Vans Warped Tour 2014: Former Mayday Parade Frontman Jason Lancaster Calls Touring Solo, "a Lot Cleaner"

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Although a couple artists have had disastrous results from when they decide to go solo (Ginger Spice, anyone?), former lead singer of Mayday Parade and Go Radio, Jason Lancaster, seems to be doing just fine. Lancaster recently released his first solo album, As You Are, is expecting a son, and has more time to indulge in hobbies.

At this year's West Palm Beach stop on the Vans Warped Tour, we sat down with the singer to talk about family, his newest release, and the differences between touring solo and with a band.

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I The Mighty Discusses Vans Warped Tour's "No Mosh" Rule

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The annual Vans Warped Tour is not only a chance to reconnect with your inner awkward punk teen but it's also a good opportunity to get exposed to new music you can add to your Spotify playlists. This year, it just so happened that we discovered San Francisco's I the Mighty.

During their set, we witnessed lead singer Brent Walsh yell into the mic with gusto, "I want to see you guys jump. Jump with us!" There wasn't much of a difference in the crowd or fan base from other groups; it consisted mostly of screaming teenaged fans clad in black experiencing puppy love. However, the music was definitely harder and less of a happy, poppy sound than bands like the Maine (which we interviewed also). I The Mighty played new songs like "Love Your Sin" and older ones like "The Dreamer," which provoked a mini mosh pit. Walsh even got up-close and personal with fans by crowd surfing. The bearded frontman sang while numerous music-hungry fans groped him.

We sat down with Walsh, guitarist Ian Pedigo, and bassist Chris Hinkley to discuss Warped's no-mosh-pit rule and playing two sets a day.

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Heavy Pets' Big Homecoming at Funky Biscuit's Third Anniversary Tonight: "It's a Gem!"

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For as long as I've been of concert-going age, I've been a Heavy Pets fan. You never knew what to expect at the shows -- and there were many, almost weekly performances. You could be met with sprawling jams or tight, catchy songs. The only certain thing was your dancing feet wouldn't get a break.

And because of that hard work (the group's, not yours) its notoriety in the jam community grew and grew so that now the Heavy Pets is a tour-hardened, well-rounded powerhouse. As a festival darling, it has opened for some of the biggest acts in the scene all while displaying its own unique sound.

After a long stint on the road, the Pets' homecoming involves a gig at the third anniversary party for Boca Raton's Funky Biscuit on Thursday July 24. This awesome little venue in a bit of an unlikely spot will spend the next three days in full jam, blues, and rock swing. The Biscuit has hosted many of the top jam bands in the country and has a very comforting vibe; we wish it well as it ages.

Guitarist and vocalist, Jeff Lloyd, chatted with us about what he's been up to lately, offered a bit of insight into why the band releases EPs instead of LPs, and shared some things it has in store for the near future.

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Parkway Drive's Singer Is a Mellow Guy Who Makes Metalcore

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Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive, a metalcore band from Australia hit the scene back in 2002. Since then they've come out with four studio albums and are currently writing new material for their fifth.

These heavy music-making Aussies are playing Warped Tour at Cruzan Amphitheatre this Saturday. We had the chance to speak with Winston McCall, the band's lead singer. Not your typical metal dude, Winston is more trad hardcore and lives the straight edge life. Being an Aussie, he of course loves to surf and has even graced the cover of Riptide Magazine.

Winston talked to us about bringing his wife along with him on tour and something about him that would surprise most of Parkway Drive's fans.

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Michael Franti: "I Believe in the Power of Music"

Categories: Q&A


It's not easy to imagine a performer who goes from punk to populist and still manages to find a common thread in the way he connects with a crowd. Then again, not many artists boast the same amount of energy and enthusiasm as Michael Franti.

Here's a performer who literally embraces his audiences, churning out anthems about peace, brotherhood, and subjects stemming from a spiritual source. He jumps into the concertgoers and paces the farthest reaches of the venue to come face-to-face with his delighted devotees. It's an approach developed over the past 20 years, alongside his band Spearhead, and inspired by his own profound beliefs about uniting humanity through the precepts of compassion and concern.

