Broward and Palm Beach County's 4/20 Party Guide

Photo by Molly Bergen
Happy 4/20!

Medical marijuana may not be legal in Florida just yet, but that doesn't mean pot enthusiasts everywhere won't smoke their brains out on 4/20.

So in celebration of National Smoke-Out Day, we've provided you with some of the best herb parties going down in BroCo and Palm Beach.

Now go puff and be merry.

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PRL Hangover Sundays Are Back With Big Bass


Next weekend, Theoryon Records will relaunch its weekly Hangover Sundays at hopping hot-spot PRL Euro Cafe off Hollywood Boulevard. If you've been to PRL -- and you likely have -- you know that atmosphere is abundant at the cozy hangout. That's a principal reason why the label's Ryan De La Torre decided to host his early-night party there again.

"The vibe at PRL is very underground and laid-back with a splash of art," he points out, adding, that there are "over 100 beers on tap with such exotic names as: Delirium, Zywiec, Framboise or Skull Splitter..." You get the idea. There's plenty of finely titled brews.

But the mood of Hangover Sundays is truly guided by the music it showcases. "I decided to do it early so that when people come out, they can really hear and take an educated listen to the music versus getting to the club after midnight and focusing more on raging out."

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Jolt Radio and Stache Host a Thursday Night That's "Fun All Around"

Categories: Nightlife, Q&A

Christina Mendenhall

Feeling bored and lonely on a Thursday night? Need some live music in your life? Miami-based Jolt Radio's got you covered at Fort Lauderdale's 1920s style drinking den, Stache, with their growing weekly party.

What used to be the slightly grungy Green Room is now a swanky and old-timey speakeasy. Their Thursday night Gummdrops party has teamed up with Jolt to create the Sound Series, and good vibes abound. Each weekly escapade is sure to be a special one, with the intelligent pairing of live music and streaming sounds. We caught up with Jolt Radio's John Caignet to get some details.

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Six Coolest New Clubs and Bars in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach

Ian Witlen

South Florida's nightlife scene can be fickle. What once was your favorite EDM/alterna-electro joint flipped to a merengue and bachata club overnight. Sure, the beats are still good, but you haven't the slightest idea how to move your hips so fluidly. And you miss your favorite DJs. Where did they go?

It's a world that's hard to keep track of, packed with dozens of surprises and great lighting. This past year, a bevy of new clubs and bars has arisen. Some of our favorite spots shuttered their doors, sure, but we've compiled a list of the top six new clubs in Broward and Palm Beach counties to help you, dear reader, find a new hangout to get down.

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The Chase Nightclub Now Open in Former Christopher's Location on Oakland Park Blvd.


Those mourning the closing of Fort Lauderdale nightclub Christopher's have something to look forward to with the Chase. The locale of the former Broward County institution opened again under this new moniker last night. No relation to the banking organization, the Chase will occupy the same 10,000-square-foot location that Christopher's did for over 30 years, on the Eastern end of Oakland Park Boulevard, just a stone's throw away from the Intracoastal. The Chase owner Laurie Pandolfo even put over half a million dollars in renovations into the space.

According to Pandolfo, the nightclub and lounge has a catwalk right of the main bar, and four other bars to entertain their clientele. The Chase also features high vaulted ceilings with a bevy of crystal chandeliers, a VIP section contained in a loft that overlooks the entire dance floor, and something a little different, a swing on the dance floor, which is meant to recreate a "Cirque du Soleil atmosphere."

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Rodney Mayo Opening Camelot, a Sophisticated Lounge for Downtown West Palm Beach

Andrew Soria
Camelot will be located off Clematis but probably draw some of that crowd.

A new late-night venue is coming to downtown West Palm Beach, and before you roll your eyes and mutter "Oh, what now?" just wait and hear us out.

The man behind the concept is Rodney Mayo, South Florida's foremost nightlife connoisseur who, of late, seems on a mission to revive downtown West Palm Beach with a string of projects spanning the 500 block of Clematis, including -- most recently --
his microroasting coffeehouse Subculture, which opened this Monday.

Next up for him is Camelot, a nightclub for the sophisticated South Floridian. In a recent interview with County Grind, Mayo says he hopes to attract the Palm Beach County crowd that no longer travels to downtown West Palm Beach, those who stopped patronizing the area because -- as Mayo puts it -- there is nothing worthwhile for them to see.

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Death Jam Posse Brought Out Fort Lauderdale's Ratchet Side at Laser Wolf Record Premiere

Ian Witlen

The bass was so heavy they literally had to tape the amp down. A dog without a leash, minding its own business, wove in and out of the legs of bar-goers as he pleased. Smoke filled the air and booties popped. It was a Death Jam Posse party at Laser Wolf.

On Saturday night, booty bass trio Death Jam (a.k.a. Young Lauderdale, Mr. Belvedere, and Da $wap $hop Kid -- formerly known as Bleubird, Jabrjaw, and Protoman) took over the craft beer hot spot bar Laser Wolf. They subsequently dominated the Fort Lauderdale scene for the evening. People gathered to celebrate the release of their new 7-inch, Death Wolf, a tribute to the bar itself -- the spot where the VMA-worthy music video was shot and premiered.

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Five Guys You Meet at Speakeasy's Mantastic Wednesdays

Mantastic Wednesday's are all about the dudes.

Fellas, let's face it: It's hard being a man in a woman's world, especially when it comes to nightlife.

Ladies are always the ones who get to party (and get drunk) for free. So what's a guy to do when he wants to hang with the boys, watch football, and crush empty beer cans with his forehead?

Drink all the booze he wants for $5 at the Speakeasy Lounge's Mantastic Wednesdays.

"We cater to the guys totally," admits Samantha, one of the ladies who mans the bar. "Guys head out just to have a guy's day, and we put a bunch of [dude flicks] on the TV, like Die Hard, and movies that appeal to them."

And with all-you-can-drink wells from 8-11 p.m., the Speakeasy becomes a major sausage fest every week.

Here are five guys you'll meet at Mantastic Wednesdays, according to Samantha the bartender.

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Hurly-Burly Burlesque: Reunited, and It Feels So Good


Have you been feeling as deprived of the bootylicious babes of Hurly-Burly Burlesque as we have lately? Have you and your girlfriends solemnly resorted to the washboard abs and kneepads of LaBare to get your fix of flesh? Well, grab a Kleenex and wipe away those tears, ladies and sexuality-confident gents, because everyone's favorite troupe of not-so-manscaped misfits are back for their re-debut on Friday, October 18, at Propaganda Lake Worth.

We caught up with the band of brothers who proclaim their "hibernation was to restore and conserve their sexual powers," or prowess, if you ask us. While they consider themselves the opposite of bears, whatever that means, the Burly boys tell us "following the the trend of midseason finales like Breaking Bad, we're ready to premiere the second half of of our debut, of our second season." We can only hope these dancing machines don't pull a Heisenberg.

In preparation for their appropriately themed Bill and Ted's Bogus Burlesque Journey, we asked the beasts of brawn what past or present celebrities or historical figures they'd like to see on the Hurly-Burly stage. Enjoy.

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We the Kings Head to Revolution Live from Bradenton

Categories: Nightlife


Bradenton Florida is unarguably the crown jewel of Manatee County, with its history as the birthplace of the Tropicana orange juice company in the late '40s, and more recently, as the spawning ground for massive selling emo-pop group We the Kings.

The Florida band has no doubt provided the soundtrack for a staggering number of first kisses and summer flings for countless high schoolers over the past few years.

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