Top Five Local Bands to Catch at SunFest 2014

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Kara Starzyk
Speaking Volumes

Did April sneak up on you? It's like the past few months have been one big blur. Now the sun is out and shining and SunFest is 'round the corner.

The last weekend in April means the same thing every year for a dedicated South Floridian: live music and long nights in downtown West Palm Beach. And while the Robin Thickes and Kid Rocks of the world will no doubt bring out the dancing queens and country kings to town, this is a key time to absorb those acts that make our local live music scene special too.

The bands that play in your backyard all year will also grace the SunFest stages. Take Surfer Blood, for instance. The band paid its dues as a local favorite before making it big on the indie scene and taking a piece of West Palm pride with it as it toured the world. This year, it's back at SunFest with a legit slot.

So, we wonder, who will be the next local band to come full circle? We can't quite crown the next victor, but we can do some serious contemplation. Here are our picks for the top five Florida bands playing SunFest 2014 that are ready to really make a name for themselves.

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Ten Best Acts to See at SunFest 2014

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Morgan Coleman

Every year, SunFest sweeps through West Palm Beach, bringing with it plenty of new and classic acts that draw both the youngest and oldest music fans of the tricounty area.

This year, the lineup stays true to those of the past. It keeps it balanced so that your grandma, your kid, and your dog are all able to find genuine entertainment out there at the end of Clematis.

We took a minute to choose a few of the acts we'd most like to check out at SunFest. We think you might agree.

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SunFest 2014 Lineup: Kid Rock, Robin Thicke, J. Cole, Austin Mahone

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Sayre Berman

Every year around this time, we spend hours staring at the computer, hitting refresh, waiting for the lineup for downtown West Palm Beach's most massive music festival to hit the web. And finally, this morning, SunFest announced the schedule for the acts that'll be performing seaside at the 32nd-annual blowout. The whole thing will be held from April 30 to May 4, where Clematis Street ends and the water begins.

Keep on clicking on to read who'll be rocking and rapping in our backyard this spring. Not all dates are announced, but most are. Ticket information is available too.

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SunFest's Top 10 Most Memorable Fashions

Jessica Daly

Besides a small minority of Lilly Pulitzer lovin' hipsters and like 30 Japanese chicks, there's no young person in the world looking to West Palm Beach for fashion advice. Not that they shouldn't, but it's not like a night out on Clematis is the same as opening the pages of W. But, you know, who the hell wants to look like a space alien in stilettos anyway?

SunFest, this past week in PBC, did have some pretty strong fashion moments though. Despite it not being as chic as Milano, it's also not nearly as obnoxious as Ultra (shiver), and SunFesters know how to have a bit of fun with their looks. Get ready for some mom-like criticism and old man style lovin'.

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Stabbing During Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller Performances at SunFest Kills the Vibe

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Ian Witlen

A festival typically known for its laid-back, family-friendly atmosphere, West Palm Beach's SunFest came to a violent conclusion this Sunday, with one stabbing and two arrests made while popular hip-hop acts Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller performed.

According to the South Florida site, an anonymous police source reported the news, citing as many as 60 gate-jumpers helping add to the chaos during their sets.

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Jimmy Cliff Made Us Cry at SunFest in West Palm Beach

Ian Witlen

You know those days when a well-crafted Hallmark commercial makes you weep like someone just stomped on your pet hamster? Premenstrual ladies? Coke-heads? Ya feel me?!

Well, when my eyes kept welling up watching Jimmy Cliff preach the reggae gospel of "peace and love" to a swarm of sweaty SunFesters, I wondered if it was just "one of those moments" or an actual moment. By the end of his ridiculously energetic hour and a half long set, I was certain that it was the concert experience that got me into a great big authentic emotional twist.

Cliff is a 65-year old monster. He twerked. He jumped higher than David Lee Roth. He became a lion with a roar, a pharaoh in his tomb with stillness, a tree in the wind with smooth tai chi movements. Jimmy Cliff most definitely earned every one of my tears.

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Mac Miller Versus Kendrick Lamar: SunFest MC Battle 2013

Ian Witlen

The skies cleared for the last day of the 31st annual SunFest, finally allowing the summer-kickoff waterfront jam to live up to its name. The sun was shining, and fiercely, the entire afternoon as Canadian comedic pop rock troupe Barenaked Ladies performed on the festival's main Ford Stage. For the rest of the day, it was dominated by rappers and turntables.

The two hip-hop headliners Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar are both West Palm crowd pleasers. But we took it upon ourselves to pit the two against each other in an MC battle. They didn't know they were up for any wins or losses, and we ain't gonna tell you who won right here, but read on to see who dominated the stage at SunFest.

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Life in Color with DJs David Solano and Morgan Page - SunFest, West Palm Beach - Day 4

Jessica Daly

On day four, SunFest festivities in downtown West Palm Beach took a decidedly EDM turn as flocks of teens donning white tanks, neon sweatbands, bikini tops and every possible kind of booty-short flooded the grounds lining the intracoastal waterway. The vibe was a lot less like the "mini Woodstock" my dad described from his memories of the '80s SunFests, and much more like a mutant offspring of Miami's annual rave spectacle, Ultra.

After days of heavy rain, flooding finally gave way to clear skies and summer temperatures, adding fuel to those already amped for Life in Color, "the World's Largest Paint Party." The headlining event at the Ford main stage delivered five hours of non-stop EDM shreddage, accompanied by beat-matched cannon blasts of water-soluble dayglo body paint splattered across the crowd.

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Gary Clark Jr. and the Black Crowes - SunFest, West Palm Beach - Day Three

Jessica Daly

Better than: Hippie bullshit, man.

It is occasionally necessary for us to break the proverbial fourth wall when reviewing a show. This adds perspective, tempers the critiques that toe the line of hyperbole, and allows us to shamelessly express glowing opinions that, without preface, would undermine our dedication to unbiased reviews.

With that said, there was a time in my life when I wanted to be a member of the Black Crowes.

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Smashing Pumpkins, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - SunFest, West Palm Beach - May 1

Jessica Daly

Sunfest? More like Spatefest! The rain was out in full force last night for the opening of the 31st annual waterfront West Palm Beach music and arts festival. We were wondering -- considering it always starts on the cusp of our rainy season -- was calling this five-day-long festival "SunFest," a cruel joke? No matter, it was not the first time the festival was marred by drizzle, so the natives came prepared.

Yes, the poncho was haute couture on Wednesday night, an evening that, through the years, has become recognized SunFest's more alternative, and indie-leaning night. "New Music Night," it was called a few years back, and this year, although not carrying that moniker it featured bands with a less mainstream bend. Portland, Oregon's experimental pop group Aan, the neo-psychedelic Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and alt rock giants the Smashing Pumpkins.

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