The Bar 93.5 FM: New Rock Radio Station "Live and Local" from West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale

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Alan Levine

If there are music loving deities -- and there likely are considering every religion, cult, and even coven uses a good chant or acoustic guitar to transmit holy energy into the universe -- then those powerful beings love rock and roll.

No matter how often major corporations of try to silence the growling of guitar with Top 40 bubblegum pop, rock regularly returns to the radio with a vengeance.

On September 26, 2014, the genre came back, kicking and screaming, to airwaves from Fort Pierce to Fort Lauderdale thanks to the area's newest rock station, the Bar, 93.5 FM. What was once a Latin station will now be dominated by Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and oh, so much more.

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Random Thoughts While Listening to the Car Radio

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carly rae jepsen.jpeg
During a recent trip to New York, my friends and I ended up talking pop songs. They'd heard Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe," and though folks of discerning tastes, they extolled the virtues of this catchy tune. When trying to figure out what other radio songs they guiltily enjoyed, it was revealed that they never listen to the radio. Never. And I felt bad for them.

I don't think that "there are good radio stations" or that "all our radio stations suck" because, they pretty much all play the same shit, unless you're talking WFMU, Radiate FM, or WVUM. The thing is, that shit unites us culturally. And some of it is seriously awesome pop music. I mean, without the radio, who is 2 Chainz? What is a Justin Timberlake? Beyonce? Is that a word? 

On a recent tri-county car trek, I, who listen to the radio quite a bit, was inspired to write down some thoughts that came into my head while driving about what was coming out of the speakers. 
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99 Jamz Remembers Aaliyah on Her Birthday, Wednesday, January 16

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Even though Aaliyah was only in her teens when she sang most of her songs, she, along with the whole world, already knew that she wasn't just "anybody." She was definitely that somebody. Aaliyah sang timeless songs with the help of producers and songwriters R. Kelly (to whom she was also married as a preteen...), Timbaland, and Missy Elliott. Together they created a short but enduring body of near-perfect work. 

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Timbaland to Produce Tracks on Drake's Aaliyah Album; AaliyahsGhost Doesn't Approve "Enough Said"

Even though this sweetheart of R&B passed away over a decade ago, her voice will continue to sing in posthumous releases. Oddly, Drake, who harbors an obsession with the late singer, will be the one ensuring future generations never forget Aaliyah with an upcoming album that includes some of her vocals. 

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Not For Air Podcast Brings Florida's Musical Underground to the World

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Tessa Bird Photography
With the constant stream of live shows and aspiring musicians in South Florida, Stuart, Florida, is one of the last places a local would think to turn to for a music fix. But one very determined believer of the Treasure Coast is taking a grassroots approach and attempting to turn that all around and shine a spotlight on bands that rarely see it with his Not For Air podcast.

Justin "McPatches" Jordan is a born and raised Florida boy with a passion for something most of us forgot about somewhere around middle school: Radio. A fan of local radio since he was a kid, Justin got his first real taste of the airways in 2008 as part of the promotions team at JACK FM in Vero Beach. He cut his teeth by helping out on remote events, setting up the DJ equipment and editing the audio to go on air.

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Live from the Artists Den Premieres on WLRN Tomorrow with Norah Jones

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What is an artists den? Is it a place where painters in the '70s gathered to watch the Brady Bunch? Is it a dusty cellar somewhere where musicians play under the watchful eye of an cruel conductor? Nope, not even a little. It's part of the title of the public television program featuring some of the best musical minds of our time performing live in atypical places. 

Live from the Artists Den premieres this Saturday, October 6 at 10 p.m. on WLRN, channel 17, with a Norah Jones episode. Jones said from the live taping at the Green Building in Brooklyn: "People are always asking me what place I love to play the most. I always say it's really not about the country as much as it is the venue. It's so nice to play in a place that has a good vibe." And when she's playing from your tele in South Florida on that sweet autumn eve, there'll be good vibes aplenty.

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DJ Laz Returns to Miami Radio on July 4 to DJ 106.7

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This is a Laz we love. 
If you were at the Heat parade earlier today, you might have seen a moving sign that asked the question on all of our minds: "Where the fuck is DJ Laz?" Sure, he's in L.A. these days, but well, he's also about to be back in South Florida. That's right, lil bros and hoes, you heard it here, or you saw it on Twitter a minute ago, DJ Laz is back next week broadcasting for the 305 and 954. 

