Breast in Peace at Radio-Active Records This Saturday With Live Music and Pink Vinyl


It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and you know, dear readers, that saving tatas is a cause we can really get behind. In all seriousness, breast cancer is one of the most curable forms of cancer. About one in eight American women will develop it in their lifetimes, and nearly 100 percent of women diagnosed in the early stages can be treated and cured.

If you are like us, you probably find yourself not having the proper dapper suit or enough coin to get inside one of the plethora of Pink Ribbon luncheons taking place in Palm Beach and Broward counties this month. But the great folks over at Radio-Active Records have a way for real people like us to contribute with Breast in Peace.

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Retro Arcade Night Returns to Fort Lauderdale This Saturday with Gaming World Champs

arcade game sales 5.JPG
The men behind the arcades.

To all you retro gamers out there, there's some good news in the horizon; After a year long hiatus, Retro Arcade Night returns this Saturday, September 20, at Arcade Game Sales.

It's the first Arcade Night held at the new location on 279 E. Oakland Park Boulevard with double the space and double the games. Additionally, this will be a particularly auspicious event because, announced earlier in the week, gaming celebrity, and star of the documentary King of Kong, Billy Mitchell, will be in attendance.

We caught up with event host Steve Kleisath, who on July 22, scored 3,784,050 points on the original Mario Brothers game and found himself landing as the second highest ranked Mario Brothers player in the world (as verified by video game world record tracking website Twin Galaxies.) Local music fans may recognize Kleisath as the steady beat-keeper for influential proto-emo group Further Seems Forever, but many may not be familiar with his alter ego as a retro gaming mack daddy. Kleisath has done a stellar job balancing between drum stick and joystick.

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Too Future's Anniversary Party Honors the Bass


One year ago, we parked our car along a side street off Himmarshee in downtown Fort Lauderdale and followed the sound.

It led us to Original Fat Cat's where, on a cool Monday night, deep, slow-wobbling vibrations oozed like molasses over an otherwise motionless city block. By midnight, the dark interior of the bar had filled with a crowd who swayed their bodies and moved their arms in undulating waves to the bass music.

It was the inaugural night of Too Future, a party that over the next several months would bring some of the world's most coveted and respected underground dubstep DJs to the devout bassheads of South Florida. It aimed to offer an answer to the rampant club scene of overblown, oversaturated, commercialized EDM. It aimed to be "anti-pop."

"Our vision is a unified tri-county bass music scene that will help the push to educate people about music that is not served to them on a commercial platter," says Gaurav Khanna, one of the original Too Future founders, who also DJs and helms booking and internet marketing duties.

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Lovers Key Perform During Art Basel Tonight


Back in March, we introduced you to Christopher Moll's newest musical exploit. We saw Moll continuing to yearn for yesteryear with his musical inclinations; the Lovers Key, like the Postmarks before them, presents a throwback sound that hints the group's records are vinyl gems rescued from some studio's magic vault.

The Lovers Key differs greatly from the Postmarks, for one, gone are the dulcet vocals of Tim Yehezkely replaced by the powerful soulful timbre of Maco Monthervil. Secondly, the Lovers Key is a much more of an R&B project, with Moll reaching deep for that Motown bump bump.

The Postmarks achieved moderate national success, gracing the stages of major music festivals such as Lollapalooza and receiving critical acclaim from high profile magazines such as Rolling Stone and Spin. Although that act fizzled, Moll's new outfit is starting to gain traction. The duo is coming off its well-received major debut performance at last month's Clematis Street, Halloween, scantily glad ghoulish block party, MoonFest. And, the two-piece just finished waxing its debut full-length.

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Freak Kings Bring "Punk Rock Style" Sideshow to Lake Worth

Norman Blake via Freak Kings website.

Looking to get freaked out? Propaganda, Lake Worth's resident rock spot, is switching it up this Wednesday and featuring an act that plays with your eyes instead of for your ears. The Freak Kings hail from Brooklyn, New York, but are calling the road home through July as they embark on a summer tour. Not your typical traveling performers, the Freak Kings don't play instruments or do literally anything else you would expect of them.

