Orbweaver's Randy Piro Says New Album Is "Most Awesome Thing I've Done So Far"

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If there's one criticism people throw about when discussing the current crop of heavy metal acts, it's that their sound is generic. We have to agree that when it comes to the most popular groups in metal, particularly death metal, the bands aren't only generic, but unbearably derivative. However, Hollywood-based Orbweaver is one group rails against the grain with an experimental flare.

Featuring former members of Hate Eternal and Gigan, the band, armed with a carefully selected array of effects pedals, theramins, and synths, applies a Zappa-esque sense of adventure to the tried and true heft of death metal. Where some of the favored psych-rock bands of the day might be compared to the utopia of a Star Trek film, Orbweaver marries science fiction to sonic horrorscapes in the sonic equivalent of Event Horizon.

The group releases its debut EP today. Titled Strange Transmissions from the Neurlnomicon, the album's five tracks were recorded at Pine Crust studios in Miami with Torche bassist Jonathan Nunez, mastered by death metal heavyweight Brian Elliot at Mana Recording Studios. It will be released in limited edition cassette form via Shroud Eater guitarist/vocalist Jean Saiz's new label, Primitive Violence and in CD form direct from the band. The cassettes feature comic cards and unique visuals conceived while listening to the band's music. We spoke with Orbweaver figurehead, Randy Piro, about his vision for Orbweaver, the album itself, and the double-edged sword of promoting a new project via prior associations.

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Dispatches From the High Seas: a Real Bruise Cruise Experience with Vockah Redu and Kyp Malone

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Sweet abs.
Under normal circumstances, when a guy pukes on your arm while you are washing your hands in the men's bathroom sink, it's a pitifully horrible experience. But this reporter just so happens to be on the Carnival Imagination, reveling in the three day rock 'n' roll madness that is the second annual Bruise Cruise, so it was actually a positive. 

Positive you may ask? Yes, indeed, in the ultimate making lemons out of lemonade adage, after washing off the intestinal shards that landed on my forearm, the kind gentleman from San Francisco sincerely apologized. He then proceeded to purchase the rest of this reporter's booze beverages for the evening. Good thing too, because at that point (1:30 a.m.) the bar tab this reporter had drummed up just so happened to be exponentially larger than the check he will receive for writing this very post you are reading.

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Weezer Cruise: Renew Your Wedding Vows With Scott Shriner

Story time with Rivers Cuomo: One of many exciting and new personal experiences of the Weezer Cruise!
The Weezer Cruise is for lovers! Tucked among the specialty events of the cruise -- embarking from Miami to Cozumel and back January 19-23, 2012 -- are a number of off-stage experiences with members of the group. One of them is renewing your wedding commitments with the help of the band's venerable (heck, they're all venerable) bassist Scott Shriner.

For the true Weezer obsessive, AKA the folks who show up on threads like these, seeing the band perform the Blue Album and Pinkerton is not the extent of the bang the bucks shall receive -- not by far. In addition to Shriner time for those who shared a first kiss while listening to "Butterfly," singer Rivers Cuomo will host a special story time and read from the Pinkerton Diaries, guitarist Brian Bell will gather everyone for a viewing of an unnamed film (hopefully it's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest), and drummer Pat Wilson is putting together what should be the feature event of the entire expedition: a shuffleboard tourney. Further charming evidence is plentiful in Weezer's new Love Boat-themed promo video.
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