Rap Shirts for White People Are Painfully Accurate


Whoa! Check it out! The internet did something funny again! Oh, internet. You're too much. The latest soon-to-be-viral phenomenon addresses a serious issue that many aren't sensitive to in our day and age -- that it's hard out here for a white person. So damned hard. And for those porcelain-fleshed, plaid-shorts-wearing beings so inclined to grasp onto any bit of culture and pretend it's their own, it's even harder.

Despite being in the highly diversified South Florida, we still have our fair share of white-boy bros who don't exclusively rap out to Macklemore and Eminem. They treat all rappers with the same feigned understanding. For those freckled fellows who shout "THIS IS MY SHIIIIIIIT!" upon hearing a song about coming up from the streets, Rap Shirts for White People is for you!

Yes, these are exactly what they sound like. They take famous rap lines and make them a little more relatable for all the crackers out there. What a good deed, amirite? Let's take a look at some of our favorites and read a few of our own.

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Tortuga Music Festival 2014's Ten Hottest Beach Bods

Alex Markow

Our little corner of the world often gets high praise for all of the attractive people who congregate here. It's hot, we wear less, and thus we gym often. At Tortuga Music Festival, things were no different from your average beach day. We spent it ogling above-average sunbathers.

To the sounds of Ziggy Marley and Eric Church, sundresses dropped, muscle shirts were tossed aside, and the beachside became supersexy. Though the sand was swarming with toned bods, what follows are just ten of the hottest concertgoers who caught our eye.

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Five Musical Ways to Cope With Your Long Commute

Mike Rice
Is most of your life spent in a vessel like this, but way crappier? Then this list is for you.

Do you fear that too much of your life is spent on the road? Do you see your own mortality in the wide, grey, dismal tone of the turnpike? Do you feel your impermanence and the fleeting nature of time in the pit of your stomach while you struggle in futile attempts to listen to some halfway decent music, finally surrendering and choosing silence instead?Then this is the article for you!

Living in Broward or Palm Beach counties mean you're spending long hours in your car. Whether to visit your bubbie, get to work, or hit up the club. We here at County Grind feel your pain -- we're called County Grind for fuck's sake! -- and we specialize in sound, so we've compiled a list of musical ways to cope with your grueling commute. You're welcome!

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South Florida Is the Best Place for Live Music

Categories: Realtalk

George Martinez
Looking dumb and having fun! That is our job.

South Florida is the best place to experience live music.

Hear me out on this, haters.

I'm not saying we have the largest, most diverse scene, or whether we do or don't have the coolest bands ever, of all time. Our venues aren't like necessarily far superior to those in major metropolises, equipped with the finest sound systems. But these necessary ingredients aren't really what make the difference between a good and amazing show. You know what is? The crowd.

We pretty much have, worldwide, the most involved audiences. We are a passionate people. We dance and sing and get crunk at almost every concert or club or house party that we host. Yes, us! We make fun happen.

The difference between our South Florida concert reality and that of other spots on the map really hit home for me when I flew up to DC last weekend to catch Neutral Milk Hotel at DAR Constitution Hall. I know, you're jealous. But let me finish my tale of woe, because even though I was lucky enough to see NMH live finally, this here is a story of some disappointment.

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