10 Essential Spring Break Fashions

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Logan Fazio
A red Solo cup can be a fashion statement. Keep reading.

You've been working that treadmill for months and going hard with all those WODs, because for one week in the middle of winter, your body flesh can experience the warmth of the South Florida sun. That wonderful week is called Spring Break.

And because this is such a significant moment in your young lives, you want to be prepared to fit in on the sand. So, as locals, we've put together a helpful guide to the 10 essential Spring Break fashions you should recognize before stepping foot on a plane or jumping in those salty 75 degree waves.

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Ten Wildest Spring Break Bars in Fort Lauderdale

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Alex Markow

Congratulations! You've been working your asses off for what seems like an eternity, and now you've made it to the best week of them all: spring break. It's a truly magical time! You can skip town and transform yourself into that person who slugs down shots like a champ, works a tabletop dance like an actual stripper, and gets laid with great ease.

If you're one of the many people who have decided to grace Fort Lauderdale with your feisty presence this 2014, you're in luck. We've compiled a list of the ten wildest spots for you to drink like it's the day before Prohibition.

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Five Ways to Score With a Hot Spring Breaker

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Alex Markow
These girls will not miss. They will score.

Though South Florida has the hottest natives anyplace outside of Brazil, sometimes the sexy pot can feel a bit lacking for locals. You end up making out with the same old rotation of regulars every other week (or every night of the week, if you're newly divorced or still in college).

So, spring break offers a nice opportunity to mix things up sensually. You can definitely meet someone new and from Minnesota. You'll probably end up forming only a short-lived romance with this out-of-towner, but ain't nothing wrong with getting sleazy with a stranger during this fine seasonal ritual. It's mating season, and you're an animal. Own it.

Since this writer is a female, she shall approach this pickup guide from the stance of a woman. However, the same stuff applies for those males longing for a bit of fresh meat.

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Best Spring Break Drink Specials in Fort Lauderdale

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Alex Markow
It's that time of year again -- that time when Fort Liquordale makes its magical transformation into Fort Liquordale on crack. 

It's spring break 2013, and in anticipation of all the alcohol consumption, we've compiled a guide to drinking (as cheaply as possible) at all the best spring break-friendly hot spots in town. 

From the beach to Hard Rock, we have all your bases covered. Get out your beer goggles and don't forget your sunscreen; the year's about to get sloppy.

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How to Dress Like a Fort Lauderdale Spring Breaker

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Spring Break Fort Lauderdale 2013 (3_3_2013)_by Ian Witlen-8309.jpg
Ian Witlen

All everyone who never went on a skeezy spring break romp has been talking about lately is the upcoming Harmony Korine film Spring Breakers. The trailer indicates that what you'll find poolside during the first weeks of March in South Florida, is James Franco in a horribly distracting bronze-colored grill, Zac Efron's and Justin Bieber's exes all really psyched about killing, and a whole lotta dubstep. 

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That last one is probably accurate. But we in Fort La-di-da-di-we-likes-ta-partay know that even though the film makes spring break look a lot more trouble than its worth, it's actually going to define "time of your life."

In reality, spring break is a week of vile, vomit-inducing binge drinking, humping of ugly strangers, and dealing with seriously inflamed, sunburnt flesh. In a word, it's liberating. When you're down here working on your "tan" and "meeting new people," you'll want to know how to barely cover your bum, so we put together a little primer on how to dress like a Fort Lauderdale spring breaker. 

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