First Last & Always, aka FLa, Calls The Band's Sound "Casual Intensity"

Sam Diaz

Florida natives First Last & Always go way back. Most of these music-loving locals have been homies since middle school. And how many friends do you still have from middle school? That's what we thought.

After playing in different bands for years, the five musicians finally found the right sonic cocktail as First Last & Always. The group is seeing an increase in aurally thirsty crowds lately with the support of Lake Worth's J Street hotspot Propaganda.

First Last & Always has a secure spot on the venue's Summer Daze bill this Saturday. Closing out the show, the band will be able to say that Lit was its opener. The guys are also excited to play for a bigger crowd and a hungrier audience. Before the show, we chatted with lead singer Andrew Rodriguez and guitarist Jake Smith about why Propaganda feels like home and what you need to know before seeing First Last & Always live.

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Printz Board: From Working with the Black Eyed Peas to Macy Gray to CeeLo Green


If you're playing a musical version of the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Printz Board is a good name to know.

The Ohio native who resides in Los Angeles has written hits and worked in the studio with the Black Eyed Peas, Dr. Dre, James Brown, Katy Perry, and Sheryl Crow, among many others. Currently working as musical director for CeeLo Green on a tour that hits Cruzan Amphitheatre July 15, New Times spoke to Printz Board as he shopped for drum kits at a Guitar Center in Mobile, Alabama.

The good-humored man shared with us what to expect from his upcoming solo album, Board Games, his responsibilities collaborating with CeeLo, and how he got into his current career.

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The Front's Gregory McLaughlin Will Be "Screaming and Suffocating" at Art on the Edge

Categories: Q&A


Gregory McLaughlin might be best known for having fronted the Front back in the early '80s. Since, he's continued within the world of music but has branched out considerably into film-making and painting. He's as artistically irascible today as he was back then, and this agent provocateur, now closing in on 60 years of age, is showing no signs of slowing down.

Art on the Edge is a newer venue for artistic expression in Fort Lauderdale that, as we found out in conversing with Greg, will be closing after this show due to the operator's current health issues. Undaunted, McLaughlin, along with Adam Matza, has assembled one of the better lineups showcasing the sound of South Florida's underground music today alongside some local pioneers like his old outfit, The Front, and Charlie Pickett.

We had a chance to speak with Greg about the Front, the scene back in the day and how arts and music have changed down here in the last 30 years.

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Jim Norton: "You Have to Go Down Swinging"

Categories: Q&A

Ever been to Disney World? Nice isn't it? There's candy, rides, lovable characters come to life. It's just wholesome, good-for-all-ages fun.

Jim Norton is the opposite of Disney World.

If the 45-year-old had his own theme park, it would be filled with horny prostitutes frolicking in and out of various sexual fetish-themed rides. Splash Mountain would run yellow. The rooms of Cinderella's Castle would be converted into seedy massage parlors. Goofy would try to sell you drugs.

Actually, that sounds kind of fun. But it's beside the point.

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KC Chopz: "There's a Lot of Club DJs Who Can't Play on the Radio"

Categories: Q&A

KC Chopz

Free tables, free bottles, piles of money, and beautiful women. The life of a DJ may be awesome, but competition is brutal.

Whether you mix and blend on live air, or make the club speakers go thump, you've got your work cut out for you every step of the way.

Just ask KC Chopz. For nearly a decade, the 25-year-old DJ/producer and Power96 contract personality has burned it up on both broadcast airwaves and in the nightclubs. Here's what he had to say about the differences between the two.

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Mandy Moon Could Be Your Future Yogi

Categories: Local Music, Q&A


Local gal Mandy Wright lives a normal life. She grew up in Boca Raton, attended Florida Atlantic University, she even worked a stint at Starbucks in Mizner Park. But when she started out as a singer-songwriter, she took on the cosmic moniker, Mandy Moon. In 2011, she formed a band, a close knit team that jams out a fusion of blues, indie rock, and soul.

Mandy Moon and co. are planning to show off some fresh tunes and a very new addition, a brand new bassist, at Dada on Friday night. "We're writing a lot more material, a lot more blues," Moon explains. "We're pretty excited with the new stuff we're coming out with." She feels like this will be the band's breakout album. The previous one was released with a little help from friends and fans via their Kickstarter.

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LeAnn Rimes Dishes on Her Stepsons, Tabloids, and "Saying What Other People Can't Say for Themselves"

Sara Hertel​

Though LeAnn Rimes has dealt with her share of tabloid controversy, speaking with her on the phone revealed a calm and cool character. Though the papers sprinkle words like "affair" and "rehab" generously next to her name, Rimes just seems like a family friend you've known your whole life -- Rimes is normal but not ordinary.

With her newest album, Spitfire, it seems as if the successful country star is letting it all out for the first time since she started working at the age of 11. In a bold move, her and hubby Eddie Cibrian's VH1 series, LeAnn & Eddie, will premiere on July 17, broadcasting even more of Rimes' personal life.

To get the lowdown on LeAnn, we spoke with her about her two stepsons, her reputation, and, of course, her heartbreaker anthem "How Do I Live."

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Kris Thomas, the New Lead Singer at BB King's, on His "Controversial" The Voice Audition

Categories: Q&A


Kris Thomas was raised in the birthplace of rock n roll, Memphis, Tennessee. The music flowing through that city -- from the churches to Stax Music Academy -- helped Thomas build a personal vocal foundation. It later earned him national recognition as a contestant on the fourth season of the NBC series The Voice. That media attention led directly to Thomas' new job as frontman of the house band at West Palm Beach's BB King's Blues Club.

New Times caught up with West Palm's newest blues singer as he spoke about learning his craft in Memphis, making it big on The Voice in Burbank, and what audiences can expect from him at BB King's.

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Sklar Brothers: "Focus on the Human Side of Sports"

Categories: Comedy, Q&A

The good kind of bros

You know what's better than one guy doing standup? Two guys. And when those guys are twins, it's kind of mind-blowing. Randy and Jason Sklar have been major players in the comedy scene since the late-1990s and have grown along with the trends to truly embrace new forms of comedy. If the Sklar Brothers don't look familiar to you, you haven't stared at a screen in years. They have made cameos in every show from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to Grey's Anatomy to Entourage. They are Hollywood's go-to for funny twins, and while they take on big roles, they also take time to carve their own niche in comedy that specializes in sports humor -- not to mention their healthy obsession with indie rock.

With so much experience and such varied obsessions, the Sklar Brothers have seen a recent resurgence. Multiple appearances on Comedy Central's new smash @midnight and a chance to express themselves wholly through the Sklarbro Country podcast have meant freedom to be funny in their own way. Randy and Jason Sklar are walking sports and comedy encyclopedias, and when we got the opportunity to interview them, we were left with no choice but to pick their brains about the evolution of comedy, their current music passion, and why working in comedy is the best it's ever been.

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Jimmy "Bo" Horne on Performing: "I'm Not New to This, I'm True to This"

Categories: Q&A


Before he ever made the hits "Spank," and "Dance Across The Floor," Jimmy "Bo" Horne was just a kid from West Palm Beach who got signed to TK Records.

Today, his infectious dance cuts from the '70s are still hits today. And their now classic Miami sounds still pack concerts of thousands from Sao Paolo to Rome, like the Disco Fever show this June 28, at the BankUnited Center in Coral Gables.

Here's what he had to say about shows at Dillard High Shool, working with James Brown, and appearing on American Bandstand.

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