AC/DC Guitarist Malcolm Young Suffers Stroke; We Can Relate

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Sayre Berman

Yesterday, rumors and speculation flooded the internet regarding the future of AC/DC -- also known as one of the greatest, (mostly) unmolested treasures in rock 'n' roll. It was reported by a well-respected Australian music journalist that the band is preparing to call it quits due to complications surrounding founding member and guitarist Malcolm Young's health. It was confirmed today via the band's website that Young's health concerns will place him on the sidelines for the time being -- though the band will continue without him.

AC/DC had been planning on celebrating its impending 40th anniversary with a new album and major tour; however, Young is said to be recovering from a serious stroke that left a blood clot on his brain and subsequently robbed the legendary axman of his signature ability to knock the living piss out of every last power chord he attacks.

As a guitarist who has suffered a series of small strokes myself, I can attest to the horrors of the experience. The chill instilled by the thought of losing one's ability to create is second only to the reality of death that comes with strokes -- and perhaps even scarier for someone of Young's ilk, who has virtually built a life on the clanking of guitar strings.

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Churchill's Pub Sale Finalized

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It's done.

According to Churchill's Pub founder and owner Dave Daniels, the sale of the legendary Little Haiti boozing establishment and live-music venue has been finalized.

"Yes, it is," Daniels tells County Grind. "I am meeting with the buyer tomorrow. There will be further details then."

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Trick Daddy Arrested in Miramar

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Courtesy of Broward Sheriff's Office
Iconic Miami rapper Trick Daddy (AKA Maurice Young) was arrested by members of the Broward County Drug Task Force yesterday at 10 a.m. at his Miramar home.

Why? Baby, 'cause he's a thug.

Trick was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of ammunition by a felon, possession of cocaine, and driving with a suspended license.

"At 10:08 a.m., I witnessed Maurice Young, backing out of the driveway of his residence in a green, 2 door coupe," the arresting officer wrote in the police report. The officers were watching the house on a "sniff warrant" and waited until the rapper backed out of his driveway to approach him.

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World of Beer and Main Event Talent Have Beef Over Payment of Bands

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Last night, chaos broke loose on the interwebs as the owner of Main Event Talent Agency, Judy Blem, posted an angry text photo on the company's Facebook page demanding that World of Beer pay outstanding debts for bands that have played at the company's venues.

World of Beer, a popular chain of bars that specifically notes live music as a key part of its culture, was attacked repeatedly in the comments -- there are 54 comments so far and Blem's post has been shared 155 times. Main Event's post claimed that there remains "21 unpaid invoices for 42 gigs performed at 3 South Florida WOB locations (Dadeland, Midtown & Wellington), dating back from July 19th through September 28th, 2013." The post claimed that the invoices had been repeatedly sent to Reeves Krumin Enterprises LLC (RKE LLC) but have been ignored by the franchise for over six months.

We contacted Judy Blem to discuss the matter further, but she declined to give a statement because of legal concerns. "I have to be careful of what I say," she told us, though throughout the rest of the night, someone commenting through her Main Event's Facebook continued to comment on the photo, defending Blem and giving out more details.

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Steve Klein, Formerly of New Found Glory, Arraigned on Charges of Lewd Conduct with a Minor Under 14 UPDATE

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Ian Witlen

Update: Both New Found Glory and Steve Klein's attorney respond.

We lamented the dismissal of guitarist and lyricist Steve Klein from Coral Springs-bred pop-punk band New Found Glory last December. We even called him one of the most influential figures of the genre.

With the news today that Klein was arraigned in a San Luis Obispo, California, court on multiple felony charges of lewd conduct with a minor, it's all become clear why his former bandmates might have wanted some distance from him.

See also: New Found Glory Fires Guitarist and Songwriter: Pop Punk is Now Dead

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Churchill's Pub Owner Dave Daniels Accepts Offer to Sell

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George Martinez

In Churchill's Pub, Dave Daniels established and maintained a safe space for musical and artistic expression, the watching of international soccer games, and drinking heavily in the heart of Little Haiti for 35 years. But, at 74, Daniels tells us: "It's time for me to move on."

