Stream Two New Animal Collective Songs: "Honeycomb" and "Gotham"

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The release of 2009's Merriweather Post Pavilion brought Baltimore's psychedelic indie trailblazers Animal Collective together in perfect harmony. The critically acclaimed album showcased AnCo's trademark occulting sonic snippets while simultaneously unveiling the most approachable moments of its career. "My Girls" and "Summertime Clothes" were not totally art-damaged pop songs; turns out they were -- dare we say? -- teetering on straight-up pop delights.

The new seven-inch single Honeycomb/Gotham featuring two new Animal Collective songs arrives after much anticipation. Where on the musical spectrum are our genre-hopping, sample-crazed auteurs headed? 

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The Gun Hoes Release New Song "Melt Machine," and We Like It

Since you (better) dig Thee Oh Sees and Goner Records crew, you're gonna poo yourselves over the Gun Hoes. The Hollywood duo makes fun, straight-up garage psychedelic rock 'n' roll. They just put out a new song, "Melt Machines," and we keep playing it over and over, and for some reason, our head won't stop with the bouncing. When the Gun Hoes ask in this newest mp3, "Baby please, baby please/Won't you lay on my chest?" the answer is: Well, maybe. 

Of any upcoming stuff the band is up to besides this singular release, songwriter Gabe Machismo told us, "I had all these songs written, some of it recorded for our EP we were planning, but I decided to scrap everything and start all over again and do something a little more interesting." 

He lost interest in the songs he'd initially been writing after "messing around with different guitar tuning and effects pedals," he says. "That's why it has taken so long for us to release anything new. But I decided to release this new song 'Melt Machine,' since it actually meant something to me. And it's a fun song to play, and all my friends dug it." We dig it. Listen after the jump. 

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SLDGHMR Make Paris-Inspired Grooves, Offer It for Free

Listening to French electro (or French-inspired electro, or French-electro-inspired electro) can produce within the brain very pretty visuals: images of neon, good-looking dancers, outer space. It can all be rather Miami. Which is why it makes sense that the indelicately named SLDGHMR is based in Miami and makes dance songs that remind us of the shiny and slightly nostalgic sounds of acts like its former tour mate Brodinski or Anoraak.

But, says Corey Siegel, one-half of the duo -- the other is Antonio Torres -- while "we often say [our music] is French electro-slash-nü-disco-styled, I like to think we have this original sound. We are much more ADD than our influences, like Justice, SebastiAn, Birdy Nam Nam. I don't think our stuff sounds too much like any one of those influences in particular, but you can see our roots." Like in one's hair.

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Civilian Lands on Renee Movie Soundtrack, Preps Debut Album

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Last time we caught up with the ginger and elegantly quivering singer Ryan Alexander, the Fort Lauderdale native and his newly formed four-piece, Civilian, had landed a spot onstage at the inaugural Orlando Calling Festival. With Alexander behind the mic, guitarist Alex Bennett, drummer Nash Nardone, and bassist Nick Nardone, the quartet beat out more than 20 bands for the coveted slot in a battle of the bands showdown.

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Fevers Make a Feverish Return This Saturday at Green Room

Last week, while sitting at a local watering hole talking shop about the area's music scene (it's what we mostly do around here), the subject of blazing, distortion-fueled Fort Lauderdale rockers Fevers came up. "What the hell ever happened to those dudes?"

Back in May of last year, they enamored us with a noise-pop-meets-synth-pop catcall that had us comparing them to a Suicidal Tendencies meets Bauhaus off-breed. They went on to play a couple of shilling shows and then out of nowhere pulled a Keyser Söze and just like that, puff... vanished on the world.

Well, it had been zero, zip, zilch news when all of the sudden word came this week that Fevers would be playing at the Green Room this Saturday, February 18, and they unveiled a new single called "Dynamite Pole" to boot. It's almost as if we're psychic or something. More »

MP3: Astrea Corporation's "Artifact A"

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Soulful trip-hop darlings Astrea Corporation have been staying busy, managing to strike a balance between frequent live performances and fresh output. We emailed frontwoman Carly to find out what's up.

Aside from upcoming collaborations with rapper and producer Iron Ora, January marked the beginning of their live demo series. "The live demo series will consist of a set of songs we will be releasing once a month for our listeners," Carly explains. "We want this to be more intimate, almost like an unplugged-session-type feel, though as an electronic-based group, we kinda have to plug in. Each track will be recorded live in the lab and offered in its raw, truest form."

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Pool Party's "Discotech Valentimes," Perfect for the Miserable People Out There

Que romantico.
You can't have a miserably awesome Valentine's Day without a new song by Pool Party! Download their sad lil' tune "Discotech Valentimes" right here. 

Lead singer Creep Guirdo told us, "I wrote this valentime song because I know many people have a broken heart." That was sweet of him. Guess this goes out to all you people feeling the pangs on loneliness today. "No sweet, only sours," Guirdo sings in this weepy song.

The punk rockers have a new 7" EP and brilliantly titled Pool Party Party LP coming out with Chicago's Mooster Records this spring. According to Guirdo, the 7" includes the song "Teenage Weirdo," which, he says, "is about smelling lady's hair." Both are being recorded at Critical Records in Miami and Guirdo says, "We tackle some very taboo subjects. For example: polygamy, getting caught doing voyeurism, altar boys, mangers, nuns and Pizza Hut, and all the latest new drugs, krokodil, meow meow, and bath salts to name a few, Percocet, Ambien, whiskey, crack and regular cocaine, to name a few more. And as usually, disco dancing, pool parties and ultimately, it is all about how we are better at things than most people." Oh, the humility. 
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The Get Is Gone (For Now); Meet Henry Krinkle Tonight at The Vagabond

​Long ago, we interviewed The Get, Edwin Jantunen's multifaceted, emerald-y gem of a project. Back then, it was equal parts dubstep track production, Sumsun sidekick, remix mastery; he also co-founded the short-lived but brilliant Lush Haus party. His music was pretty potent stuff, and most of it has all but disappeared.

Jantunen has reemerged as Henry Krinkle, a funny moniker to name something that ought to never be anonymous: the dub-inflected first single, "Come Back To Me," is, appropriately, a dope comeback. As daydream-inducing as his earlier tracks, it's smoother this time, more rounded, all grown up. 
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MP3: Crime Mob ft. Lil Scrappy - "Knuck If You Buck" (Sea Things Remix)

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​It would be nice to just leave this right here for you with no explanation, but since releasing the Jaws EP, Sea Things has been working on all things non-Sea Things. 

There was the Main Attrakionz track he produced with a member of the group, Squadda B. Then, in a meta-reaction, there were the two Squadda B tracks he produced himself ("Serve the Dealer" + "Different Color Gold").

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MP3: Sea Things' "Mind's Eye"

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​​We hadn't heard from Sea Things in a minute, so we took matters into our own hands and emailed Michael Floering himself. Turns out he's been quite busy.

We completely missed the release of his EP, Jaws, which, he explains, marks "the end of an era... The era of intentional hyperbole in my music." Different things are coming, but we'll take the hyperbolic, hyped, overhyped nature of every track on Jaws to hold us over till then.

While each song is a trip through glitchy, blissful time portals, "Mind's Eye" is aptly titled, assuming that what you saw through your mind's eye was yourself suspended in a world of strange color where eight-bit creatures shot gumballs at you. 
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