Stache's One-Year Anniversary Party Presented Pure Entertainment

Michele Eve Sandberg

It feels like just yesterday that Stache opened its doors to downtown Fort Lauderdale. The 1920s-themed lounge has dazzled patrons with plenty of live bands, DJs, and burlesque shows since. Of course, its variety of craft cocktails help keep people coming back for more too -- seriously, don't leave without trying an authentic old-fashioned. So when Stache turned 1 this weekend, we had to be there to catch it all.

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Lil' Kim Versus the Manor: Twitter, Facebook, and Legal Drama Follow Saturday Night Show

Ian Witlen

In November 1996, Lil' Kim released her first full album, Hard Core. It was a huge commercial and critical success: an overtly racy album with raunchy lyrics that featured the biggest name (yes, the biggest) in hip-hop at the time, her Junior M.A.F.I.A. cohort, the Nortorious B.I.G., on "Crush on You." In the music video for that song, she debuted her iconic color-coordinated wig-outfit combo, solidifying herself as a serious rapper and camp legend.

Kim's success continued until she ran into some problems with the law. But that didn't stop her from releasing another album... from prison.

This year, she put out a mixtape, which, ironically, is called Hard Core 2K14. It was meant to give fans a taste of Kim circa 1996, which she described in an interview with Stacks Magazine as "cocaine rap." The article emphasizes it's what "the fans" wanted; she appears very invested in them.

Unfortunately, most of those who worship at the altar of Kim and came out to see the femcee at the Manor on Saturday night felt cheated. With a 9 p.m. door time, it was safe to assume she would go on by midnight, right? Maybe just a little bit later? Nope. In fact, she came out much, much later and, according to the venue, didn't fulfill contractual obligations.

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Echos Myron United Different Generations of South Florida Artists and Musicians

Monica McGivern

Sometimes Hollywood, Florida, is a weird place. Sometimes you see things there that you never thought you'd see. Sometimes the streets are desolate with nothing but the neon lights and bits of music bursting from storefronts, lending breath to the boulevard. Sometimes the streets are packed beyond recognition. Wine-drunk and liquor-drunk folks strolling side by side. The place is sometimes a siren.

Opening night at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood for Echos Myron -- a musically focused exhibition curated by Holly Hunt's Beatriz Monteavaro and Kreamy 'Lectric Santa's Priyadarsini Ray -- was a song that lured the most colorful young culture-seekers to Harrison Street. They came from both Broward and Miami to witness a brazen showcase of artists who make music and musicians who make art.

But really, is there a distinction?

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ArtServe's RedEYE Reboot Stimulated Fort Lauderdale in Every Sense

Monica McGivern

Every now and again an event or party will really stick with the community. Starting as a whisper, these great ideas become fully evolved concepts that start to screamingly draw people from all walks of life under one roof. You grow to love these events so much that you wonder what the area would even be like without it. ArtServe's RedEYE has turned into this sort of beloved beast.

Branded as a "Reboot," RedEYE featured just about everything possible that appeals to the senses. In the evening open air, couples enjoyed a wildly diverse mix of live music. There was everything from a West African drummer to a fire and dance performance to the coos of local singer Corey James Bost, no stranger to the Fort Lauderdale arts scene.

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7 "Cool Dad" Things to Do This Weekend

Lester Cohen / WireImage
Father's Day is this weekend, and we can't ignore one obvious fact: Moms are so much easier to shop for. With stores pushing handyman products and fishing gear in your face, it's frustrating because hey, not all fathers are into repairing stuff or sitting on a boat all day holding a still rod. Some dads are, well, cool.

So, for all you with different dads out there, we conducted extensive research (a.k.a. Facebook stalked) to find out what fun, cheap things are happening in BroCo and West Palm this weekend. Sons and daughters, take note. Maybe your type of pops is on this list. And remember: Put down the socks. He's got enough.

