Steven Tyler's Daughter Chelsea Plays Fort Lauderdale with Band Badbad


Nepotism or rightly earned respect? Thus is the universal debate that arises anytime we see the son or daughter of a celebrated celebrity try to branch out on their own. It's only a natural cynicism. Let's face it, when daddy is Bob Dylan, doors seem to open easier than if pop is an electrician or mom is a mail courier. Makes us question if Robin Thicke or any of Will Smith's kids have any real talent, and if those annoying "I'm in Miami, Bitch," T-shirts would even exist if LMFAO's Redfoo wasn't the son of Motown mogul Berry Gordy.

We can't blame any of these celebrity kids, what else are you going to do if ma and pop are big shots in the biz? You certainly can't go be a waiter at Denny's. There have been some that have earned the respect of fans and critics in their own right, look at jazz pop vocalist Norah Jones (daughter of sitar guru Ravi Shankar) and Jeff Buckley (son to folk singer Tim Buckley) for example.

So, it's perfectly fine to be a little skeptical about Chelsea Tyler's new duo Badbad. The youngest daughter of Aerosmith's iconic frontman Steven Tyler's, this gorgeous chanteuse, who shares dad's amble, voluminous, there-has-to-be-silicone-in-there-but-there-isn't lips, began her career as a model, and in the past few years made the transition to musician.

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Footwork 4 Self's Shawn Wayne Drops True Grit Despite Stolen Computer

The title to Twin Cities rapper Atmosphere's '08 album When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold, might also serve as the perfect motto for Lake Worth hip-hop producer Shawn Wayne. Last month, the 29-year-old beat-smith had his MacBook (pictured above) lifted while he was DJing at the Speakeasy Lounge. Yes, somebody had the balls to heist the laptop straight from the DJ booth. Wayne lost all his beats and tracks for projects he had been steadily working on all year. In the ultimate "painting shit gold" move, however, the crafty Wayne was able to piece together most of what was stolen.

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So clever is Wayne with sorting through his email, that he was able to patch together an album entitled True Grit. Wayne, being the studio maestro for upstart Palm Beach County rap label Footwork 4 Self Records, found many rhymes to work with right there in his Hotmail account.
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Beach Day Releases New Song on Kanine Records "Walking on the Streets"

Categories: MP3 of the Day
Christina Mendenhall
Beach Day is set on taking the city of Hollywood out of wrinkly geriatric paws and passing it over to the smooth surf-obsessed hands of youth. 

The Hollywood trio aren't really old-people-haters, they're actually really awesome people who like to have a good time. They're pumping out catchy, romantic rock and roll that bubbie or abuela will enjoy as much as any ol' cool kid. 

The band just released a new, clear yellow 7" on Kanine Records. It premiered on Filter Magazine, who said the '60 girl-group inspired jam made them weep. Pretty dramatic if ya ask us. It just made us want to dance about the room. 

Keep on clicking to hear their newest release and pull out either a tissue or your best swaying arms, depending on your mood. 

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Diplo's New Single, "About That Life," Will Make You Want to Drop Acid

Categories: MP3 of the Day
To say that Diplo is a busy man would be an understatement. Pumping out remixes, starring in BlackBerry commercials, and running his Mad Decent label, the superproducer has no shortage of work coming his way. But when it comes to his solo work, things have been on the slower end.

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After an eight-year stall, Diplo is finally ready to release another album. According to his description, it's "psychedelic Southern gospel." Sounds a little confusing at first, but after listening to his new single, "About That Life," we totally get it.

The song is available today on Mad Decent's mini-imprint, Jeffree's. Listen to Diplo's "About That Life" after the jump.

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Meet New Local Foursome Wake Up, Featuring Members of the Dewars and Guy Harvey

Categories: MP3 of the Day
Wake Up.jpg

It's Monday, folks. Wake up! Chances are, dear reader, that you overindulged this weekend and are having a difficult time getting into the swing of things over there at the workplace? Cold sweats, baggy eyes, severe dehydration -- all part of the Monday blues. No sweat; drink lots of water and let County Grind take care of you. Put on some headphones and let the serene, lo-fi bliss of Lake Worth's newest outfit, Wake Up, wipe away the day's doldrums.
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From the Vault: Protoman's "I Wanna Be a Superstar"

Protoman is a society man. Well, a Black Locust Society man. Along with fellow BLS musicians, he represents the 954 in words and with beats. The Fort Lauderdale hip-hop artist dug into musical tracks of times past and came back with a gem. This gem is called "I Wanna Be a Superman."  

"Years ago, I stayed all night on a Friday and made this," he tells us. Laying down vocals over a nameless beatmaker's track, he mixed the song and went to bed. "When I woke up Saturday to reopen the session with fresh ears, the files had corrupted. My work was lost," he recalls sadly, "but I still had the quick rough mix that I bounced down the previous night."  