We chatted with Baron Von Geiger, who along with his partner Illustrated Penguin, has created a self proclaimed "punk rock style" sideshow that puts traditional shows to shame. Baron said, "We like to joke around and ask people, 'When you think of a sideshow, what do you think of?' Usually, it's sword-swallowing, fire-eating, and a bed of nails. And normally, you don't see any of those things at our show."

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Limp Bizkit, the Worst Florida Band, Announces Tour Kickoff in Fort Lauderdale

"I've seen the devil of violence, and the devil of greed, and the devil of hot desire; but, by all the stars! These were strong, lusty, red-eyed devils..." - Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness
It's 2013, and hating on Limp Bizkit, their frontman, Fred Durst, or the moshing-in-JNCOs rap-rock universe of which they are a cornerstone, is something like shamelessly combining the easiest elements of stealing candy from a baby, shooting fish in a barrel, and trolling for lulz.

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- 10 Worst Florida Bands of All Time

It's a job better left for hipster-norm pseudo-aesthetes like Chuck Klosterman. It's much more our style to take the road less traveled, revisit the Bizkit's legacy with new ears, and figure out where the band successfully produces art, regardless of how we feel about it personally.

But, uh, in the case of Durst, the band's arbitrarily costumed guitarist, Wes Borland, and whoever the fuck else is in Limp Bizkit, we may have met our match.

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Andrea Bocelli is Droppin' Panties and Inducing Operatic Orgasms, February 8 at BB&T

Andrea Bocelli: Professional panty dropper.
Pop-opera (Pop-era? Sorry!) phenom, Andrea Bocelli, could easily gain the distinction of being named County Grind's #1 MVP on Planet Earth.

Well, not really, but you know, he's great. But in this particular instance the "P" stands for, you guessed it, panty dropper!

Yes. It's true. Andrea Bocelli has more hoes - in more area codes - than Ludacris, Hugh Hefner, and Bill Clinton combined, and multiplied by 69. At least that's what we think.

And the record-smashing crossover sensation is looking to add a few more 954s to his lil' black book.

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Tina and Her Pony Talk Magical Experiences and Indie Appalachian Folk

LAUGHING 72dpi copy.jpg

American folk duo, Tina and her Pony, doesn't actually consist of any equine creatures. The Asheville to Taos act has been touring Southern Florida from the Keys to Davie, and Saturday night,  Tina Collins (songwriter, vocals, guitar, banjo, ukulele) and Quetzal Jordan (songwriter, vocals, guitar, cello) will make their last Sunshine State stop at the Beat Cup Cafe in Delray Beach. Before the show, we caught up with Collins and chatted about profoundly magical experiences and nonstop touring. 

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The Darkness Kicks Off "Let Them Eat Cakes!" World Tour at Revolution Live, January 10

The Darkness
Does anyone else not care even a dusty fart's worth about the Rolling Stones' 50th anniversary? 

If anything, it's kind of embarrassing.

Are you really gonna drag out that tired, crippled, wheezing dog-and-pony-show again? Do you really believe Mick Jagger is still "dissatisfied?" 

And besides, why do you want to watch a Civil War reenactment when you could be air bombing the mountains of Tora Bora? 

In other words, maybe you should check out British glam revivalists, the Darkness. 
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Aerosmith Announce Fort Lauderdale Concert Date on Global Warming Tour, Tickets on Sale September 24

When Steven Tyler first shrieked the repetitive, eponymous chorus to Aerosmith's 1987 single, "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)," do you think he ever considered that he would one day resemble a pouty-lipped, senile granny?

And, while we're on the subject of the perennial frontman and former American Idol host: How do you think his feet really became so gnarled and nasty? Could it have been from a little too much toe-curling "Love In An Elevator?"

If you're anything like us (hairy-palmed, heavy-breathing, dark circles under the eyes) these are the kinds of questions that keep you up at night. But fear not: You may have answers sooner than you think.

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