Rockin' Jake Calls Florida's Blues Scene "Quite Vibrant and Happening"

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Courtesy of Rockin' Jake

Harmonica player Rockin' Jake has spent years spreading the blues around the nation. The five-time winner of Off Beat Magazine's Best of the Beat award hails from Connecticut, but he's lived in New Hampshire, New Orleans, Texas, and St. Louis and finally settled in the great State of Florida.

Rockin' Jake has made this place his actual and musical home since 2012, playing with band members guitar/vocalist Anton LaPlume, bass/vocals Cleveland Frederick, and drummer Maurice Dukes. The eclectic singer's sound (as described on his website) can be summed up as "a hybrid of second line, swamp funk, blues, and zydeco." And although we love the local swamp vibe, it's always nice to get a little Cajun swamp blended in with it to mix things up a bit.

Rockin' Jake is performing tonight outside of the Baily Contemporary Arts Pompano Beach, also known as BaCA, for a free street festival. Food will be provided by Spanx the Hog Barbecue, and beer and wine is complementary. And as for art, there'll be three galleries' worth and a chalk mural on the street.

We sat down and spoke with the bluesy singer about the harmonica, Badmouth hot sauce, and his former home, New Orleans.

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Amy Fiddler, Former Indie Record Label Entrepreneur Publishes Debut Novel About "the Ultimate Music Fan"

Emily Shur, compliments of the author

Amy Fleisher Madden, better known to South Florida's punk scene as Amy Fiddler, began a strange journey into self-publication and independent record label operating at the tender age of 16. Her fanzine, Fiddler Jones was indicative of the pop punk '90s with a Cometbus-styled bend that balanced band interviews, reviews, and personal musings with humorous anecdotes about the scene strewn about for good measure.

From the fledgling upstart, undoubtedly fabricated during the heydays of the Office Depot "honor system," Fleisher went on to found Fiddler Records in 1996 that released records by local favorites the Vacant Andys, Milkshed, and the Agency as well as national heavy-hitters like New Found Glory, Dashboard Confessional, and Juliette Lewis & the Licks.

It's been many years since her hectic teenage years as an entrepreneur and Fleisher has reinvented herself first into the world of advertising and more recently back into the world of publication -- armed with her first novel A Million Miles. We had a chance to discuss her past and the book. And while she might no longer be a local resident, this local girl done good, is proud of her South Florida roots.

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O.A.R.'s Marc Roberge Talks about His Hometown and How to Pronounce the Band's Name

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O.A.R. has been going strong since 1996 and is showing no signs of slowing down. And unlike other bands that switch out multitudes of members, have messy dealings with narcotics, and infamous scandals, the chill alternative act has kept a humble air about it, not allowing fame to get to its collective head. In fact, the band recently visited its hometown in Rockville, Maryland, to get in touch with its roots and film home movies documenting their journey.

O.A.R. will be making a South Florida stop this Saturday at Boca's Mizner Park Amphitheatre. We got to chat with the band's lead singer, Marc Roberge, about the mispronunciation of the band's name and what it was like working with Jeep for the "Jeep on the Rocks" video.

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Jim Camacho Talks Little Haiti Rock City, The Mouse King, and Touring With Linda Perhacs

Photo by Fernando Perdomo

Welcome to the Swamp.

Nope, we're not talkin' Tim Tebow's breeding ground up in Gainesville -- we're talking the 2014 Miami Book Fair International's pop-up lounge. And performing at this year's Swamp is Miami composer and adult alternative singer/songwriter Jim Camacho.

Joined by fellow SoFla music legends Charlie Pickett and Rob Elba, the Swamp will also be presenting a special screening of the trailer for Franco Parente's upcoming Churchill's Pub documentary, Little Haiti Rock City, where Camacho and his crew share their unforgettable moments at the Little Haiti gem.

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Sevendust on Making Its Own Songs Acoustic: "Might as Well Rip Off Yourself"

Categories: Q&A

Chris Baird

In 1965, Bob Dylan was booed and called a Judas for daring to plug in his guitar and go electric. Sevendust, the Atlanta metal veterans, heard only cheers when it pulled that trick in reverse by unplugging and going acoustic.