Under a new syndication deal announced via press release, Laz will air both on the West Coast and in his old home in SoFla. According to hip-hop site Future of Florida, Laz wasn't allowed on the airwaves down here for three months thanks to a non-compete clause with Power 96, but the time is up, and Laz is back where he belongs, in the ears and hearts of South Floridians. In addition to his morning slot on LA 96.3, he'll be airing on "Miami's New #1 Party Station" DJ 106.7 starting this Independence Day. Sort of appropriate, no? The station will play both Spanish and English language music, with Laz, speaking in likely English or Spanglish.
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SHE 103.5 FM Is No Longer "Only Rock and Roll," Has Some Competition on the Internet

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A local radio station whose name was once synonymous with rock 'n roll to many Miamians is coming back -- in a lighter, slightly less rockin' format.

WSHE was known in the 90s by its tagline, "SHE's Only Rock 'N Roll," before it changed to a series of other stations (most recently Spanish-language) and the call letters were transferred to a Gospel station in Columbus, Georgia. How the mighty had fallen.

Now Clear Channel Communications has announced that it's bringing the station back -- in a different version. The new motto is "SHE Plays Everything," and the mix appears to be an uncontroversial adult-rock blend that included, this afternoon, a transition from Maroon 5 to "Blister in the Sun."

But the story doesn't stop there, with another once-great local station being chewed into soccer-mom pap by the seething maw of Clear Channel Communications. It appears that after WSHE went off the air in 1995, a couple of internet radio stations peddling the name showed up.

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Palm Beach Radio Plays Musical Chairs


Several radio stations in West Palm Beach are about to get a new owner. 

CBS Corporation announced today that it has signed an agreement to sell its five radio stations in West Palm Beach for a total of $50 million to local broadcaster Palm Beach Broadcasting. The deal comes in the aftermath of other radio station sales CBS completed in Portland, Oregon, and Denver, Colorado. The transactions fall in line with CBS' strategy to specifically focus on larger markets. However, even after the sale is completed, CBS will still own 125 radio stations, making it one of the nation's biggest radio conglomerates.

After the sale, Palm Beach Broadcasting LLC will acquire three stations from CBS. To comply with FCC rules that limit the number of properties any one broadcaster can own within one specific market, Palm Beach Broadcasting will also have the right to sell the other two stations to third parties.

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DJ Laz and Five Other South Florida Radio Personalities We Miss So Much

The word in the Twittersphere as of Tuesday was that DJ Laz and Power 96 were breaking up. After a 22-year love affair made in South Florida radio heaven, Laz says, he just wants to throw his alarm clock against the wall at 4 a.m. instead of going on the air. Well, that's what he told NBC Miami, at least. And who can blame him! Four in the morning is time to go to bed, not wake up! 

We won't lie, we're gonna miss the shit out of one of South Florida's most unifying voices. Show us a person in the tricounty area who doesn't know of Laz, and we will show you a liar. Power 96 will go on, but what about us? How are we gonna make it? A look back at other former radio personalities we lived with and loved like family over the years will show us how. 

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Smiling Gums to Play at the WDNA Jazz Gallery

man or war.jpg
Thirteen years ago, artist and musician Ruben Millares started the band Smiling Gums. More than a decade later, the act is going strong and making it on the radio airwaves. The group will be playing live at the 88.9 FM WDNA Jazz Gallery this weekend. Performing with a six-piece ensemble, including Millares on guitar and vocals, Javier Millares on organ and vocals, Luis de la Vega on bass, Gio Montanez on drums, Alan Reyna on timbales, and Tany Gil on congas, their Cuban roots will definitely show through the rock 'n' roll music. 

WDNA 88.9 FM is a local radio station that for more than 30 years has been providing jazz, world music, and blues to South Florida. Bringing together sound and visual arts, Millares' artwork will also show at the gallery space. 

Millares says that the band's music reflects its ancestry and upbringing. "I describe the music as the first-generation Cuban-American sound, because the music is a product of growing up in an exiled Cuban household with Cuban traditions and customs, immersed in American culture." He grew up listening to classic rock but also to Fania and '70s Latin music, and, of course, Afro-Cuban jazz on WDNA.

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