Comedy Legend Joan Rivers Passes Away at 81, Can't Make Fun of You Anymore

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All hail the first queen of comedic controversy, Joan Rivers, who has passed away at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan at the age of 81.

The news, confirmed by her daughter Melissa and reported in the New York Times, comes after a hard week of medical stay. She was taken to Mt. Sinai last Thursday when she reportedly lost consciousness during a vocal cord procedure, and had recently left the intensive care unit after pulling through a medically-induced coma.

As divisive and brash as she could be, she'll no doubt be remembered for her biting wit, hysterical honesty, and the sheer speed with which she cleverly damaged an ego even into her last days.

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Science Confirms What I Already Knew: Bass Music Made Me a Boss

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Still from 50 Cent's "In Da Club" music video.
Researches confirm bass-heavy hip-hop is the best for boosting self-esteem.
I'm a 26-year-old white woman who grew up in a mostly-Jewish suburb in Broward County, but the only thing I listen to, day-in and day-out, is thuggish ruggish rap music at uncomfortably loud volumes.

It's not that I relate to songs about selling dope. I think crack is wack. I don't even like songs about strippers. I'm what the less educated among us would call a "radical militant feminist."

So why am I so addicted to ignorant shit? Because those beats fuckin' slap. I need the bass more than I need anything else, and hood shit just delivers like no other genre can. My hipster friends can hate, I don't care. Science has my back.

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The Bachelor Hosts Casting Call at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek This Saturday

Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Maybe you'll be the one who ends up with a hunk of a man like The Bachelor's season 17 Sean Lowe.

Ever wanted to find love as millions watch your every move on national TV?

Well, Saturday's your chance.

ABC's The Bachelor is hosting a casting call at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek for all you lonely ladies (and dudes?) looking for Mr. Right.

"You have to be single, that's a starter!" laughs Lacey Pemberton, the reality show's casting director. "We're looking for women and men. We're not 100 percent sure who we're using for the bachelor yet."

"You also have to be willing to take a leap of faith," she adds. "Aside from that, there really aren't any requirements."

Except for the fact that you have to be over the age of 21, of course.

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Pangaea and Gryphon Nightclubs Shut Doors for Good

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Photo by Ian Witlen
Say goodbye to Gryphon and Pangaea.

After almost a decade of throwing some of the wildest parties in Hollywood, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's Pangaea and Gryphon nightclubs have officially shut their doors.

Both clubs have welcomed some of the most talented names in dance music, including John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, and other uhntz-uhntz legends to the stage. But they're keeping quiet on the matter.

"I am sorry but I really can't comment on this. Thanks," wrote Eden Bauer, a spokesperson for both clubs, in an email.

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Bamboo Room Closes for Summer (UPDATED)

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Sing the blues at Bamboo Room one last time with JP Soars & the Red Hots.

Bamboo Room has been singing the blues for nearly 15 years, bringing music from blues legends and local acts alike including David Shelley, Albert Castiglia, Igor & the Red Elvises, and Iko-Iko to Palm Beach County.

Tomorrow night, the Lake Worth bar will be shutting its doors, at least for the summer, with a final show from JP Soars & the Red Hots.

"Bamboo Room will be closing for the summer months and will return in October," that's what Craig Young, the booking manager, said in an email.

UPDATE: The Palm Beach Post reports that owners, husband and wife Russell Hibbard and Karen McKinley are planning on selling Bamboo Room sometime during the summer. While there is no confirmed buyer as of yet, there are several interested parties. According to the Post, the potential owners have indicated they would carry on the same musical concept as the current Bamboo Room, but that, of course, is subject to change.

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Churchill's New Owners Abandoning Plans for 21-and-Over Policy

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Photo by George Martinez

Rejoice, kids.

Just days after the new owners of Churchill's Pub announced a 21-and-over policy, they've already abandoned those plans.

Yesterday, following the pub's weekly staff get-together, an announcement of the reversal was made on Churchill's official Facebook page.

"After a meeting today with the new owners, the age policy has been reviewed. After may 19th, Churchills Pub will be 18 and over, show depending."

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Churchill's Pub Becoming a Strictly 21-and-Over Club Under New Ownership

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Sorry, kids.

Local punk landmark Churchill's Pub, a longtime haven for 18-and-up shows, will no longer be letting anybody except drinking-age adults through the door.

It's been only three weeks since founder and owner Dave Daniels completed the pub's sale. And many Miami promoters, scene figures, and band members are interpreting this grownups-only policy as an omen of increasingly drastic changes.

UPDATE Churchill's new owners have reversed positions, already abandoning their plans for a21-and-over policy.

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AC/DC Guitarist Malcolm Young Suffers Stroke; We Can Relate

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Sayre Berman

Yesterday, rumors and speculation flooded the internet regarding the future of AC/DC -- also known as one of the greatest, (mostly) unmolested treasures in rock 'n' roll. It was reported by a well-respected Australian music journalist that the band is preparing to call it quits due to complications surrounding founding member and guitarist Malcolm Young's health. It was confirmed today via the band's website that Young's health concerns will place him on the sidelines for the time being -- though the band will continue without him.

AC/DC had been planning on celebrating its impending 40th anniversary with a new album and major tour; however, Young is said to be recovering from a serious stroke that left a blood clot on his brain and subsequently robbed the legendary axman of his signature ability to knock the living piss out of every last power chord he attacks.

As a guitarist who has suffered a series of small strokes myself, I can attest to the horrors of the experience. The chill instilled by the thought of losing one's ability to create is second only to the reality of death that comes with strokes -- and perhaps even scarier for someone of Young's ilk, who has virtually built a life on the clanking of guitar strings.

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Churchill's Pub Sale Finalized

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It's done.

According to Churchill's Pub founder and owner Dave Daniels, the sale of the legendary Little Haiti boozing establishment and live-music venue has been finalized.

"Yes, it is," Daniels tells County Grind. "I am meeting with the buyer tomorrow. There will be further details then."

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Trick Daddy Arrested in Miramar

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Courtesy of Broward Sheriff's Office
Iconic Miami rapper Trick Daddy (AKA Maurice Young) was arrested by members of the Broward County Drug Task Force yesterday at 10 a.m. at his Miramar home.

Why? Baby, 'cause he's a thug.

Trick was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of ammunition by a felon, possession of cocaine, and driving with a suspended license.

"At 10:08 a.m., I witnessed Maurice Young, backing out of the driveway of his residence in a green, 2 door coupe," the arresting officer wrote in the police report. The officers were watching the house on a "sniff warrant" and waited until the rapper backed out of his driveway to approach him.

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