Blood Oath Slumber Party Makes Your Walkman Cool Again

New music label, Blood Oath Slumber Party, is mainly all about kicking ass and taking names, but in, they say, a very non-aggressive, unselfish manner. They take South Florida bands to places they've only heard of in high school geography, like New England. 

Label founders Chris Dougnac and Virginia de las Pozas specialize in giving music legs by first encasing it in hard plastic, and then whipping up fancy artwork. 

Originally from Miami, the Bostonian transplants wish to musically bridge the gap between Massachusetts and Florida. This bridge they will forge with cassette tapes.  Within the coming month, B.O.S.P. will distribute the music of local bands Cry Guy, Seductress, Ice Cream, Animal Tropical, the Gun Hoes and This Heart Electric all over Boston, Philadelphia, and South Florida. 

The duo is scheduling their Miami and Fort Lauderdale release dates to coincide with Record Store Day, this April 20. They'll be representing their label at the annual RSD event Sweatstock in Miami. What follows is poetry. 

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Tire Kingdom Rounds Up Country's Biggest Stars and Sells MegaTicket to See Them All

brad paisley sayre.jpg
Sayre Berman
Actual country music, and also what the powers-that-be have named the twang-affected psuedo-rock or fiddle-touched pop music that drips out of Nashville's never-ceasing production lines each year, holds the largest fan-base in music these days. Modern country artists sell records, they sell massive amounts of tickets, and they're a hot commodity. 

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Way too hot to be assembled for something like a cruise -- the current popular vessel for consuming mass quantities of live music. All of these artists have way too much money to make on their own tours, and for fuck's sake, this ain't "the redneck yacht club." Not to mention how just plain wrong it would be to play such distinctly American sounds in international waters. 
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Ross Perot Used Patsy Cline's "Crazy" and Other Presidential Candidate's Funny Entrance Songs

During election time, political pundits love to analyze really idiosyncratic details about the presidential candidates. Y'know, stuff like body language and number of pauses between sentences. All of this under the guise of real, pertinent insider information that will legitimately influence your vote. For some people, this shit is important.

But of all the minute behavioral patterns they're analyzing, one detail hardly gets the attention we think it deserves: The entrance music!

Seriously, nothing notes where a candidate is at on the out-of-touch barometer like the song they choose to walk out to before speaking publicly. Some are classics, some are obvious, and some just don't make any goddamn sense. Take a look back at a few we remember fondly or with confusion.

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Perfect Election Day Playlist to Pump You Up While Waiting in a Gargantuan Line to Vote Florida-Style

And the winner is... You! Cause you've got this mix to get ya through your day. 

Good morning, Americans! It's time again to exercise your civic duties. Time to argue with your brethren about Mittens this and Hussein that. Time to demand recounts and wait eight hours in line to cast your ballot.

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- Fresh Out of the Deck: Romney's Mixtape for Obama

We know how important our votes are in Florida. If we didn't, we wouldn't be stealing our neighbor's yard signs, or ranting till the sun came up on Facebook, placing road blocks in poor neighborhoods, or waiting in line eight hours... 

A lot is riding on this election, so it's easy to feel nervous or stressed or totally overwhelmed by the outcome. But fear not, for music will tame that angst-y, savage, political beast within. March boldly into the voting booth and do your part. We'll do this rest with this high-velocity, balls-to-the-wall, Election Day playlist that's sure to get the red and white blood cells pumping through your blue veins.
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Beyonce's "God Bless the U.S.A." Cover Bests "Osama bin Laden is Dead"

Not the cover of Beyonce's "God Bless the U.S.A." single.
Earlier this week, we wondered which song would emerge as the patriotic anthem of choice in a world untainted by Osama bin Laden. Well, "God Bless the U.S.A." figures to be that song. But it'll be Beyonce's version -- recorded for Barack Obama's presidential campaign in 2008 -- instead of the Lee Greenwood original. Let's just say that's it's an irreplaceable rendition with swelling acoustic guitars and a synth-clap beat that'll make Lite-FM programmers giddy from sea to shining sea.

Although Piers Morgan is "premiering" the song on his show tonight at 9 p.m. on CNN, Bey's version has been floating around on YouTube for the past couple years. Stream it below.

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