Ten Sexiest Photos from Paul Oakenfold's Set at Gryphon Nightclub, Hollywood

paul oakenfold-96.jpg
Monica McGivern
If you were beaten by the bass and trance-ported to a divine electronic headspace this weekend, you were definitely '90s-tripping to Paul Oakenfold's DJ set at Gryphon.

The nightclub was packed with sweaty, animal flesh. The crowd was amped and ready to rave into a darkened bedroom after a night of lights pulsing on the dance floor and guzzling magnums of champagne. Click on for our 10 sexiest shots from the show.

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Anthrax Quiets Sniveling Internet Pirates at Revolution (Photos)

Categories: Slideshows
Anthrax (Revolution 11_2_2011)_by_Ian Witlen-56_scott.jpg
Photo by Ian Witlen
If you didn't read yesterday's Q&A with Anthrax's Scott Ian, check it out here. The guy gnashes into people who illegally download music, and 54 comments (and counting) continue the debate today. In Ian's words: "You still can't steal a ticket to come see us. That side of it is still there for us, because you can't replicate a live show. I don't care how many videos you watch on YouTube, it's not the same as being there. Thank God for that." And Ian Witlen's photography does much to further Scott Ian's argument.More »

Kiss Kruise Slideshow: View 45 Photos From the High Seas

Photo by Ian Witlen
The madness of the Kiss Kruise's maiden voyage, which took place October 13-17 aboard the Carnival Destiny, is still ringing in our ears, and the salty air is still in our nostrils. And, thanks to the hard work of photographer Ian Witlen -- and the support of Sixthman -- there are lots of visuals that will never be forgotten. The four days at sea are carefully documented in our Kiss Kruise slideshow, which assembles 45 indelible images (and we have lots more) from the weekend.

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Photos: Lil Wayne Honors Prince for I Am Still Music Tour at Cruzan Amphitheatre

Categories: Slideshows
Photo by Sayre Berman
Lil Wayne brought the I Am Still Music Tour back to South Florida last night, and though he's reportedly staying sober, there was a different type of purp on everyone's mind during his performance. Weezy paid homage to Prince with a tee bearing one of the Purple Rain mastermind's greatest compositions, "Raspberry Beret."

We did not hang with the legions of hip-hop fans gathered at Cruzan Amphitheatre last night, but photographer Sayre Berman did. Here are some choice selections from the slideshow from last night, also featuring Rick Ross, Keri Hilson, Lloyd, Far East Movement, and Porcelain Black.

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Slideshow: Bruise Cruise 2011

Photo by Ian Witlen
Professional surfers/partiers.
Let's see if Hipster Runoff has any thoughts about Ian Witlen's gallery of shots from last weekend Bruise Cruise aboard the Carnival Imagination. After reading our coverage of Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3, here's some more visual accompaniment for what occurred on the high seas with 400 hipsters trapped on a big, buoyant piece of metal.

Ex-MTV personality John Norris was there, by the way. So was this guy who knew how to play the inflatable guitar. Also, can you spot the County Grind blogger in this photo?

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Slideshow: Mike Mineo's Nashville Road Trip

Categories: Slideshows
Photo by Alex Markow
Don't make Mike Mineo turn this Econoline around.
In January, area singer/songwriter fella Mike Mineo went mobile to really tap into his soulful side up in Nashville. Photographer Alex Markow hopped in the van with Mineo and his brother Johnny for the excursion.

The resulting product was a four-track EP, titled B Is the Key, created specially for U.K. label Fulfill Records.

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Slideshow: New Year's Eve With the Masses on Clematis

Categories: Slideshows
Photo by Stephanie Colaianni
Kiss it out. No one is judging you tonight.
The toilers here at County Grind got emails from our mothers on New Year's Eve. Their pleading was reminiscent of numerous protective parents on the eve in which many drunk and dangerous drivers are on the road: "Park your butt somewhere for the night and don't move until morning."

So what did we do? We went to Clematis Street. 

There we joined the hoards of partygoers looking forward to a night of letting loose with local music and a Wild 95.5 DJ being dropped in lieu of a ball.

Didn't make it? Luckily for you we had a photographer present to capture all the shenanigans. Click here to see the 43 photos in all their glory. 

Zitfest 2010 Is History, but 40 Photos Live On

Categories: Slideshows
Photo by Monica McGivern
Zitfest, in sum.
The final piece of County Grind's coverage of Zitfest, a two-day musical engorgement on the forehead of South Florida that proved impossible to ignore, is this collection of photographs lovingly compiled by Monica McGivern. This welcome introduction of 19 bands to Lake Park's Orange Door -- facilitated in part by the Jameses, and peopled by several artists who created the Top 10 South Florida Releases -- will hopefully be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Read reviews of Day 1 here, and Day 2 here.

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Y100 Jingle Ball at BankAtlantic Center, December 11

Photo by Sayre Berman
Where's the mistletoe at?
Saturday's Y100 Jingle Ball at the BankAtlantic Center was a night of amazing hits, and even more amazing pants -- or no pants, in the case of Katy Perry. Photographer Sayre Berman got a load of great shots throughout the night, and the full 41-photo slideshow is here. And her review of the concert is here.

County Grind could not personally attend, but we're intimately familiar with the lineup. What follows is some extremely useful commentary based upon the night's best shots.More »

Slideshow: 97.9's No Snow Ball at Mizner Park, December 4

Categories: Slideshows
Photo by Kristian Andrew
R&B-funk-rap collective Michael Franti & Spearhead and piano songstress Sara Bareilles were the two biggest draws for Saturday's free No Snow Ball show on WRMF 97.9's dime in Boca Raton. At the right, Bareilles looks more than comfortable with a guitar in her hands, but it's that pick in her right hand that seems to be the part giving her some anxiety. The show proved to be a night of collaborations, and plenty of dancing with Franti at the end.

Click here to see Kristian Andrew's slideshow from the event.

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