Six Coolest New Clubs and Bars in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach

Ian Witlen

South Florida's nightlife scene can be fickle. What once was your favorite EDM/alterna-electro joint flipped to a merengue and bachata club overnight. Sure, the beats are still good, but you haven't the slightest idea how to move your hips so fluidly. And you miss your favorite DJs. Where did they go?

It's a world that's hard to keep track of, packed with dozens of surprises and great lighting. This past year, a bevy of new clubs and bars has arisen. Some of our favorite spots shuttered their doors, sure, but we've compiled a list of the top six new clubs in Broward and Palm Beach counties to help you, dear reader, find a new hangout to get down.

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The Chase Nightclub Now Open in Former Christopher's Location on Oakland Park Blvd.


Those mourning the closing of Fort Lauderdale nightclub Christopher's have something to look forward to with the Chase. The locale of the former Broward County institution opened again under this new moniker last night. No relation to the banking organization, the Chase will occupy the same 10,000-square-foot location that Christopher's did for over 30 years, on the Eastern end of Oakland Park Boulevard, just a stone's throw away from the Intracoastal. The Chase owner Laurie Pandolfo even put over half a million dollars in renovations into the space.

According to Pandolfo, the nightclub and lounge has a catwalk right of the main bar, and four other bars to entertain their clientele. The Chase also features high vaulted ceilings with a bevy of crystal chandeliers, a VIP section contained in a loft that overlooks the entire dance floor, and something a little different, a swing on the dance floor, which is meant to recreate a "Cirque du Soleil atmosphere."

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Rodney Mayo Opening Camelot, a Sophisticated Lounge for Downtown West Palm Beach

Andrew Soria
Camelot will be located off Clematis but probably draw some of that crowd.

A new late-night venue is coming to downtown West Palm Beach, and before you roll your eyes and mutter "Oh, what now?" just wait and hear us out.

The man behind the concept is Rodney Mayo, South Florida's foremost nightlife connoisseur who, of late, seems on a mission to revive downtown West Palm Beach with a string of projects spanning the 500 block of Clematis, including -- most recently --
his microroasting coffeehouse Subculture, which opened this Monday.

Next up for him is Camelot, a nightclub for the sophisticated South Floridian. In a recent interview with County Grind, Mayo says he hopes to attract the Palm Beach County crowd that no longer travels to downtown West Palm Beach, those who stopped patronizing the area because -- as Mayo puts it -- there is nothing worthwhile for them to see.

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Circle, a New Alternative Night Run by Fetish Factory, Premieres in Fort Lauderdale


Black Fridays may be gone and Roxanne's is a thing of the past, but the Fetish Factory hopes to keep dark alternative culture in Fort Lauderdale thriving with its newest night, Circle. Tonight is Circle's kick-off party and although it's brought to you by the folks over at the den of latex (Fetish Factory) Circle is not a fetish-themed dress code shindig per se.
Circle is attempt to bring cohesion to Fort Lauderdale's alt scene generally. Tonight's the free premier from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. and features DJ KAOS -- currently behind the decks at former Fort Lauderdale and current Miami darkwave night Black Fridays. Additionally, local favorites such as Val Vampyre and Matt Havoc will also be handling the ones and twos.

Next week, look for DJ Alex Dalliance (current host of Dominion). Although tonight's a free event, in order to keep the evening up and running and pay off entertainment, Fetish Factory tells us that in the future, they will be charging a small fee of $5 pre-sale tickets available at the Fetish Factory showroom or $10 at the door.

They are hosting these series of events at Club BAM, which is the old Torpedo Nightclub on Broward Blvd. We caught up with Danny, Fetish Factory's general manager and Circle event organizer, to get the full scoop on the new night.

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Monarchy Nightclub Reopens This Saturday Night in West Palm Beach


Faster than you can say, "I'd like bottle service for a party of four," upscale Downtown West Palm Beach nightclub Monarchy is reopening its doors. The posh Clematis Street venue is throwing itself a shindig this Saturday, with high-energy house DJ duo Salvatore and John Paul behind the decks.

Just in mid-April, we reported the upscale hangout was shutting down, due to unpaid rent. At the time, an anonymous source informed us that there were several groups vying to purchase the club. "It presents a rare opportunity for the right party to purchase a turnkey nightclub at the height of its popularity, right in downtown West Palm Beach," said the unidentified party, who was involved with one of the groups attempting to acquire the 6,000-square foot venue.