Apparently, Protoman says he never found the time to finish the song, but after stumbling upon it the other day, he thought, "This is dope. Why not share it?'' Alas, we received a copy of his unmixed dope demo. Listen to "I Wanna Be a Superman" here. 
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A Miami Heat Fan Trials and Tribulations Mixtape, Just In Time For Game Six


Editor's Note to the rest of the NBA: Our coach is hotter than your coach.  

Last Tuesday night, this reporter had the good fortune and equally agonizing experience of attending the Miami Heat playoff game versus the Boston Celtics. Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals was a tremendous roller coaster ride. Watching Lebron James and company get out of the gate with instant fervor, and hearing the uproar of the crowd as Chris Bosh made his return after missing nine games with a lower abdominal strain, was tremendously uplifting.

Those momentary feelings of joy and delight were fleeting, soon replaced by emotions of frustration and distress as we watched the seasoned Celtics veterans chip away at the Heat's lead and ultimately capitalize on timely breaks to steal this victory from the Heat on our home floor.

On the ride home, listening to sports talk radio (yes folks, sometimes music critics listen to sports talk, it's true,) we couldn't believe the level of negativity and pessimism that callers were emitting. It seemed as if the town has already given up on the Big Three. The radio show host was even assenting with the callers, almost calling for the head of coach Eric Spoelstra, because of questionable decisions regarding Bosh's playing time (a very impressive 14 minutes, where he scored nine points and grabbed seven rebounds). 

It's no wonder Heat fans come under such a barrage from the rest of the NBA fans! Our point is, yes, the Heat are down, but they are definitely not out. Bosh will certainly play a larger role in Game 6. Additionally, we have faith that Dwayne Wade will break from his first half slump.

So with rally caps on, we put together this here listicle as part of a cathartic process, hoping to deal with Heat fans' chagrin over the three straight losses and, with any luck, give them a brightener sense of optimism for the next TWO games that lie ahead (actually, six more wins that lie ahead right, Heat fans. RIGHT?!) More »

Neolythyc: Teen Virtuosos Reinventing Heavy Metal

Last Thursday, this reporter received an email from his editor, inquiring if he would like to go check out a young, new, heavy-metal outfit from Fort Lauderdale called Neolythyc. Admittedly, I was a little tentative, to say the least. But the saplings, a four-piece originally from Miami, already had a publicist, and said publicist took the time to send me a couple of the band's tunes.

I listened to one of the songs, "In Between the Lines" (look for it after the jump) and was impressed with its sharp riffs, bombastic vocals, and the overall professional nature of the recording. It gave the impression that these kids were more than just a high school heavy-metal band practicing in a warehouse and playing at keg parties. They sounded grimly serious about their craft.

With a publicist and a label -- World Records -- already backing them, we concluded that this hard-rocking teen band was a legitimate enough endeavor to gamble an evening away. And when I made my way down to Kilmo Doome's newest venture, the Native Florida Tap Room and Music Hall, on Saturday night, I discovered just how legitimate the four musicians who make up Neolythyc are. Forget any preconceived notions you might have about what a heavy-metal outfit in their teens might sound like. Neolythyc proved not to be sloppy but many more levels of sophisticated than this reporter could have ever imagined.More »

Literary Devices for Indie Nerves: The Faulkner Detective's The Modern Handshake


There's something relatively soothing about Brooklyn-based indie rock quartet The Faulkner Detectives. It's something slightly primal and askew and somewhat not at ease with itself that I find comfortably calming. South Florida expat Alex Segura (guitar/vocals) has done well for himself in various mediums (journalism and comics mostly) and now turns his creative juices to stripped-down indie gems.

Like any man's dreams, he's surrounded himself with women and where he's gruff and unrepentant about his southern bend towards literature, the girls soften it up whilst adding the aforementioned edge of unease. This is not sweet play on play of boy and girl, this is more like awkward first dates and coming into terms with feelings.

And like the opening twangs of "A Matter of Time," it's pretty and promising.

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Helado Negro Has Two New Videos and an Upcoming Album With Collaborative Project ROM

Just this February, Broward native Roberto Lange, A.K.A. Helado Negro, dropped the first in an "infinite series" of concept EPs Island Universe Storyreleased on Asthmatic Kitty. Just months later, he's posted two videos for songs off of the first EP. We, of course, have them here for your viewing pleasure. 

But it doesn't stop there: Not only is Lange working on his infinite series -- which has gotta be a lot of work -- but he's also working with fellow Florida musician Matt Crum on their project ROM. "Matt and I have been doing ROM since 2000," Lange says, "It's been one of the longest musical relationships I've had, but our output has been small because of our long distance band [Lange lives in Brooklyn], and just the detail oriented work we do with the our music."

He admits humbly, "Matt makes me sound good." Both have worked together on other endeavors like Comic Wow with Tortoise's John McEntire and Savath and Savalas with Prefuse 73's Guillermo Scott Herren. They've provided some free music here for your listening and downloading pleasure. "Whale Vomit" is noisy, jazzy, funky, and just about all of the other things instrumental music can possibly take shape as. As ROM, they're releasing an album May 28, Foot Signal, in both CD and vinyl formats on Plngi Pung Records. Enjoy the tunes and visuals after the jump. 
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