An undisclosed investor put in an offer to purchase the business. Though Daniels has accepted the offer, the sale is by no means final. After much talk and failed attempts to sell over the years, it seems the universe just might be ready to let Daniels off the hook this time. We spoke with him about the possible changes coming for one of the best live music venues in the world, ever.

UPDATE The sale of Churchill's Pub has just been finalized, according to founder Dave Daniels.

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Local Label Limited Fanfare Has Big Things Planned for 2014

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It's been a minute since County Grind caught up with Fort Lauderdale native and Limited Fanfare Records founder Brian Kurtz. The young record label has shown much promise in the few years of its existence by releasing stellar records from scuzzy Miami rockers Lil' Daggers, Mike Marsh's (former drummer for Dashboard Confessional) project called PAPER, noted national bands like Nashville-by-way-of Los Angeles garage rock revivalists The Ettes, and even an international act, Athens, Greece's shoegaze post-punk group Zebra Tracks.

Kurtz, under the Fanfare label, will have released 22 albums as of April of this year, and he expects to put out about 5 to 7 more by the end of 2014. We spoke with the always affable, budding music entrepreneur to find out what his label has in store for the year.

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Lavola Returns with a Forceful New Album

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Lavola is back, and in a big way. County Grind received word last week that one of Palm Beach County's fiercest sonic forces had just completed its next album titled This Book Is My Cowardice. Through the social media webs, we heard a smidgen of Lavola frontman Julian Cires' next work with the album's first single called "Steps to Hell."

It's a dynamic piece, emblazoned by Cires' cathartic, wobbly voice and penetrating yelps. There are also moments when Cires takes it down a notch with wispy-yet-menacing vocals, followed by mammoth banging snare bashes and crunchy guitar licks. The number evokes an Explosions in the Sky intensity enveloped with a sensibility that's sure to appeal to the emo kids out there too. It's the best of both worlds.

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Dollar Draft Beer Found in Broward

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Broward, you big beautiful beer-bloated lush, what would the rest of South Florida do without you? Of all the beer joints, gin saloons, watering holes and dives across the lower portion of the state, you probably have the finest. I think I can confidently say that. It's science.

Last month, New Times conducted a very serious shoe-leather investigation. Everywhere we looked around in the 305 and 954, prices were creeping up: rent, real estate, gas, and especially, the price of beer. The latter trend shouldn't surprise anyone. In drinking culture, haughty is the new trend, with expensive-ass craft beers and cocktails that cost more than feeding a family of four at McDonald's. The old days of cheap beer-and-a-shot seem to be circling the drain.

So, we decided to do the seemingly impossible. Can you still get cheap beer in South Florida? Can you still get the cheapest beer deal out there, $1 draft? We went looking.

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Is Beyoncé's Mystery Producer Boots Jordy Asher?

Boots' Soundcloud

Earlier this week, Buzzfeed attempted to uncover who some new guy on the music scene named Boots is. He coproduced and wrote a bunch of songs on Queen Bey's new superduper surprise visual album Beyoncé that dropped out of nowhere the other day.

If you're a longtime South Florida music lover, you might've started to uncover from Buzzfeed's clues that Boots is likely Jordy Asher, the Broward County-bred, scuzzy frontman of such local defunct favorites as Stonefox, Blond Fuzz, and Young Circles who garnered national attention for his band Blonds.

Going off one pic in particular -- reportedly Tweeted by a member of Beyoncé's creative team -- mds (designed memory) states "celebrating with my dear friend BOOTS who wrote 4 songs and co produced 80% of the album," the proof is in the pudding. It's our man Asher, or one of his pals, or he photobombed this picture.

See also: Young Circles' Jordy Asher on Burying "StoneFuzz," Rapping, & Leaving Genres Behind

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