He was not exaggerating. Less than eight weeks later, Monarchy is back, revamped, and ready to section off your next party of four in the VIP section. Monarchy's new owner is Randy Epstein, co-founder and CIO of, a company that specializes in managed network infrastructure services (you will have to ask your IT specialist pal what that means exactly).

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New Indie Night at American Rock Bar Features Boxwood and Casey Hopkins Duo

Ian Witlen
The musical void between Delray Beach's Dada and Fort Lauderdale's Green Room is being filled by a new indie night at Deerfield Beach's American Rock Bar and Grill. Northern Broward music fans, rest assured. You can now avoid traveling on I-95, at least for one night, and still catch a show with worthy, original local acts.

Aleks Violet Holubowic -- the former promotions director and current DJ on FIU's student-run radio station WRGP Radiate FM (95.3 FM at the Modesto Madique Campus, and 96.9 FM at the Biscayne Bay Campus) -- is heading up the booking for this new event. It's clear, listening to her radio show, Local Radiation, that this dedicated music devotee has a knack for picking out capable bands from South Florida.

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Thanksgiving 2012: What to Do in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach County This Holiday Weekend

Categories: Night Watch
Once all the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes have formed a mountain of food in your stomach, we know you'll want to spend the long weekend conquering the difficult challenges of shopping for deals and partying hard. We hold the flattering nickname Fort Liquordale for a reason. 

See also
DJ Irie Hosts Black Friday Festival with Kendrick Lamar, Talks Bottle Service, Alonzo Mourning, and the Miami Heat

And because there is no shortage of happenings around Broward and Palm Beach counties, New Times has complied the ultimate Thanksgiving holiday weekend guide for you.

It'll be updated daily, so don't forget to check back. If you feel like we've missed any events, please let us know by emailing
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Off the Hookah to Move to Old Voodoo Lounge; Currently Hiring

Categories: Night Watch
The new location will be more upscale than the existing.
Best Broward Dance Club 2012

When Off the Hookah burst onto the scene in 2007, it quickly became a Las Olas favorite, especially on its Thursday ladies' nights. The décor and outdoor lounge area, along with the free-flowing drinks for women, quickly brought in a female crowd to the riverfront location weekly, like clockwork.

People started talking about the fire-breathing bartender and different flavored tobacco to smoke from the hookahs. It was then that Fridays and Saturdays started getting packed. Next thing we knew, there were four locations strewn across South Florida and Virginia.

All that started at 300 SW First Ave. in Fort Lauderdale.

So what do you do with the location that started it all? You pack up and leave, of course.
"It's time for a change," said district manager Alex Passakos. "This is going to be a club like Fort Lauderdale has never seen."
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Totally Tuesdays '80s Music Video Party at Respectable Street Tonight!

Categories: Night Watch, Video
Remember when MTV played actual music, feathered bangs were sexy, and scrunchies were the hottest fashion craze?

Neither do we.

Thankfully Respectable Street is hosting a party to remind people of a time when Jersey Shore was only an area and pop stars didn't need vocal synthesizers to sound good.

The "Totally Tuesdays '80s Music Video Party" is a weekly party that Respectable Street has added to its repertoire of popular parties, like Flaunt Thursdays and Vinyl Fridays.

We got in touch with Kendall Courtney, one of tonight's DJs, and found out what videos they plan to play for the intimate crowd. Check it out after the jump.

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Night Watch: Brewzzi

Categories: Night Watch
Thumbnail image for tara_logo_small.jpg
2222 Glades Road, Boca Raton.
Call 561-392-2739, or visit here.

Brewzzi sounds like the second name of a rapper. You know, about the time his ego has grown to epic proportions and sometime after said rapper has enjoyed moderate success with his first name. Snide remarks aside, I cracked open the bright-orange menu and was whisked away into a decadent world of enticingly titled drinks (Irish Trash Can Punch? Yes, please). In addition to the brews that keep Brewzzi legit, the place vends a mean Planter's Punch, plenty of margaritas, spicy bloody marys, and something called a Palm Beach Mojito, which is less overpriced than the name implies. In addition, Brewzzi boasts the usual dining-room fare: burgers and salads and pizzas and sandwiches and nothing worth more than a dismissive hand wave. After all, we came for the beer.

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