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The Resolvers Hit Florida with a Sunny Disposition: "We Are Drawn Together by the Music"


South Florida mid-summer can be a grind. In between the inescapable and sustained heat, the sky growls and bellows short sharp shots of rain. Floridians need a happy place this time of year.

Well, we need look no further than to see wherever Floridian big band reggae merchants the Resolvers are playing to find it. In the next few weeks, we are blessed with two performances coming our way. Tonight, the band plays at Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room before a slot at the Afro Roots World Music Festival on August 9 in Miami.

This is a guaranteed good time, where the feel good factor is constantly turned to high, and all get heady on the positive vibes emanating from the stage. The 10 members of this reggae collective are enthusiastic and effective, able to shift effortlessly between the frantic pace of swing to the casual skank of dub. It's an eclectic jumble of an inspired live act, a carnival of squawking brass, lurching rhythms, sweet vocals, and intoxicating anthems.

Moreover, the band has just released two new records Nate's House and Bigger Is Better. Two albums that act as a prequel and sequel to 2012's Big Band Reggae. These are good times for the Resolvers. Bandleader and guitarist Ron Eisner took a breather to tell us more about the band's past, present and future.

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First Last & Always, aka FLa, Calls The Band's Sound "Casual Intensity"

Sam Diaz

Florida natives First Last & Always go way back. Most of these music-loving locals have been homies since middle school. And how many friends do you still have from middle school? That's what we thought.

After playing in different bands for years, the five musicians finally found the right sonic cocktail as First Last & Always. The group is seeing an increase in aurally thirsty crowds lately with the support of Lake Worth's J Street hotspot Propaganda.

First Last & Always has a secure spot on the venue's Summer Daze bill this Saturday. Closing out the show, the band will be able to say that Lit was its opener. The guys are also excited to play for a bigger crowd and a hungrier audience. Before the show, we chatted with lead singer Andrew Rodriguez and guitarist Jake Smith about why Propaganda feels like home and what you need to know before seeing First Last & Always live.

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Printz Board: From Working with the Black Eyed Peas to Macy Gray to CeeLo Green


If you're playing a musical version of the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Printz Board is a good name to know.

The Ohio native who resides in Los Angeles has written hits and worked in the studio with the Black Eyed Peas, Dr. Dre, James Brown, Katy Perry, and Sheryl Crow, among many others. Currently working as musical director for CeeLo Green on a tour that hits Cruzan Amphitheatre July 15, New Times spoke to Printz Board as he shopped for drum kits at a Guitar Center in Mobile, Alabama.

The good-humored man shared with us what to expect from his upcoming solo album, Board Games, his responsibilities collaborating with CeeLo, and how he got into his current career.

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The Front's Gregory McLaughlin Will Be "Screaming and Suffocating" at Art on the Edge

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Gregory McLaughlin might be best known for having fronted the Front back in the early '80s. Since, he's continued within the world of music but has branched out considerably into film-making and painting. He's as artistically irascible today as he was back then, and this agent provocateur, now closing in on 60 years of age, is showing no signs of slowing down.

Art on the Edge is a newer venue for artistic expression in Fort Lauderdale that, as we found out in conversing with Greg, will be closing after this show due to the operator's current health issues. Undaunted, McLaughlin, along with Adam Matza, has assembled one of the better lineups showcasing the sound of South Florida's underground music today alongside some local pioneers like his old outfit, The Front, and Charlie Pickett.

We had a chance to speak with Greg about the Front, the scene back in the day and how arts and music have changed down here in the last 30 years.

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Jim Norton: "You Have to Go Down Swinging"

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Ever been to Disney World? Nice isn't it? There's candy, rides, lovable characters come to life. It's just wholesome, good-for-all-ages fun.

Jim Norton is the opposite of Disney World.

If the 45-year-old had his own theme park, it would be filled with horny prostitutes frolicking in and out of various sexual fetish-themed rides. Splash Mountain would run yellow. The rooms of Cinderella's Castle would be converted into seedy massage parlors. Goofy would try to sell you drugs.

Actually, that sounds kind of fun. But it's beside the point.

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