Confessions of a Florida Supercon Volunteer

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Christina Mendenhall

I've seen some shit. Girls in vinyl, guys in nearly nothing, cross dressing cartoon characters, and even a few furries. A voluptuous Caitlyn from League of Legends spilling over her corset top. A man of steel whose manhood might have been made of steel. A teeny tiny Harley Quinn in her teeny tiny Quinn mobile. And oh, so many glued, sprayed, and dyed wigs.

Volunteering at Florida Supercon might have been the most exhausting 12 hours of my life, but also the absolute neatest.

For those of you considered too cool for cons, they are less sketchy-back-alley doings, and more of a ritualistic experience. Cons are the equivalent to geek church. A chapel to celebrate your poison: superheroes, comics, science fiction, manga/anime, or the underbelly of culture. Geeks and their brethren come out in force (and man did they) to support their idols.

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Top Ten Non-Comic Book Related Attractions at Florida Supercon

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Christina Mendenhall

Last comic book convention I attended was just that: a comic book convention. A small room in a hotel filled with dealers of rare and not so rare comics with maybe one table dedicated to baseball cards. One artist would be there to sign copies of comic books, and maybe if you asked nicely, he would draw an original sketch for you.

But comic books have blown up so big that actual comic books were hard to find at this past weekend's Florida Supercon. Merchants of comics and talented professionals were present in the massive two story complex housing this year's show, but they are a challenge to find nestled amongst sellers of swords, copies of movies on VHS, and the booth featuring former porn star Traci Lords.

So we present to you, the top ten non-comic book related attractions we spotted at 2013's Florida Supercon.

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Astari Nite's Mychael Ghost Florida Supercon "To Do" List

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Astari Night at the Bubble.jpg
Monica McGivern
A mere Supercon-related thought can conjure nerds in costume. It's like they can read minds! These guys and gals want Kevin Smith's autograph, and they want it NOW!

But in SoFla, we add a certain flare to our Cons. Miami's Florida Supercon tags on a music festival, featuring 50 bands that will play over four days, including Askultura, Space Between Words, Pretty Girls, and a slew of other acts.

Astari Nite is performing for their second year at the huge comic book extravaganza. Frontman Mychael Ghost says, "I can't imagine a year without performing at Supercon." That year would be very dark indeed.

Given that Ghost is not only a New Wave shoegazer, but also a fan of delightfully geeky entertainment, he shared with us his wants for the huge festival. "Last year, I ventured out into the lands of Supercon without a plan," he tells us, "This year, the intention will be to formulate a map in this mind of mine."

A map he kindly shared with all of us. Here is his official "to do" list for Florida Supercon 2013.

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Krysti Pryde on Her Portrayal in The Tester, "In Real Life, That's Just Not Me"

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Doug Fairall
We spoke with Krysti Pryde when she competed in the reality program The Tester.

It's hard to pick what first catches your eye when you meet Krysti Pryde. Is it her purple hair? Her height? Or maybe it's that she looks like a combination of Sailor Jerry and Sailor Moon. With a collection of nerd tattoos, including some related to the aforementioned leggy anime character, Krysti Pryde stands out in a crowd.

She's been gaining notoriety in part from the gaming reality TV show The Tester, as well as from various modeling gigs, including a cover of Tattoo Life Magazine. This year she was a featured guest at Florida Supercon this year. It was there that we hit her up to chat.

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Seventh Annual Supercon, 2012 - Doubletree Airport Convention Center, Miami - June 30

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Seventh Annual Supercon, 2012
Doubletree Airport Convention Center, Miami
June 29 to July 1, 2012

Florida Supercon 2012 slideshow here. 

Miami is no stranger to people dressed up in brightly colored wigs or slathered with tons of body paint, but this isn't South Beach at 1 a.m. This is Supercon. Home base for all things nerdcentric.

Driving to the con is a shitshow. There's no police to guide the traffic, so it takes about an hour or so just to get near the building. But all of that is quickly forgotten as you enter the convention center and are immediately welcomed with bright colors, loud noises, and thousands of gamers, comic fans, cosplayers, the occasional playboy bunny, and anything you enjoy that might earn you the title of "geek". There are aisles and aisles of vendors selling and displaying various art and objects, including vinyl decals, posters of your favorite sci-fi characters, stuffed animals, bow ties, Jean Luc Picard life-sized cardboard cutouts, stuff like that.
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