Musicians on Sports: The Eat's Eddie O'Brien on the Dolphins, Orange Bowl, and Richie Incognito


The Eat has arguably been one of the most influential punk rock bands in Florida. Its particular brand of earnest rock and roll hinged on a careful balance of not particularly giving a damn and black Irish humor coupled with great musicianship. It has thankfully enjoyed a resurgence in popularity after Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles Records did the band justice releasing the It's Not the Eat, It's the Humidity compilation album back in 2007. The band's original releases enjoy ridiculous sums in the collector's market.

With the O'Brien brothers at the helm, the Eat penned the punk rock classic "Communist Radio," but it is the group's odes to the horse races, football, and baseball that bring us here today. Guitarist and singer Eddie O'Brien has been involved with numerous musical projects since moving to Miami in the late '60s and is a sports fan's fan; feeling the ebb and flow of South Florida's franchises.

We had a chance to discuss sports with him and this is how it went.

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Musicians on Sports: All Hell Breaks Loose's Alex Leon Says, "This Is a Fair-Weather City"

Photo by Maureen

My lifelong dream of wearing an AC Milan jersey was foiled years ago by a proclivity for booze and cigarettes, so I'll resign myself to watching it on television, the internet and with the bemused chuckle of World Cup "insta-fans" surrounding me. Thankfully, in my many years covering music in South Florida, I've come across many musicians who are passionate about sports, and in this new series, we'll be talking to them about their favorite sports and teams.

Alex Leon has ground the axe and sang for many noteworthy bands in South Florida like Dance Floor Justice, Target Nevada, All Hell Breaks Loose, and Remembering Never. Alex is also a fervent hockey fan. We had the opportunity to discuss his hot/cold relationship with the Florida Panthers, his love of the Detroit Red Wings, and why the sport hasn't caught on and gained popularity in our tropical environs after all these years.

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