Radio-Active Records Dishes on Record Store Day 2014: One Direction, Ghostbusters, and More

Ian Witlen

"It's all kind of a blur," Mikey Ramirez, co-owner of Fort Lauderdale's Radio-Active Records, says of their extremely busy 2014 Record Store Day. When we arrived, the wait was about 30 minutes to even get in the door, but apparently some people stood out there for hours to get a peek at what the store had to offer for this musical holiday.

The day started with some anxiety due to a heavy morning rain. "I was about to have a heart attack," Ramirez admits, "I thought, 'This day is not going to go the way I want it to go.'" But the line just kept growing larger and larger until it wrapped around the block.

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Top 7 Record Stores in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Ian Witlen

At the beginning of Record Store Day, there was Metallica. James Hetfield and the boys performed in 2008 at San Francisco's Rasputin Music. It was on that day that the third Saturday in April became somewhat sacred. Given that record stores are like temples for the musically obsessed, the event has since spread like an itchy (hopefully curable) rash throughout the world. And in South Florida, we take RSD very seriously by hosting plenty of gatherings in honor of the vinyl that brings us such aural pleasure.

Perhaps you didn't know, but we in Broward and Palm Beach counties actually boast quite a few record stores. Here are seven awesome places (in no particular order) where you can score pressed wax and meet your fellow music nerds for a good argument over music nerd shit that no one else can stomach.

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Record Store Day 2014 Radio-Active Records: "High Fidelity Is a Novel. It's Not Reality"

Robert Maloy

With the advent of the internet and the ushering in of the digital era, the concept of the local record store may seem outdated. But you know what's missing from those torrent files and streaming sites? A human touch, a hub for the musical community to convene with others who recognize and share their obsession with sounds. Radio-Active Records offers that, in brick and mortar, to those who need more than an MP3 to explore and enjoy all there is to music.

Radio-Active's co-owner Mikey Ramirez tells New Times that his store doesn't waste resources on converting those that download music into those that may buy it. Rather, he says, "We focus on the market that exists, on the people that are passionate about music and care about independent artists and record stores."

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Radio-Active Records 12-Hour Record Store Day 2013 Report, Fort Lauderdale

Record Store Day 2013 (4_20_2013)  by Ian Witlen-7086.jpg
Ian Witlen
We saw you. We saw you standing outside Radio-Active Records, as early as 2 a.m. on Saturday, April 20, 2013. We saw you panic a little when we walked into the store from the back door before it was time to open the front and sift through the records to see what our beloved Radio-Active Records received for the big day. Don't worry. We didn't take anything, just a little research. We saw you sweating your way through a ton of records to find the ones on your list and definitely caught you posting your finds to Instagram. We saw you come and go.

But New Times stayed. We powered through from hour one to hour 12 to help you fill in the blanks. Things got a little weird, a little hot, and a little wet. Here is our Radio-Active Records Record Store Day hour-by-hour rundown.

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Blood Oath Slumber Party Makes Your Walkman Cool Again

New music label, Blood Oath Slumber Party, is mainly all about kicking ass and taking names, but in, they say, a very non-aggressive, unselfish manner. They take South Florida bands to places they've only heard of in high school geography, like New England. 

Label founders Chris Dougnac and Virginia de las Pozas specialize in giving music legs by first encasing it in hard plastic, and then whipping up fancy artwork. 

Originally from Miami, the Bostonian transplants wish to musically bridge the gap between Massachusetts and Florida. This bridge they will forge with cassette tapes.  Within the coming month, B.O.S.P. will distribute the music of local bands Cry Guy, Seductress, Ice Cream, Animal Tropical, the Gun Hoes and This Heart Electric all over Boston, Philadelphia, and South Florida. 

The duo is scheduling their Miami and Fort Lauderdale release dates to coincide with Record Store Day, this April 20. They'll be representing their label at the annual RSD event Sweatstock in Miami. What follows is poetry. 

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Top Five South Florida Events for Record Store Day 2013

Record Store Day (Radio-Active Records 4_21_2012)_by Ian Witlen-41.jpg
Ian Witlen
This Saturday, take a break from 4/20 toking, and head out to revel in another of life's simplest pleasures: music.

In lieu of Record Store Day 2013, a handful of dedicated local record shops are prepared to show you just how passionate they really are about their trade. What follows are our top five Record Store Day events going down this weekend. 

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Five Things a Record Can Do That an MP3 Cannot

Monica McGivern
Should any instance occur in which your musical taste assists in getting you laid, chances are very slim that an MP3 collection would be the responsible format.

MP3s make a vacant effort to fill moments of silence with careless noise. The day has come where Pandora picks the soundtracks to our lives based on algorithms formulated by choosing just one song (choose wisely!). These are the days of Spotify playlist, filled with the intangible and elusive MP3s.

Lucky for us, we also live in a time of revival, where a proud movement of music snobs have been able to quite literally turn the tables. It is in this age where the limitless and shameless demand for nostalgia and irony has moved beyond a mass of cultural critique, and brought with it the return of the record.
If ever you second guessed the time and effort involved in building your record collection, here are five things to reassure you that you've invested wisely.

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Suede Dudes on Record Store Day: "CDs Just Aren't Cool," But Vinyl Is "the Total Package"

suede dudes 1.jpg
In real life, the Suede Dudes are some cool cucumbers. But on stage, they bring the sludgiest, surfiest, fuzziest psych, and a weird, dark energy, strong enough to lure any sweet-faced pigeon-toed teen or delightfully stoned sonic junkie.

They're backing up Radio-Active Records on Record Store Day, playing their after-party stage at the massive blowout festival Block x Blog. Taste-makers Subculture and 3J Hospitality plan to batter South Florida's eardrums on 4/20 by packing Revolution Live, Green Room, and America's Backyard with 30 popular local acts and DFA's Holy Ghost!

The Dudes' front men Bryan Adams (yes, that's his real name) and Raphael Alvarez - also known for his solo noise project Chrome Dick - spoke with us recently about why Henry Rollins is their first-pick teammate should the zombie apocalypse go down tomorrow. Here's what happens when two Suede Dudes get to talking.

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Millionyoung on Making a "Pop Record With Substance," Willennium, and the Miami Heat

Ian Witlen
On Saturday, April 20, Fort Lauderdale's indie beacon of light, Radio-Active Records, will celebrate Record Store Day 2013 with an action-packed, 13-hour event chock-full of free stuff, live music, and delectable and rare musical items. Just streets away, at the massive Revolution Live complex, Block x Blog will be making Fort Lauderdale indie-music history with an epic lineup spanning three stages. 

Among those performing this year at both events is Coral Springs native Mike Diaz, the musical mastermind behind chilled-out electronic indie outfit Millionyoung. With the recent release of Variable, the sophomore follow-up to 2011's Replicants LP, and a full U.S. tour just under way, Diaz gave us a moment to talk about what he's been up to and divulge some of his record-collection gems.

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Five Things We're Most Looking Forward to at Radio-Active Records' 2013 Record Store Day

cord store day 2012.jpg
Ian Witlen
It seems like the majority of holidays these days exist for the sole purpose of playing on Americans' addiction to buying pointless things and feeding the hungrier-than-ever corporate beast. But not Record Store Day.

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Each year on 4/20, appropriately aligned with another of our more noble national holidays (duh, Marijuana Appreciation Day), record stores, record labels, musicians, and music lovers join together to honor, celebrate, and support a gasping animal -- your good ol' local record shop.

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