Soko Heads to South Florida With Three Tricounty Shows

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When it comes to a romanticized backstory, few have one as remarkable as French musician and actress Soko. Between bullet points that include wringing a hit single in Denmark from the keys of bedroom laptop and scoring starring roles in art house feature films, Soko's history could very well be wrought from the very dreams of really any creative millennial seeking success in a world that no longer seems to listen nor care. Or maybe a vignette based on Tumblr fashion photos.

And though that all sounds dandy, most who have been paying attention understand the potential Soko possess to rise to the pantheon of contemporary superstars. This year she releases the highly anticipated followup to I Thought I Was An Alien, she's touring in support of Foster the People, and somehow finds the time to star in four feature length films. Soko will also be doing a string of intimate South Florida shows that we expect will be your last opportunity to see the young artist in such cozy digs for a very, very long time if the next year follows predictions.

Soko talked to New Times about the possibility of living with tons of kids and cats.

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Boca Singer Carly Jo Jackson Makes America's Got Talent Audition

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Forgive us if we Floridians get a little pumped when someone we know is on TV for a positive reason. Recently, when Alex and Sierra (who had ties to Florida Atlantic University) won X Factor, we were pleasantly surprised, just like when West Palm's Cassadee Pope went from pop-punk act Hey Monday to killing it on The Voice. We're thus happy to announce that local guitar cutie Carly Jo Jackson made it past round one of America's Got Talent auditions.

She's still the same bubbly, quirky, down-to-earth girl we always knew. Last time we spoke with the future star, it was huddled on a small, outside table at the Funky Buddha, but this interview was timed and over the phone with an NBC rep on the line. Check out our conversation to learn how she prepped for the audition, her infamous peeing problem, and what she really thinks about Howard Stern.

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Florida Duo Alex & Sierra Win X Factor

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It was a close one this season on X Factor, with Jeff Gutt, Alex & Sierra and Carlito Olivero as finalists. Well, maybe not so much Olivero as his fan base consisted of 12 year old girls screaming for his "caliente" dance moves. Gutt, however, had a rough-around-the-edges-but-sexy-rocker voice, a brother in the retired services and an adorable bouncing boy in the audience the camera would strategically pan to. Yet, he was no match for the inseparable duo that was Alex & Sierra, a couple from Central Florida.

Yes, Florida. Florida is in the news for something positive and not for its questionable judicial system, weird criminals (the pooping roof masturbator, anyone?) or its too-warm-for-Christmas weather. What's even cooler is that Alex Kinsey, the Y chromosome of the couple, attended FAU for a bit and even recorded a track on Hoot Wisdom Recordings' album CompOWLation Vol.II called "I Like It."

Adam Kampf, drummer of local indie rock band the Pathetique and student at FAU is (obviously) happy about the win. "It's interesting because they are the most genuine people, and to see them win is not surprising at all. Not only do they deserve it because they are incredible singers, but they are incredibly selfless towards everyone they meet. I'm very proud and happy to call them my friends, X Factor or not."

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Lovers Key Perform During Art Basel Tonight


Back in March, we introduced you to Christopher Moll's newest musical exploit. We saw Moll continuing to yearn for yesteryear with his musical inclinations; the Lovers Key, like the Postmarks before them, presents a throwback sound that hints the group's records are vinyl gems rescued from some studio's magic vault.

The Lovers Key differs greatly from the Postmarks, for one, gone are the dulcet vocals of Tim Yehezkely replaced by the powerful soulful timbre of Maco Monthervil. Secondly, the Lovers Key is a much more of an R&B project, with Moll reaching deep for that Motown bump bump.

The Postmarks achieved moderate national success, gracing the stages of major music festivals such as Lollapalooza and receiving critical acclaim from high profile magazines such as Rolling Stone and Spin. Although that act fizzled, Moll's new outfit is starting to gain traction. The duo is coming off its well-received major debut performance at last month's Clematis Street, Halloween, scantily glad ghoulish block party, MoonFest. And, the two-piece just finished waxing its debut full-length.

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Bonnie Riot Releases Album to "Chongas Willing to Shake Their Booties"

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Bonnie Riot-thumb-500x500.jpg
The long overdue debut record from Lake Worth-based indie rawk troupe Bonnie Riot will be unveiled this Saturday night at Propaganda. On and off since 2004, this female-fronted danceable, power-punk group has endured many epic highs and lows in order to put out this EP.

At its core, Bonnie Riot is founding members Milly La Madrid and Luis Sanabria, who have persevered through countless lineup changes. Their act was revitalized by the addition of its most recent members, giving their sound a punchy and raw rebirth. The band with the gag name that stuck has all its ducks in row now and, according to La Madrid, and recorded its six best tracks for this album.