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Art on the Edge Gallery Brings the Experimental Out in Fort Lauderdale


This week, a classic Churchill's Pub lineup is moving north to Fort Lauderdale. Though the Little Haiti bar remains open under new ownership, it's not clear whether the folks now in charge will keep up with the experimental movement that's been burgeoning there for the past 30 years. Luckily, Art on the Edge Gallery, owned by Pamela Anne Nolan, is offering a venue for some not-so-mainstream acts.

This Saturday, during the closing night of former the Front frontman Gregory McLaughlin's exhibition, fellow musical stalwarts will present a rowdy audio assault. While old-school punk duo Shark Valley Sisters (Rob Elba of Holy Terrors and Fausto Figuerdo of Load) sonically launched the art show, those that close it out will also include local heavy hitters. Jazzy Leo Casino will join Rat Bastard as a guest with Laundry Room Squelchers; there will also be spoken word and strange sounds by Xela Zaid, the surfy rock of Jellyfish Brothers, and iPad creations by Adam Matza.

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South Florida Ukulele Festival 2014 Proves Ukes Rule This Weekend

The sound of the ukulele simply harkens Jazz Age college swains courting flapper damsels in canoes or Tiny Tim on The Tonight Show (and where is Miss Vickie now)? Wrong.

There's a whole lot more to the teeny, tiny instrument than fits the stereotype, according to the folks at the Florida Ukulele Network (F.U.N.), and they're out to prove it this weekend at their Third Annual South Florida Ukulele Festival.

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PRL Hangover Sundays Are Back With Big Bass


Next weekend, Theoryon Records will relaunch its weekly Hangover Sundays at hopping hot-spot PRL Euro Cafe off Hollywood Boulevard. If you've been to PRL -- and you likely have -- you know that atmosphere is abundant at the cozy hangout. That's a principal reason why the label's Ryan De La Torre decided to host his early-night party there again.

"The vibe at PRL is very underground and laid-back with a splash of art," he points out, adding, that there are "over 100 beers on tap with such exotic names as: Delirium, Zywiec, Framboise or Skull Splitter..." You get the idea. There's plenty of finely titled brews.

But the mood of Hangover Sundays is truly guided by the music it showcases. "I decided to do it early so that when people come out, they can really hear and take an educated listen to the music versus getting to the club after midnight and focusing more on raging out."

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Death Jam Posse Brought Out Fort Lauderdale's Ratchet Side at Laser Wolf Record Premiere

Ian Witlen

The bass was so heavy they literally had to tape the amp down. A dog without a leash, minding its own business, wove in and out of the legs of bar-goers as he pleased. Smoke filled the air and booties popped. It was a Death Jam Posse party at Laser Wolf.

On Saturday night, booty bass trio Death Jam (a.k.a. Young Lauderdale, Mr. Belvedere, and Da $wap $hop Kid -- formerly known as Bleubird, Jabrjaw, and Protoman) took over the craft beer hot spot bar Laser Wolf. They subsequently dominated the Fort Lauderdale scene for the evening. People gathered to celebrate the release of their new 7-inch, Death Wolf, a tribute to the bar itself -- the spot where the VMA-worthy music video was shot and premiered.

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Basel 2013: Fool's Gold Day Off With Trick Daddy, A-Trak, and Danny Brown

Photo by Marco Torres

Fool's Gold Day Off
With Trick Daddy, A-Trak, Danny Brown, and others
Mana Wynwood, Miami
Sunday, December 8, 2013

They called it a Day Off, but that shit was lasted from early in the afternoon till way after dark.

The insta-midnight feel inside Mana Wynwood's warehouse setting helped dancers forget the sun was beating down on sad souls outside. And thus, we raged harder than any regular day party ever could.

As is the current trend, there was more hip-hop vibes than longtime Fool's Gold fans may have expected, but we here at Crossfade were definitely pleased. A surprise guest appearance from Danny Brown made our night, and of course, the 305's legendary Trick Daddy reminded us that "we do our own shit," and Miami still runs the scene.

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