The band's ninth studio album, Time Travelers & Bonfires, is a completely acoustic production, half new songs and half reworked songs from its catalogue. Instead of being seen as a betrayal to the heavy and loud sound upon which the group built its reputation, the record has been embraced by enough fans to reach the top spot on Billboard's Hard Music Chart.

The success encouraged the band to go on an all-acoustic tour which Sevendust guitarist John Connolly was excited to speak about with New Times. The gracious Florida resident opened up about Sevendust's future, the aforementioned transition, and why he dropped the drumsticks to pick up a guitar.

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Dubtribe Sound System Explains "the Magic of House Music"

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This Saturday night, Stache will commemorate the arrival of its first birthday. To celebrate this event, the speakeasy did more than buy a cake with one lonely candle, it invited house legends Dubtribe Sound System to play a live set on November 15.

Comprised of Sunshine and Moonbeam Jones, Dubtribe has been pursuing its dance-at-all-cost ethic since its '90s San Francisco warehouse days. New Times recently contacted the duo. The two reminisced on the group's origins, time spent apart from each other, and what to expect when they hit Stache.

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TAUK Launches Florida Tour With Blowout Jam at Funky Biscuit

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I remember being in a car with a friend and hearing this entrancing music and both of us having the "Who is this? And why the hell don't I know it yet?" moment. We looked at the display screen and saw the name TAUK and instantly devoted ourselves as new fans.

It seems to be the common reaction. When I play it in any new group, someone's bound to ask the same questions. And the answer is, TAUK is a four-piece instrumental postrock, electronic, funk, jam band hailing from New York that is currently taking the jam scene by storm.

It's a well-oiled machine that packed Funky Biscuit last night. The foursome demonstrated an astounding set of skills. It manages to stay tight while taking its sound into insane directions. The audience pretty much hung on every note.

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The Outrageous Sophie Tucker Tells the Tale of Mae West's Scandalous Mentor

Categories: Q&A

Sophie Tucker on Hollywood Beach, Florida, circa 1934.

The Outrageous Sophie Tucker, a documentary about a comedian/singer/actor who made her name in vaudeville, radio, and early television, will have its world premiere in South Florida this Saturday.

Though she's a character of a bygone era, Tucker was a huge name in entertainment during the early part of the 20th Century and demonstrated characteristics of today's pop stars. She worked a fan base like Taylor Swift, was arrested for indecency for singing about having sex (not even Miley can do that now), and was possibly bisexual (though Lady Gaga can casually throw that out there nowadays, people would only whisper about it back then). She also spent much of her time in Miami playing the club and hotel scene.

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Melissa Etheridge: "You Can't Have a Happy Ending to an Unhappy Journey"

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John Tsiavis

Melissa Etheridge has always been a sort of mysterious character. Even though it seems her whole life is on easy display, there's still something about her that makes you want to delve deeper, something that draws you to her metaphorical window.

Two things the singer is most known for, after her music, are that she is, in fact, a gay woman, and she and her former partner had children using David Crosby's seed -- which is absolutely the reproductive definition of rock 'n' roll. But there's so much more to Etheridge than these seemingly juicy bits of tabloid fodder. She's a breast cancer survivor and an activist for the environment, marijuana, and gay rights -- so, it's safe to say that after last night's election, we'll be lucky if she's still coming to town.

Thanks to Pompano Beach Arts and AEG Live, she's heading to the new Pompano Beach Amphitheater (The AMP) which was recently been taken over by the Creative City Collaborative. She's touring with a whole new, bluesier sound and showcasing her album This Is M.E.. And you can whet your palate for the show with PBS' Hitmakers series, which airs November 14 at 9 p.m.

We spoke with Etheridge recently about what nurtures her soul, the new elements she's added to her live performances, and the crowdsourced cover art that decorates her newest release.

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The English Beat's Dave Wakeling Promises "Probably the Best Show" You'll See in Your Life

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Bryan Kremkau

After spitting out three albums in three years, the English Beat fans have been waiting since 1982 for a new record. Next year, the waiting ceases as the ska rock legends who popularized the hits "Save It for Later" and "Mirror in the Bathroom" will release a new album after a successful crowd funding campaign.

Curiosity seekers will have a chance to hear the new as well as the old as they perform Friday night at Culture Room.

New Times spoke to the band's personable singer and guitarist Dave Wakeling about the new album, why the English Beat originally broke up, and how his alternate guitar tuning stumped two of rock's most legendary ax men.

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