New Times chatted with the invigorated unit about its long-awaited songs on wax, desire to take over Miami, and love of chongas.

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Ten Miamians Who Should Diss Lil' Wayne

Has Pitbull started a local revolution against Weezy F. Baby?
Yesterday, Pitbull, the 305's reigning lord of reggaeton-rap responded directly to Cash Money, Young Money mogul Lil Wayne's extensive shittalking against the Miami Heat and the team's Holy Trinity of LeBron, Wade, and Chris Bosh's wife.

More specifically, Mr. 305 released a track instructing Wayne to refrain from "shitting where he eats" and -- to our grand delight -- Para de comer tanta pinga. Which, in so many words, is a command that Birdman Junior eat dick.

Pitbull's localism should be a bold example for every star in Dade County to stand up and defend these millionaire athletes from this millionaire pop star.

Here are ten celebs we'd like to see go after Weezy next.

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SoFla Flow: Resolvers' Big Band Reggae Is Billboard Big

Big Band Reggae.jpg
The supercool album cover was done by local artist Marc Paperscissor.

SoFla Flow pays tribute to South Florida's wonderful jam-band, reggae, and related activity: heady, homegrown, local stuff.

​Deerfield Beach band the Resolvers' new album, Big Band Reggae, debuted at number five on the Billboard Reggae Charts, and that was before it was released online, which happened last week. As readers may have picked up on from various posts (here and here, for example), County Grind thinks this band deserves all the little gold stars of feedback that it can receive. 

Big Band Reggae is a profoundly original statement in the world of reggae, both the album and the sound to which the title refers: the well-nurtured child that this 11-piece musical family has been bringing into the world for a couple of years now. On the six-song record, it's clear that not only is the child up on its own two feet but it's dancing like James Brown. The record delivers it so well that the listener can't help but shake loose and join in.

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Kulcha Shok Brings New Reggae Party to Fort Lauderdale

James Stafford
This Rasta wizard is bringing his magic to Lauderdale. Yes I!

While the reggae scenes in surrounding areas like Boca and Miami have been maturing like young dreadlocks, with lots of shows from up-and-coming local bands at spots like the Funky Buddha, the scene in Fort Lauderdale has been less natty.

The beloved Fourth Dimension rocks Fat Cat's downtown once a week, and Lauderdale gets big touring acts at Revolution and Culture Room once in a while, but it has seemed for some time like Lauderdale could use some attention so that it may begin to lock up as its own dread on the larger SoFla Rasta head, if you will.

Well, we're pleased to announce that a new knot is forming. Local reggae personality extraordinaire Lance-O of Kulcha Shok is bringing his energy and expertise to Fort Lauderdale with a new weekly reggae party...right near da' beach, boiiii!

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DuBBle James' Jim Wuest on "Live" Electronic Music

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dubble james.jpg
Wuest tweaking knobs in real time

Winter Music Conference, the annual week long celebration of bleeps, blips and untz, untz, untz, is once again descending upon South Florida. To celebrate the knob tweaking dance-a-thon, Brotherly Love Productions is throwing a kickoff show at the Stage in Miami this Friday which will spotlight a recent trend within the world of electronic music: live, band-style renditions of bot produced music.

Now, just where the line is between "live" and "not" is debatable, especially if you can go along with the idea that turntables and records are instruments and that knob tweaking and clicks of the mouse happen in the present moment just like taps on a hand drum.

However, what all the acts performing as part of Jamtronic Chronic WMC Kickoff Party have in common is the presence of musicians on stage playing instruments that can make music without the help of electricity-- like basses, drums, guitars, and pianos (well, keyboards at least) -- and jam sensibility inspired by acts like the Disco Biscuits.

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Five Local Acts Not to be Missed at Aura Music Festival

Andrew Coury
Resolvers and their SoFla colleagues are ready to get it on!

​Part of the beauty of a good Florida festival is that it provides opportunities to discover acts that don't make many appearances way down here on the peninsula. This weekend, bands will be traveling from as far away as Philadelphia and Colorado in order to bring their goodness to Aura Fest up the road in St. Cloud.

Also though, the festival provides a platform for local and regional bands to throw down extra hard and show fans and newcomers alike what they've got. 

The fest energy is conducive to big moments and magic breakthroughs. This weekend, a handful of South Florida's finest jam units are in position to blow it out for the big crowd.

While you pack your bags and coolers, pump these jams from our beloved locals. And be sure to make it to their sets throughout the fest to show support, and to enjoy!

Check out the schedule here.

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