Gersich of Formula Ink, Vol. I

Editor's Note: Tattoo Tuesdays highlight Broward and Palm Beach counties most beloved tattoo artists and shops. 

"I started hanging around tattoo shops when I was 16," Tattoo artist and Reno, Nevada, native Gwen Gersich, AKA "GiGi," says laughingly, "I ditched school on my 18th birthday to get my first." While she admits that the tattoo probably wasn't the most well-chosen (she has a good sized skull and crossbones on her leg, flames included), she doesn't regret it. "It sounds dumb, but it's what I wanted." 

However, Gwen didn't always know she wanted to become a tattoo artist. In fact, she spent most of her time growing skipping class to hang out in the art room and listen to classic rock with her teacher. "I've been doing art ever since I can remember," she tells us, "I was five years old when I had crayons for the first time, and just sort of grew from there with different mediums." 

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